Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (A)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Clark (probably) 1898 Tongs A very similar mark registered at London Assay Office by Alexander Clark, Fenchurch Street, London. See also ACMCo mark below.
Arthur Cook 1901..1904
(registered Jun 1899)
Box, cigar case, cigarette case, fob medal, jar top, napkin ring, tea service, vesta Carver Street, Birmingham
Alfred Cox 1903
(registered Feb 1894)
Spoon Vittoria Street, Birmingham
Arthur Cash 1909 Fob medal Vyse Street, Birmingham
Albert Carter 1926..1958
(registered Aug 1917)
Bowl, cigarette case, clock, dressing table set, tray, vanity jar top Frederick Street, Birmingham
Cohen & Charles 1897..1904 Frame, imported purse mounts, salt Albert Cohen & Charles Solomon trading as Cohen & Charles, Thavies Inn, Holborn, London
A Chick & Sons Ltd 1966..1977 Bowl, box, caddy spoon, candlestick Goswell Road, London EC; (from c1975) Hornsey Road, London N7
A C Bloxham Ltd 1925..1938 Decanter label, dish, fob medal, napkin ring, spoon, tray Manufacturing silversmiths, Holborn, London EC1

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
The Albion Chain Co (probably) 1908 Gold chain padlock clasp Frank & Walter Hayes Rabone trading as the Albion Chain Co, Albion Street, Birmingham
Alexander Clark & Co Ltd (1912..1977)
Alexander Clark & Co Ltd (1930)
Alfred Constantine 1907..1914 Fob medal, fruit knife James Mackintosh Sutherland & Allan Constantine trading as Alfred Constantine, manufacturing jewellers, Well Street, Hockley, Birmingham

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Arthur C Kemp 1941
(registered 1935)
A C Jackson & Co 1909..1910
(registered Mar 1908)
Cigar & cigarette cases, vesta
The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co 1899..1912
(registered Sep 1899)
Box, bowl, caster, cigarette case, compact, dish, flatware, fob medal, medal, sauce boat, tea & coffee service, toast rack, trophy cup Fenchurch Street, Oxford Street & Market Place, London & Welbeck Works, Randall Street, Sheffield
Alexander Clark & Co Ltd 1912..1977
(registered Feb 1912)

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(registered Apr 1912)
A C Ore 1974
(registered Aug 1963)
A C S 1981..1982 Candlestick, ladle


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Downing

Arthur Downing Ltd

(registered Oct 1883)
Cigar cutter, pencil, pencil holder Manufacturing jeweller, Upper Hockley St, Birmingham; later Spencer Street, Birmingham; then Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Alfred Deeley 1933..1948
(registered May 1921)
Box Silver box manufacturer, Hatton Garden, London
Alfred Dunhill & Sons 1947, 1970 Cigarette box, cigarette holder, decanter label Tobacco blenders & pipe manufacturers, Duke Street, St James, London
A Davis & Co 1912 Snuff mull Piccadilly, London
A D Ltd 1898 Desk set Possibly Arthur Downing Ltd (see above)
A D V 2000 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
A E A 1984 Caddy spoon
A E Goodby & Son 1903..1908
(registered Aug 1902)
Book cover, box, candlestick, frame Howard Street, Birmingham
Albert Edward Jones 1904..1936, 1960..2000
(registered Dec 1902)
Basket, bowl, box, caddy spoon, candlestick, caster, chalice, clock, communion set, condiments, inkwell, mug, napkin ring, place card holders, sauce boat, spoon, tazza Became A. Edward Jones Ltd in 1954.

Windmill Street; then Livery Street, Birmingham; then St Dunstan Works, Pemberton Street, Birmingham

Albert Ernest Jenkins 1899..1911 Match book holder, pendant, stamp holder Vittoria Street, Birmingham
A E P 1884 Brooch
A E Poston & Co Ltd 1931..1941 Caster, cigarette case, condiments set, sauce boat, tea service, trophy cup
A E R 1882 Bracelet
A E Robinson & Co 1886
(registered Jun 1886)
Napkin ring, salt
A E R 1906..1907 Fob medal
A E Sturge 1919
(registered Apr 1918)

(image courtesy of John Child)
A E S 1961 Fob medal
A E T 1910 Vesta
Arnold E Williams 1928..1946
(registered May 1929)
Ashtray, condiments set, creamer, napkin ring, sucrier, tazza, toast rack Vyse Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Fenwick

Arthur Fenwick Ltd (from c1920)

1894..1961 Cigarette case, fob medal, medal, presentation key, souvenir spoon, vesta Die sinker, medallist, Vyse St, Birmingham
A F 1998 Spoon
Adolph Frankau & Co

Adolph Frankau & Co Ltd (from 1902)

1899..1907 Imported purse, pipe mount, vesta, wallet Silver mounters & turners, manufacturers & importers of pipes and tobacconists' sundries, Queen Victoria Street, London EC
A F M 1982 Decanter label


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
A G (or G A) 1886 Watch case
Alfred Gurney (registered Dec 1888) Case maker, Smithfield Street, Coventry
Asprey & Garrard 1999..2000 Box, frame, place card holder New Bond Street, London W1

Asprey and Garrard merged in 1998 and de-merged in 2002

A G & Co Ltd 1923..1925 Jar lid, perfume bottle
A G A E C 1977..1988 Caddy spoon, ingot pendant
Ag Bs 1896 Spoon
A G C 1920 Fob medal

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
A G C 1931..1932 Fob medal
A Gordon-Evans 1934
(registered Feb 1930)
Alfred George Griffiths 1884 Card case, condiments, fob medal, pin tray, tea service, vesta Hylton Street, Birmingham
A G M 1961..1962 Dish
A G Sheppard Ltd 1922..1923
(registered Feb 1923)
Box, candlestick, ink well, jug, kettle & burner, mustard, tea service Manufacturing Silversmiths, Regent Place, Birmingham & Ely Place, London EC1
(registered Apr 1925)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Harris 1897..1918
(registered May 1897)
Napkin ring, pepperette
Albert Hausman 1902..1903 Imported purse mount Foreign agent, Prudential Buildings, Leeds, Yorkshire
Albert Hill 1930
(registered Sep 1924)
Matchbook holder
A H 1975..1978 Pendant, spoon
A over H A 1960 Condiments, cup, tastevin, toast rack
A H Bullock 1921..1927
(registered Sep 1919)
Box, napkin ring, spectacle case, vesta
A H C 1951..1953 Bowl, spoon

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Alfred Horatio Darby 1895..1933 Fob medal, medal, trophy plaque Caroline Street, Birmingham

Also seen (1901) without stops between letters

(image courtesy of
Albert Henry Day 1952..1964
(registered Feb 1947)
Bracelet, fob medal, trophy cup Manufacturing silversmith, Newhall Hill, Birmingham; subsequently Augusta Street, Birmingham
(registered Apr 1958)
A H Darby & Son 1944..1954 Brooch, fob medal, "Iona" spoon
A H H 1907 Butter knife
A H J 1944..1946 Mug, spoon
A H Jephcott & Son 1924..1936
(registered 1920)
Cigarette case, spoon Albert Henry Jephcott & Albert Henry Jephcott Junior, trading as A H Jephcott & Son, Leicester
A H P 1904..1913 Fob medal
Alfred Henry Read 1900
(registered Oct 1887)
Watch case Case maker, Hill Street, Coventry
A H Richards 1982 Caster
A H Woodward 1896..1907
(registered Nov 1884)
Pencil, toothpick Pencil case manufacturer, IXL Works, Vittoria Street, Birmingham & Ludgate Hill, London EC; subsequently IXL Works, Legge Lane, Birmingham