Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (C)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
C & A 1927 Napkin ring
C & A 1932 Mechanical book mark Note: the book mark has the same patent number as the well-known book-mark normally seen with Asprey's mark and dated several years later
Cocks & Bettridge 1802..1817
(registered Aug 1796 & Apr 1813)
Box, cheese scoop, decanter label, etui, flatware, vinaigrette
C & B 1890 Fob medal
Collins & Cook 1874
(registered Nov 1873)
Card case James Collins & Joseph Cook trading as Collins & Cook, silversmiths, Carver Street, Birmingham

Mark in use 1873 to 1878 when Joseph Cook registered a sole trader mark

Cohen & Charles 1895..1968 Box, bracelet, buckle, card case, cigar cutter, cigarette case, decanter label, egg cup, dish, ink well, napkin ring, penknife, salt, spoon, thimble, vase Albert Cohen & Charles Solomon trading as Cohen & Charles, Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London
C & C 1921..1923 Fob medal Possibly Carrington & Co

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
C & C Hodgetts 1912..1919 Menu holder, souvenir spoon

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Corfield & Co (Richard Corfield & Joseph Patrick) 1822
(registered May 1822)
Box Silversmiths, Livery Street, Birmingham
Carnelly & Co 1876..1887
(registered May 1867)
Box, brooch, flask, vesta

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
C & Co 1883 Cigarette case

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
C & Co 1895..1912 Fob medal
C & Co 1898..1900 Creamer, dish, sucrier
C & Co 1903 Box, brush, mirror, pepperette, spoon, vesta

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Carrington & Co 1906..1926
(registered Jul 1906)
Pepperette, trophy cup Regent Street, London
C & Co 1910 Napkin ring
Collins & Co 1903..1914 Box, nutcrackers, sauce boat, spoon Art metal workers, Dryad Works, Thornton Lane, Leicester
Cashmore & Co 1915..1936 Fob medal, masonic jewel, souvenir spoon Warstone Lane, Birmingham
B M Cotton & Co 1919 Purse Albion Street, Birmingham
Collis & Co (registered Jul 1925) Cambridge Street, Birmingham
Collingwood & Co 1930..1933 Christening set (eggcup, napkin ring & spoon), condiments set, jug, matchbox holder
C & D 1909 Fob medal

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Coles & Fryer 1901
(registered Feb 1901)
Vase St Paul's Square, Birmingham
C & F 1897..1902 Spoon, vesta Note: I have previously attributed this mark to Cropp & Farr, but I can find no evidence for their existence until 1918 when they have an entry in a London trades directory as manufacturing jewellers at Hatton Garden, London EC
Cropp & Farr Ltd 1969 Gold brooch Manufacturing jewellers, Hatton Garden, London EC
Constantine & Floyd Ltd 1906..1915 Fob medal, souvenir spoon Regent Place, Birmingham
Cartwright & Hirons (George Cartwright & Joseph Hirons) 1852
(registered Mar 1852)
Coaster Great Charles Street, Birmingham

Partnership probably ceased 1853 (see CH over &W mark for Cartwright, Hirons & Woodward, registered March 1853)

C & H 1897 Shield mount for trophy
C & K 1931..1934 Cigarette case, salver

(Note: minor variations in spacing, &c seen in this company's marks)
Crisford & Norris Ltd 1896..1978
(registered Jan 1896)
Baby's rattle, bangle, bookmark, box, butter knife, button, button hook, card case, compact, decanter label, match box holder, napkin ring, pepperette, shoe horn, spoon, stamp case, torch, trophy cup Manufacturing jewellers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
C & P 1891 Brooch
The Cutlery & Plate Co Ltd 1936
(registered Feb 1933)
Capewell & Rainey 1936
(registered Mar 1937)
Spoon Spencer Street, Birmingham
Clark & Smith (John Edward Clark & Edward Smith) 1825
(registered Jan 1825)
Box, vinaigrette Easy Row & Cook Street, Birmingham
C & S 1884..1888 Watch case Possibly Chancellor & Sons, watch and clockmakers, Lower Sackville Street, Dublin (registered a similar mark c1886 at Chester Assay Office)
or Collingwood & Son, watch manufacturer and jewellers, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough (registered a similar mark 1896 at Chester Assay Office)
Clark & Sewell (James Clark & John Sewell) 1905..1929
(registered Aug 1899)
Ash tray, candlestick, card case, cigar case, cigarette case, vase Legge Lane, Birmingham
(registered Apr 1927)
C & S 1914 Brooch Brooch also has a similar QMS mark:


Collingwood & Sons Ltd 1911..1951 Beaker, cigarette case, condiments, match book holder, mug, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tea service, toast rack Watchmakers & jewellers, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough; also Stockton, Darlington & Hartlepool
Robert James Chaplin & Sons 1898 Box Aldersgate Street, London
Cartwright & Woodward 1858..1866
(registered Sep 1859)
Claret jug, inkstand, table centrepiece
C & W 1972..1973 Candlestick, condiments, dish
C & W Padgett (Charles William Padgett & Walter John Padgett) 1922 Cigarette case Manufacturing jewellers, Leamington Street, London W


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Country Artists 1991..2000 Animal model Evesham Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

Formerly Richard Cooper & Co

Also seen with company's trade mark:

Trade mark seen on a model with a Mappin & Webb sponsors' mark (1996)

C A C 1900..1902 Box, frame, inkstand, spoon
Faraday & Davey (Charles Arthur Faraday) 1895..1896 Bowl, condiments set Charles Adkins Faraday, Charles Arthur Faraday, Warren Faraday & Henry Rowe trading as Faraday & Davey, Hatton Garden, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Derek Todd)
Christopher Potter Buckton 1900..1902 Thimble Wholesale dealer in thimbles & fancy jewellery, Lightfoot, Yorkshire

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
C B (or O B) 1902 Cigarette holder
C B 1903..1906 Chamberstick, mug Possibly Charles Boyton (same as London mark for a similar date)
C B 1990 Spoon
Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd 1899..1906 Ladle, spoon, tastevin, tongs Don Plate Works, Arundel Street, Sheffield & Holborn Viaduct, London
Charles Boyton & Son Ltd 1907..1930 Basket, box, candlestick, cigarette case, compact, frame, ladle, manicure set, mustard, napkin ring, sauce boat, tray Manufacturing silversmiths, Upper Charles Street, London EC

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C B & S 1957 Spoon

(image courtesy of
C Bl 1977..2008 Ingot pendant, money clip
C Brooks Ltd 1906..1907 Cigarette case, napkin clip, napkin ring, pepperette, pipe smoker's accessories, salt shaker, vesta Ely Place, London
C Bros Ltd 1988 Candlestick
Clifford Brothers 1922..1938 Cigarette case, condiments, mug, napkin ring, spoon
Cole Brothers 1927..1929 Box, brush Dressing case makers, Covent Garden, London WC
C B S 1887..1890 Fob medal, salt
C Bs 1998 Match striker, menu holder
C B Thomas & Co 1909..1915
(registered Mar 1909)
Box, coaster, napkin ring, pepperette Branston Street, Birmingham
C B Z 1998 Candlestick


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Colen Hewer Cheshire 1867..1910
(registered Oct 1865 & Dec 1907)
Box, buckle, card case, chatelaine clip, cup, decanter label, flask, fruit knife, judge's gavel, napkin ring, posy holder, purse, scent bottle, scissor case, sovereign case, vesta, vinaigrette, whistle Northampton Street, Birmingham
Charles Cooke (registered Nov 1894) Case maker, Thomas Street, The Butts, Coventry
C C 1914 Locket
C C A 1977 Ingot pendant
C C B 1952 Napkin ring
C C G Cave 1922..1924
(registered May 1921)
Knife handles
C C L 2010 Card case
C C P 1994..2000 Spoon
Collingwood & Co (1930..1933)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
C D 1900 Quaich
Charles Daniel Broughton 1894 Watch chain & T-bar Gold & silver chain maker, St Paul's Square, Birmingham
(registered 1881)
C D H 2001 Pencil