Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (D)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Daniel & Arter 1900 Coffee pot, condiments set, dish, flatware, teapot Highgate Street, Birmingham
(registered Feb 1882)
Ducrow & Atkins 1905..1907
(registered Jun 1905)
Caster, creamer, sucrier
Docker & Burn Ltd 1921..1930
(registered Sep 1920)
Box, caster, condiments set, dish, egg cup, jug, mug, napkin ring, spoon, toast rack, trophy cup Sterling Works, Barr Street, Birmingham
D-B & Co Ltd (1910)
D & B S 1975 Bracelet

Edward Durban & Co 1889..1897 Caddy spoon, cuff links, fob medal, pin tray Manufacturing jewellers, Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered May 1924)
D & Co 1948 Brooch
Denton & Down (probably) 1914..1936 Fob medal, trophy cup Bartletts Buildings, London EC4; subsequently Ely Place, London EC1
Dance & Duerden (Albert Dance & H Duerden) 1914..1932 Fob medal Jewellers & medallists, Queens Street, Morley, Yorkshire
Deakin & Francis Ltd 1884..1993 Basket, box, buckle, button, card case, chatelaine, cigar cutter, cigarette case, compact, condiments set, decanter label, dressing & vanity sets, flask, egg cup, fruit knife, ink well, masonic jewel, napkin ring, pendant, souvenir spoon, sovereign case, tea caddy, tea service, toast rack, tray, vase, vesta, vinaigrette Regent Place, Birmingham

The original proprietors were Stephen Henry Deakin & John Horace Francis (brothers-in-law)

Deely & Fisher (probably) 1896 Thimble Jewellers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
Deykin & Harrison (William Redfern Deykin & Walter Andrew Harrison) 1895..1900
(registered Jun 1895)
Caddy spoon, cigarette case, frame, goblet, inkwell, knife rest, mug, napkin ring, rose bowl, salt, salver, sauce boat, tea service, tray, trophy cup, vanity jar top Jennens Row, Birmingham
(registered Apr 1897)
(registered Aug 1924)
D & H 1993 Locket
Davidson, Henderson & Sorley (1924..1939)
Danziger & Isaacs 1903..1912 Imported items: purse, wallet Victor Block & Arthur Danziger Isaacs trading as Danziger & Isaacs, jewellery importers, Vyse Street, Birmingham & Hatton Garden, London
Derry & Jones (Frederick Derry & Henry Jones) 1862..1865
(registered Jan 1861)
Box, masonic jewel, vesta Great Hampton Street, Birmingham

Partnership dissolved 1867

Ducrow & Jackson 1897..1898
(registered Jun 1897)
Card case, fork, teapot
(registered Jun 1897)
David & Lionel Spiers 1882..1894
(registered Feb 1879)
Box, card case, cigarette case, creamer, pincushion, salt, scent bottle, thimble, tongs, vesta Hylton Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
(registered Sep 1879)
D & M 1865..1888 Box, card case, decanter label, etui, vesta, vinaigrette
D & M Davis (David & Maurice Davis) 1901..1905
(registered Aug 1906)
Box, buckle, mug, vase Livery Street, Birmingham
(registered Jul 1895)
D & M S 2013 Caddy spoon
Deakin & Nephew 1879..1881 Card case, flask, thimble Charles Washington Shirley Deakin & Stephen Deakin trading as Deakin & Nephew, Regent Place, Birmingham

Stephen Deakin was Charles Deakin's nephew. Charles Deakin retired in 1881 and the company became Deakin & Francis (see above).

Dalman & Narborough Ltd 1970 Buckle plate, walking cane top Makers of military & Scottish highland ornaments, military canes, etc, Lombard Street, Birmingham
(registered Feb 1969)
Davies & Powers 1934..1964 Box, condiments, dish, goblet, mug, napkin ring, tankard, trophy cup Hockley Hill, Birmingham
D & P B 1997..2008 Blotter, bookmark, card case, cup, ink well, jar lid
D R & S (1989..1992)
Deykin & Son 1894
(registered May 1892)
Dowler & Sons 1886..1895
(registered Oct 1887)
Cigarette case, spoon, vesta
D & S 1907 Fob medal
D & S 1909..1911 Cigarette case, vesta
Duncan & Scobbie 1910..1957 Cigarette case, dish, mustard, napkin ring, pepperette, spoon, toast rack, vesta St Vincent Street, Glasgow

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
D & S 1947..1954 Brooch, fob medal, "Iona" spoon, ring Possibly A H Darby & Sons. Mark seen (1954) with A H Darby & Sons' incuse A.H.D&S mark.
D & W 1972..1988 Gold ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Derek T Birch 1970..1977 Box, caddy spoon, candle holder, condiments set, tray Lincoln
D B 1977 Ingot pendant
D B 1990 Coaster
D B 1990 Letter opener
D B 1992..1994 Spoon, tray
D-B & Co Ltd 1910..1911 Bowl, purse
D B & N 1966 Fob medal

D Bros 1910..1971 Ashtray, box, caster, cigarette case, match box holder, napkin ring, sauce boat, vesta Possibly Davies Brothers or Dingley Brothers (Silversmiths, Caroline Street, Birmingham, Augusta Street, Birmingham)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D C Bs 1957 Napkin ring
Douglas Clock Co 1897..1903 Box, clock, napkin ring
Douglas Clock Co Ltd 1904..1907
(registered Jul 1904)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
D D & Co 1935 Fob medal

(image courtesy of
Davis, Duff & Son 1934..1941 Ashtray, condiments set, dish, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, toast rack Royal Exchange, Glasgow


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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George Edward & Sons (David & George Edward) 1911 Dish Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Dorothy E Vick 1945..1949 Footed dish, jug Porlock, Somerset


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Daniel George Collins;

subsequently D G Collins Ltd;

then (after 1939) Sir D G Collins Ltd
1904..1971 Badge, condiments, dish, fob medal, spoon, trophy cup, vesta Newgate Street, London EC1

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D H 1977 Ingot pendant
Davidson, Henderson & Sorley 1924..1939 Comport, mug, pepperette, sauce boat, toast rack Buchanan St, Glasgow
David Hollander & Son 1908, 1933, 1963..1979 Caddy spoon, decanter label, dish, mustard, napkin ring, souvenir spoon, thimble, trophy cup Northampton Street, Birmingham

Subsequently David Hollander & Sons Ltd

(image courtesy of Andy from Sydney)
D H Phillips Ltd 1947..1949 Brooch Wholesale Art Jewellers, Holborn Circus, London EC1

A series of ballerina brooches retailed by D H Phillips of London was made by the silversmith Frederick Massingham of Augusta Street & Northampton Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D I 2007 Box
Iain Doxford 1979..1992 Goblet, spoon, thimble

(image courtesy of
D I S 1993 Cuff links


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
David Jenkins 1812
(registered Jul 1812)
Vinaigrette Newhall Street, Birmingham
D J 1978..1979 Fob medal, ingot pendant
D J 1985..1987 Decanter label, spoon
D J & Co 1977 Ingot pendant
D J M 1973 Fob medal A very similar Sheffield mark seen dated 1988


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Schindler & Co (David Loebl) 1900..1906 Match striker, perfume bottle lid Alderbury Avenue, London

(image courtesy of
D L 1920 (or 1945) Perfume bottle lid
David Lawrence Silverware 1963..1967
(registered Mar 1963)
Ashtray, bowl, box, candelabrum, candlestick, caster, condiments set, mug, salver, tray, trophy cup, vase
David Linley 2005..2006 Box, salad servers
D L M 2002 Bangle
De La Rue Ltd 1908..1911 Cigarette holder case, pen holder Bunhill Row, London
David & Lionel Spiers (1881..1884)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D M 1852 Bottle top
Danbury Mint 1977 Commemorative plate Cox Lane, Chessington, Surrey
Davis, Moss & Co 1907..1908
(registered Feb 1907)
Brush, hatpin, napkin ring, purse, spoon, vesta "Manufacturing silversmiths & Connemara art jewellers", Harford Street, Birmingham
D M & S 2006 Caddy spoon
Daniel Manufacturing Company 1926..1957
(registered Mar 1912)
Box, compact, vanity & dressing sets
D M G 1969 Spoon
Da-mar Silverware 1977 Pepper grinder Chairman: David Shaw; Managing Director: Martin Collins
Dryad Metal Works 1923..1944 Fork, spoon Sanvey Gate, Leicester


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Dawson & Co 1900
(registered Aug 1897)
Deykin & Harrison (1897..1899)
D N H & S 1904..1906 Watch stand


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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David Dow 1891, 1919 Fob medal Argyle Street, Glasgow


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
David Pettifer 1848..1859
(registered Jul 1847)
Box, card case, cigar case, vinaigrette
Douglas Pell Silverware 1981..2000 Bottle stopper, candle snuffer, decanter label, napkin ring, perfume spray, plaque, spoon Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

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D P D 1970 Bowl
D P G 1965 Ring
D P Martin 1946
(registered Jan 1946)
Cigarette case Jeweller & silversmith, Augusta Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D R 1947 Cigarette case

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
D R 1973..1977 Box, plaque
D R & S 1986..1992 Candlestick, frame, wine funnel
Dudley Russell Howitt 1920..1950 Box, cigarette case, compact Hatton Garden, London EC1


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Dixon & Sons (probably) 1845..1855 Jar top Silver Street, Sheffield

Note: this is not a registered Birmingham mark, but is very similar to some of Dixon & Sons' Sheffield-registered marks. One example of this mark seen overstamped on another Birmingham maker's mark.

Stewart Dawson & Co (David Stewart Dawson) 1881..1887 Watch case Case maker, Park Road, Liverpool, Lancashire

An incuse mark & a cameo mark with serif letters registered Nov 1881

D (S) Ltd 1975..1980 Beaker, candlestick, menu holder, napkin ring, spoon
D S M 1968..1971 Bowl, goblet, napkin ring
Sharman D Neill Ltd (1935)
David Shaw Silverware Ltd 1985 Salver
D S W 1988 Saucepan
David Scott-Walker 1994 Spinner fob, thimble (including a set of 4 featuring all Assay Office hallmarks) Jewellery manufacturer, Sheffield
(registered Dec 1993)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D T 1996 Napkin clip

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
D T & S 1915 Fob medal

(image courtesy of Vickie Purves)
D T E Wright 1987
(registered 1977)
Box Rugby


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D U Co 1932 Teapot


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D V 1994..1996 Decanter, inkwell, pepperette & salt shaker
D V Chapman 1934..1937
(registered Oct 1934)
Butter knife, napkin ring, spoon
(registered Oct 1932)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
D W & Co 1922..1933 Cigarette case, fob medal, spoon