Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (F)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F 1904..1912 Candlestick, creamer, frame, mirror, pepperette, spoon, sucrier, vase
Foxall & Co 1849..1853
(registered Feb 1850)
Cake knife, card case, spoon, vinaigrette
F & Co 1900..1913 Bell, box, buckle, napkin ring, salt, shoehorn, spoon, vesta
F & D 1903..1906 Basket, jar top, spoon, standish, tray, vesta
Fowmes & Greaves 1919
(registered Mar 1919)
Cigarette case

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F & G 1920 or 1945 Napkin ring, spoon & tongs set
Ferguson & MacBean (probably) 1902 Rim of wooden quaich Inverness

Mark also includes "INVSS". A similar mark with serifs registered by Ferguson & MacBean for Sheffield, 1892.

Fortnum & Mason Ltd 2012 Cigar cutter Piccadilly, London W1
Fattorini & Sons Ltd 1890..1892, 1942, 1960..1964
(registered Jun 1888)
Condiments, crucifix pendant, fob medal, fruit knife, souvenir spoon, tea service, trophy cup & plaque, watch case Bradford, London, Birmingham & Glasgow.

Retailers specialising in "medals, shields, trophies, cups & badges"

Fergenbaum & Son 1920..1925
(registered Mar 1920)
Chain bag, cigarette case, swift, tazza, tea service, vesta
Franks & Tuffley 1903
(registered Jan 1903)
Scent bottle holder


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F A Barrett 1898..1925
(registered Mar 1873)
Baptismal spoon, chalice, paten, pyx box Similar mark in sans serif font registered Feb 1930
Francis Arthur Edwardes 1932 Moorcroft vase mount


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F B 1899 Purse mount
Frank Banks 1912..1919
(registered Aug 1909)
Box, cigarette case, compact, napkin ring, sovereign holder, vesta Regent Place, Birmingham
F Bushell 1920
(registered Jan 1920)
Cigarette case

(image courtesy of David Maber)
F Brady & Co 1923
(registered Oct 1922)
Jar lid A similar mark with serif characters registered Apr 1916
F B Bros 1925..1928 Napkin ring
F Burton Crosbee 1931..1944
(registered Jan 1929)
Box, cigarette case, flask, vanity jar top
F Bros 1975 Locket
F Bros 1974..1977 Locket
F Bs & Co 1933 Fob medal


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Francis Clark 1827..1849
(registered Aug 1826)
Box, butter knife, caddy spoon, decanter label, fruit knife, spoon, vinaigrette Newhall Street, Birmingham
(registered Jul 1826)
(registered Dec 1840)
F C Parry & Co 1951..1955 Fob medal, masonic medal, perfume atomiser Regalia makers, Regalia House, Frederick Street, Birmingham
F C Parry Ltd 1957..1991, 2004
(registered May 1957)
F C Richards 1925..1937
(registered Nov 1923)
Basket, bowl, caster, mug, salver, sifter spoon, toast rack, tray, trophy cup


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F D 1881 Vesta
Frederick Davis 1881
(registered Nov 1881)
F D 1920..1921 Cigarette case, purse
F D 1941 Cigarette case
Frank Daykin 1997..2002
(registered 1956)
Bracelet, cuff links, pendant Most work done since 1991
F D Long 1917..1929
(registered May 1916)
Cigarette case, purse, vesta


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Elkington & Co (Frederick Elkington) 1868..1888
(registered Nov 1868)
Cruet stand, cup, fork, goblet, jug, mug, napkin ring, spoon, tea service, trophy cup Newhall Street, Birmingham
F E L 1924 Jar lid
F E Woodward 1919
(registered Jul 1919)
Cigarette case


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Frederick Field

subsequently Frederick Field Ltd

1919..1964 Box, card case, cigarette case, compact, match book holder, napkin ring, vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Fetter, Forbes & Co 1907 Fob medal Walter Fetter & Walter Hickman Forbes trading as Fetter, Forbes & Co, manufacturing jewellers, Hylton Street, Birmingham
F Fattorini & Son Ltd 1948..1949
(registered Dec 1945)
Fob medal


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F G 1884..1885 Watch case
F G 1931 Cigarette case
F G Flavell Ltd 1977..1982 Decanter label, spoon, vase Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Harrison Brothers & Howson Ltd 1985..2011 Book mark, box, card case, clock, coaster, desk blotter, ingot pendant, money clip The Chase, London SW4
F G Rose 1927..1930
(registered Jan 1926)
Dressing table set, napkin ring, trophy cup
F G T 1902 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Frederick Holberg (registered Nov 1898)
Frank Hyams 1899..1907
(registered 1897; cancelled 1907)
NZ souvenir spoon Princes Street, Dunedin, NZ & Bond Street, London

A "FHLd" mark registered following the cancellation of this mark

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
F H 1925 Fob medal
Frank Hawker Ltd 1952..1975
(registered Jan 1945)
Coaster, dish, goblet, salver, tea & coffee service, tray Spencer Street, Birmingham
Francis Howard Ltd 1912..1930, 1958..1971 Butter shell, napkin ring, pepper grinder, vase Trafalgar Street, Sheffield
Foxall, Hill & Foxall (Joseph Foxall, William Hill & George Foxall) 1854..1855
(registered Jul 1854)
Caddy spoon, cigar case, vinaigrette Lionel Street, Birmingham
F Harding & Son 1905..1906
(registered May 1905)
Brush, tray
F H Adams Ltd 1908..1919
(registered Jul 1909)
Box, candlestick, card case, caster, cigarette case, compact, condiments set, dressing table set, fob medal, napkin ring, tazza, toast rack, trophy cup New John Street West, Birmingham
F H Adams & Co 1919..1935
(registered Feb 1920)
F H Adams & Holman 1937..1959
(registered Mar 1937)

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
F H Adams & Co (probably) 1920 Fob medal
F H Adams & Co (probably) 1926..1935 Cigarette case, fob medal, mug, vesta
F Hawker Carpathian Silver Co Ltd 1927..1937
(registered Dec 1927)
Bowl, salver, tray
Frederick Henry Davidson (probably) 1894..1902 Butter shell, toast rack Deansgate, Manchester
F H Ltd 2008 Book mark
Frank H Mannox 1909..1925 Brooch, hat pin, souvenir spoon Warstone Lane, Birmingham
F H M 1947 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F I W & S 1983..1984 Napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F Johnson & Sons 1927..1936 Ash tray, button, mustard, napkin ring

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Francis Joseph Combe Jordan 1930..1950 Creamer, napkin ring Leicester
F J Davis & Co 1914..1919
(registered Jul 1914)
Box, brooch, cigarette case, spoon, vesta

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Frances Josephine Gregory 1977..1997 Bookmark, cake slice, spoon, vase
F J Hall 1901..1905
(registered May 1899)
Frame Also a mark in serif font registered May 1898
Federated Jewellers Ltd 1937
F J M & Co 1947 Brooch


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F K 1891..1893 Watch case
Hefik Watch Co (Fritz Kundert) 1957
(registered Apr 1907)
Gold watch Watch merchants, Frederick Street, Birmingham
F K Sheldon 1948
(registered Feb 1923)
Fork, spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F L J 1985 Candle snuffer
F L R 1942 Cigarette case
F L R 1944..1952 Cigarette case, compact, condiments set, napkin ring, spoon
Fredericks Ltd 1909 Basket Holborn Viaduct, London
F Ltd 1929 Napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Frederick Marson 1847..1862
(registered Jan 1845)
Box, card case, spectacle case, vesta, vinaigrette Spencer Street, Birmingham
1873..1877, 1896
(registered Oct 1864)
Frank Moss 1884..1887
(registered Aug 1882)
Watch case Frederick Street, Birmingham
F M 1907 Imported mug
F M 1946 Fob medal
F M 1949 Ink stand
Franklin Mint 1977..1981 Limited edition "keepsakes"

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Freda M Lockley 1988 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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F Narborough 1894, 1914..1949
(registered Dec 1898)
Brooch, caddy spoon, clan badge, kilt pin, swagger stick pommel Whip mounter, Green Street, Doriton, Birmingham; later (1958) Lombard Street, Birmingham

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(registered Oct 1905)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Petitpierre & Co 1883..1886
(registered Nov 1882)
Watch case Fritz Petitpierre trading as Petitpierre & Co, watch makers, Holborn Viaduct, London
F P 1917 Fob medal


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F Robinson 1911
(registered May 1911)
Napkin ring
Fenton, Russell & Co Ltd 1902..1937 Box, mustard, napkin ring, tea service, toast rack, trophy cup George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
F R Gomm 1917..1924
(registered Jul 1912)
Box, brooch, cigarette case, napkin ring Spencer Street, Birmingham
F R K 1909 Bottle cap


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
F Smith (probably) 1946 Bangle
F S & Co 1920..1940 Dish, plate
F S Andrews

F S Andrews & Son (from 1902)

(registered Apr 1897)
Decanter label
Finnigans Ltd 1904..1906 Box, cigarette case, condiments Manchester & New Bond St, London
1939 (or 1914)
F S Ltd 1902 Bowl
Snow & Ashworth (Frank Rowland Snow & Robert Ashworth) 1902 Salt Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate, Yorkshire
Frederick Stone 1902 Cigarette case Northampton Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Frederick Venour 1889
(registered Feb 1880)
Napkin ring Richard Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Francis Webb 1889..1932
(registered Dec 1887)
Cigarette holder & case, fruit knife, napkin clip, napkin ring, needle case, pencil, pencil holder, tooth pick Pencil Case Works, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham

Francis Webb Ltd (after 1907)

F W 1898..1912 Box, cigar case, purse, wallet mounts A similar London & Chester mark for this period registered by Frederick Wich, leather goods manufacturer, Great Titchfield Street, London
F W 1905..1908 Napkin ring, purse mount
F Walters & Co 1898 Dish Vyse Street, Birmingham

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Frederick William Bauer 1873 Card case Albion Street, Birmingham
Frank William Cole

F W Cole

1918 Purse, watch chain T-bar Gold & silver chain maker, Vyse Street, Birmingham

Frank William Cole died in 1910. Business continued by Ralph Edgar Cole trading as F W Cole.

F W N 1933 Spoon
F W P & Co 1898 Perpetual calendar
F W R 1925..1936 Brush, salver, trophy cup
F W T 1958 Cigarette case
F W Turton Ltd 1897
(registered Jul 1897)
Box, buckle, creamer, dish, napkin ring, teapot, vesta Frederick Street Works, Birmingham
(registered Jan 1898)
Frederick William Tomkins Turton 1889..1892 Chatelaine, napkin ring, spoon & tongs set Frederick Street, Birmingham