Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (L)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L & A Orlick 1911..1914 Pipe mount Louis & Alfred Orlick trading as L & A Orlick, tobacconists & fancy goods importers, Barbican, London EC
William Lea & Co
(registered Nov 1811)

Lea & Clark
(registered May 1824)

1811..1825 Box, caddy spoon, decanter label, purse, vinaigrette
Ledsam & Vale 1818..1826
(registered Oct 1818)
Box, caddy spoon, fish knife, vinaigrette A similar mark registered Apr 1813 by Lawrence & Co
Lucas & Co 1896..1902 Flask, purse, sovereign case, vesta, whistle Hylton Street, Birmingham
Liberty & Co Ltd 1899..1953, 1997 Box, bowl, buckle, button, cigarette case, coaster, Cymric ware, dressing table set, flatware, frame, inkwell, knife rest, matchbox cover, napkin ring, salver, spoon, tea & coffee service, tea caddy, toast rack, vase, vesta Retailers, Great Marlborough Street, London
(registered Feb 1903)

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Lawson & Co 1900..1912 Brush,fob medal Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Lambourne & Co 1916 Sweetheart brooch Granville Street, Birmingham
E Lilley & Co 1955 Bracelet, flatware Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
Lanson & Co
(registered Sep 1971)
1972..1978 Ash tray, caster, mug, napkin ring, spoon, tazza
L & Co 2000 Money clip
L & F C 1908..1915 Cigarette case, spoon, vesta

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L & G Pember (probably) 1911 Fob medal Spencer Street, Birmingham
Lister & Hayden 1904
(registered May 1905)
Lancelott & Hall Ltd 1958..1962
(registered Mar 1946)
Cake server, dish Manufacturing jewellers, Livery Street, Birmingham
Lawrence & Lingard 1897 Box Edward & Joseph William Lingard trading as Lawrence & Lingard, manufacturing silversmiths, Tenby Street North, Birmingham
Lester & Leafe 1921..1922
(registered Feb 1922)
Cup, mug, mustard, spoon
L & N 1969..1978 Bracelet, ingot pendant, napkin ring
L & N 1979 Locket
Leafe & Owen 1923
(registered Apr 1924)
L & P 1892 Spoon

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Lindsay & Paisley Ltd 1925 Box, vesta Diamond merchants, manufacturing goldsmiths & silversmiths, Buchanan Street & Gordon Street, Glasgow
L & R 1805 Spoon
L & R 1931 Tea service
Levi & Salaman 1888..1895 Bottle, box, button, button hook, decanter label, dish, egg cup, flatware, glove stretcher, goblet, jug, manicure set, mug, mustard, napkin ring, pill box, pincushion, postal scales, salver, scissors, souvenir spoon, spectacle case, sugar bowl, tazza, tea strainer, tray, whistle Manufacturing silversmiths, Birmingham

Proprietors: Phineas Harris Levi & Joseph Wolfe Salaman

Company taken over by Barker Brothers c1921

L & S 1978..1979 Brooch, watch fob Possibly Laughton & Sons

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Latimer & Sons (probably) 1898..1924 Fob medal, fork, napkin ring Lothian Road, Edinburgh
L & T Powell 1926
(registered Apr 1919)
L & W 1890..1894 Brooch, fob medal Possibly Lawson & Ward of Hatton Garden, London
L & W 1898..1910 Box, brush, dish, frame, spoon
L & W 1917 Fish servers

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Lister & Wright Ltd 1977..1980 Gold ring, ingot pendant Caroline Street, Birmingham


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Louis Adler (probably) 1902..1906 Pipe mount, vesta
L A Curtis 1978 Commemorative medal
Lilian Alexandra Markham 1950..1953 Spoon
L A S 1940 Money clip


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Leopold Bessire 1883..1887
(registered Dec 1883)
Watch case Watch importers, Regents Square, Grays Inn Road, London WC
Lockwood Brothers (probably) 1885..1889 Folding fruit knife & fork Arundel Street, Sheffield

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Louis Blumfeld 1890..1907 Cigar holder, cigarette holder, pipe mount
L B 1893 Watch fob An identical mark appears in the Chester CompendiumRidgway, Maurice H. & Priestley, Philip T. - The Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks 1570 to 1962,  Antique Collectors' Club, 2004 where it is noted as "Unidentified"
L B 1893..1897 Cruet,decanter label, pin tray, salt, tongs, watch fob
L Bennet & Co 1896..1902 Dish, jar lid, napkin ring, salt, teapot
Lines, Bunn & Mason 1894..1903 Box, card case, cigar case, creamer, dish, mustard, "Punch" tray, salt, sucrier, vase rim, vesta Hockley Street, Birmingham
Lewis Brothers (probably) 1883..1887 Bookmark, brooch Wholesale jewellers, Hylton Street, Birmingham
L Bros 1900 Salt Possibly Lewis Brothers
Lucas Brothers Ltd 1891..1892 Cigar cutter, pen knife Hylton Street, Birmingham
Loach Brothers 1928..1929 Napkin ring Albion Street, Birmingham
L Bs 1929 Cigarette case


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L C 1867..1896 Watch case
L C 1991 Vase
L C B 1895 Brooch
Liberty & Co Ltd (1900..1904)
L C L 2012 Glass match holder
L C M 1905 Cup holder
L Co A 1963..1988 Flask, spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L D 1932 Basket
L D Ltd 1959..1971 Candlestick, dish, salver


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lawrence Emanuel 1886..1926 Ash tray, badge, belt, box, brooch, buckle, button, chatelaine, clock, condiments set, frame, medal, menu holder, mug, napkin ring, pincushion, spectacles case, spoon, vesta Warstone Parade, Birmingham

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1888..1896, 1931..1936
L E McCann 1920..1921
(registered Mar 1921)
Cigarette case, compact
Lewis Edwin Neale 1891 Fob medal Northampton Street, Birmingham


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L F 1900..1922 Cigarette case, vesta


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L G 1886..1896 Flask, perfume bottle


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Leonard Hall 1897
(registered Mar 1893)
Watch case Mercer Road, Louth, Lincolnshire
Lewis Hart 1909 Vesta Silversmith, Victoria Street, London SW


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Louis Jacot 1892..1907
(registered Oct 1885)
Watch case Swiss watch agent, Soho Hill & Hockley Hill, Birmingham
L J Millington 1993..2019 Candlestick, condiments, frame, matchbox cover, napkin ring, paperweight, vase, wine funnel Nursery Road, Hockley, Birmingham

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L J W 1889..1891 Watch case
L J W 1977 Ingot pendant


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L K 1899..1903 Purse mount (including imports) A similar mark registered at London Assay Office May 1904 by Ludwig Krumm, silver mounter
L K 1903..1908 Imported purse


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L-L 1989 Card case
Links of London 2004 Card case
L over L B 2004 Candle holder, coaster
Lincolns Ltd 1920..1926
(registered Feb 1920)
Cigarette box, cigarette case, jar lid Cigarette case manufacturers, Newhall Hill, Birmingham
Lanson Ltd 1933..1961
(registered Jul  1933)
Ash tray, butter dish, caster top, egg cup, flatware, mustard, napkin ring, sauce boat, tea strainer, vanity jar top St Dunstan Works, Pemberton Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L O Ltd 1961 Basket


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L P 1874..1885 Watch case
L P 1990 Badge, brooch, napkin ring

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L P 1994 Buckle
Lloyd, Paine & Amiel 1897..1900 Button, fob medal, presentation key Jewellers, Thomas St, Manchester

Also seen (1930) with high level pellets between LP and &A



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Laurence R Watson & Co 1977..2012 Candlestick, caster, decanter label, flask, frame, ingot pendant, inkwell, letter opener, money tube, napkin ring, needle case, salt spoon, vase Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Leon Steiner 1883
(registered Mar 1882)
Watch case Watch maker, Percival Street, Clerkenwell, London
L Spiers 1886..1898
(registered Oct 1886)
Box, creamer, dish, mug, page turner, sifter, spoon, wtoast rack, vesta
L Spiers (probably) 1891..1892 Mustard, sovereign case, vesta
L S 1906 Brush
L S 1928 Napkin ring

(image courtesy of Simon Clegg)
L S & Co 1886 Brooch
Lionel Smith & Co 1907..1917
(registered Feb 1901)
Box, clock, dressing table set, manicure set, mustard, napkin ring Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Feb 1916)
(registered Jul 1919)
Lawson, Son & Ward 1884
(registered Feb 1884)
Bracelet Manufacturing jewellers, Hatton Garden, London
L S A 1978..1995 Fan, napkin ring, perfume bottle
L S A 1988..1991 Letter opener, napkin ring

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
London Silversmiths Co 1926..1927 Fob medal


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L T c2018 Box, figural pepperette & salt shaker, pincushion, miniature figure, vesta Date letter not included in the hallmark, but items described as "new"
L T Richardson 1924..1937
(registered Jul 1895)
Jar top, knife handle, taxidermy mount


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lawrence Vernon 1945..1951 Bowl, box, cigarette case, tea service
Ledsam, Vale & Wheeler 1826..1834
(registered Dec 1825)
Box, bracelet, decanter label, knife, nutmeg grater, spoon, vinaigrette Jewellers & silversmiths, Newhall Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L W 1977 Ingot pendant, ring
L W 1978 Bangle
L W 1982 Box
L W & Co 1948 Mug
Lawson Ward & Gammage Ltd 1908..1949 Box, bracelet, brooch, cigarette case, vesta Manufacturing jewellers, Hatton Garden, London & Camberwell Road, London

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Lion Works Ltd 1934..1936
(registered Jul 1933)
Caddy spoon, tongs