Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (M)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M & A 1902 Fob medal
Moody & Archer 1975..1988
(registered Feb 1973)
Goblet, napkin ring, scent bottle, thimble Frederick Street, Birmingham
Marples & Beasley 1899 Bookmark, button, candlestick, fob medal, medal, napkin ring, presentation key, salt, spoon Jewellers & medallists, Albion Street, Birmingham; subsequently (after c1945) New St John Street West, Birmingham; later: South Road, Birmingham
1905..1934, 1950, 1994
Marston & Bayliss 1900..1907
(registered Aug 1900)
Basket, box, creamer, mug, salt, spoon & tongs set Branston Street, Birmingham; subsequently Icknield Street, Birmingham

Partnership dissolved 1906

Morgan & Boon 1919..1942
(registered Dec 1918)
Cigarette case Pitsford Street, Birmingham; (from 1931) Vyse Street, Birmingham

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Morris & Baker 1946
(registered Jul 1946)
Cigarette case Hockley Hill, Birmingham; later Northampton Street, Birmingham
M & C 1895 Vesta
Marks & Cohen (Walter Henry Marks & Samuel Tobias Cohen) 1901..1910 Basket, bowl, box, cigarette case, dish, goblet, menu holder, mustard, salt, scent bottle, spoon, trophy cup, watch holder Camden Street, Birmingham
M & C Lister Ltd 1905..1910
(registered Jun 1906)
Box, candlestick, clock, condiments set, cup holder, watch holder, vase
Robert Mitchell & Co 1812
(registered May 1812)
Vinaigrette "Late of Pemberton & Son"

Snow Hill, Birmingham

T May & Co 1889
(registered May 1888)
Fob medal, salt, vase rim
(registered Feb 1890)
M & Co 1900 Imported purse mounts
Marples & Co 1901..1906 Buckle, cigar case, creamer, cup holder, dish, mustard, napkin ring, salt, sucrier, toast rack Ludgate Hill, Birmingham

Marples was a wholly owned subsidiary of Martin, Hall & Co

(registered Sep 1901)
Modern & Co 1908..1909
(registered Jun 1908)
M & Co 1914 Fob medal
M & Co L 1883 Chalice
Marion & Co Ltd 1901 Smoker's tool set Manufacturers & fancy goods warehousemen, Soho Square, London W

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Munsey & Co Ltd 1905..1936 Boat race winner's medal, card case, cigarette case, inkwell, letter opener, tray, vase Market Place, Cambridge; later Market Hill, Cambridge
M & Co Ltd 1902 Stamp case
Mayer & Fulda 1886..1887
(registered Jan 1883)
Watch case Watch manufacturers, Thavies Inn, London EC; later Hatton Garden, London EC

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Mills & Hill 1885
(registered May 1885)
M & H 1901 Dip pen
Male & Jones 1887..1903 Belt, brooch, buckle Frederick Male trading as Male & Jones, jewellers, Hylton Street, Birmingham

1903 buckle mechanism marked "MALES PATENT 11411"

Marson & Jones 1919..1937
(registered May 1915)
Candlestick, caster, condiments, napkin ring, sauce boat, spoon, toast rack, vase
Minshull & Latimer 1890..1902 Bowl, buckle, cigar & cigarette cases, condiments, napkin ring, perfume bottle, sovereign case, teapot, tray, vase, vesta Vyse Street, Birmingham
M & P 1896..1898 Dish, spoon, tongs, vesta
M & R 1981 Spoon
Madin & Smith (Mary & Margaret Madin and Annie Smith) 1965..1973 Creamer, fork, spoon
M & S J 1978 Bracelet
Moritz & Simon Lotheim 1889..1896 Bowl, box, jar lid Vittoria Street, Birmingham
Marrian & Tye (Francis Marrian & Edwin Tye) 1876
(registered Oct 1864)
Flask Electroplaters & silversmiths, Cannon Street, Birmingham

Partnership dissolved 1867 and business continued under the same name by Francis Marrian as sole partner

Mills & Co 1891..1892
(registered Oct 1891)
Box, dish
Mappin & Webb Ltd 2000..2008 Coaster, letter holder, napkin ring Royal Cutlery Works, Norfolk Street, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Ma 1947 Cigarette packet holder

(image courtesy of Mark Ashcroft)
M A B 2001 Money clip
Marie Albert Perrier 1881..1885
(registered 1882)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Bury Street, London EC
M A S 1973 Coaster


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Matthew Boulton

Matthew Boulton Plate Co (from May 1820)

(registered Jun 1774)
Bowl, candelabra, candlestick, chamberstick, coffee pot, decanter label, dish, egg cup, epergne, inkstand, jug, mug, mustard, plate, salt, salver, tea service, toast rack, wine coaster

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M B 1890 Fruit knife
Mitchell Bosley & Co 1890..1898 Basket, card case, cigarette case, coin case, dish, salt, sovereign case, vanity jar top, vesta Bath Street, Birmingham
M B 1900..1908 Badge, mug
Murrle Bennet & Co (Ernst Mürrle and J B Bennett) 1899 Souvenir spoon Charterhouse Street, London
Matthew Boulton & John Fothergill 1773..1779 Flatware, jug, tray Working 1773 - 1801

Also seen as IF MB

The Mint Birmingham Ltd (probably) 1917..1919 Fob medal Icknield Street, Birmingham
M Bros 1887..1904 Bookmark, bottle cap, chamberstick, dish, flatware, mustard, salt, vesta
Miller Brothers 1897..1899 Caster, clock, creamer, jar top, page turner, pepperette, salt, spoon, thermometer, vesta Newgate Street, London
M Bros 1899..1901 Spoon
M Bros 1899..1905 Buckle, dish, napkin ring, spoon, tongs
Mappin Brothers 1900..1906 Sifter spoon, ring tree William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman trading as Mappin Brothers, Queens Works, Sheffield; & retailers at Regent Street, London W and Cheapside, London EC
M Bros 1901..1905 Buckle, menu holder
M Bros 1902..1903 Salt
M Bros 1903,1918 Matchbox cover, napkin ring
M Bros 1904 Box
M Bros 1905 Vesta
M Bros 1906 Jar lid
M Bros 1910 Vesta
M Bros 1912 Hatpin stand, watch holder
M Bros 1930 Fob medal

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
M B S 1924 Clock


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M C 1897 Watch case
M C 1898..1909 Jar top, scent bottle
M C 1996 Money clip
McC & D 1934 Fob medal
M C J 1994 Key fob
M C M 1958 Bowl
M C Sn Co Ld 1935 Trophy cup Note: there is a very similar London mark


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Maxfield & Sons 1894 Decanter label Upper John Street, London
M D Yates & Sons 1975..1978, 2014..2017 Box, candlestick, caster, cufflinks, dish, napkin ring, pincushion, ruler, salver Manufacturing silversmiths, Pitsford Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M Emanuel 1906..1914 Box, cigarette case, napkin ring, pincushion, souvenir spoon, sovereign case, trophy cup, vesta High Street, Southampton

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M E C 1934 Sucrier


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Moses Feldman 1880
(registered Jun 1881
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Union Street, Birmingham

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M F 1907..1908 Pipe mount
Maurice Flixher 1913 Brush mount Fancy goods importer, Ropemaker Street, London SE
Mosley, Flowers & Co 1912..1913 Dish, tea service Albemarle Street, London NW


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Morris Goldman 1901
(registered May 1901)
Martyn Guille 2008..2011 Jersey can, Jersey map pendant Les Vauxbelets, St Andrew, Guernsey, Channel Islands

A similar mark registered at London

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Maurice Gratz & Co 1883
(registered Jul 1882)
Bangle Jewellers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
M G Collingwood & Son 1898..1900 Fob medal, vesta, watch case Watch manufacturers & jewellers, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough
M G M 1954..1970 Bowl, caster


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Margaret Howell 1997 Buckle
Martin Hall & Co Ltd 1913..1923 Brush, cigarette case, condiments set, trophy cup, vesta Shrewsbury Works, Sheffield

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
Mark Houghton Ltd 1993 Thimble Hatton Garden, London
M H Ltd 1937 Fob medal
M H Meyer Ltd 1920..1934 Card case, cigarette case, napkin ring, thimble, vesta Clerkenwell Road, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M J 1962..1973 Bracelet
M J 1977 Ingot pendant
M J 2005 Spoon
M J & Co 1918..1920 Box, matchbox cover
Michael Joseph Goldsmith 1880..1884 Bracelet, locket Vittoria Street, Birmingham
Matthew John Jessop 1894..1908 Box, button hook, card case, creamer, cup, frame, mustard, spoon, vesta Hatton Garden, London
M J M 2000 Spoon
Martyn Pugh 1978..2012 Chamberstick, caddy spoon, necklace, pendant, tea service, toast rack, wine funnel Winyates, Redditch, Worcestershire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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M K 1970 Cheese slice
M K 1971..1987 Caddy spoon, nurse's buckle
M Kamin & Co Ltd 1984..2006 Atomiser, bookmark, candlestick, card case, decanter label, letter opener, money clip, napkin ring, tastevin, tea strainer, thimble, vase
M K (J) Ltd 1968..1977 Brooch, coaster, goblet, miniature tea service, pendant


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Matthew Linwood 1803..1819 Box, caddy spoon, decanter label, nutmeg grater, vinaigrette

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Mary Ann Liggins (registered Jan 1855) Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry
M L 1976 Locket
M L H 1981 Decanter label


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M M 1888 Brush
Monomil Ltd 1968..1978 Bracelet Manufacturing silversmiths, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
M M 2001 Frame
Mayes, Mills & Co 1931..1936
(registered Aug 1923)
Box, cigarette case, spoon Vyse Street, Birmingham

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M M C 1958 Teapot
Mellow Manufacturing Co Ltd 1946..1947
(registered Jul 1946)
Cigarette case Vyse Street, Birmingham
M M H 1995..2000 Frame, scent bottle
M M Henderson Ltd 1935..1936 Dish, mug, sauce boat, toast rack Argyle Street, Glasgow
M M S 1975 Dish


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Marion & Co 1899..1902 Purse mounts, vase rim, vesta New Oxford Street, London; subsequently Soho Square, London
Mappin & Webb Ltd 1905..1997 Ashtray, bowl, brush, candlestick, cigarette case, compact, condiments, cruet, dish, figurine with Country Artists trade mark (1976), frame, goblet, medal, menu holder, mug, napkin ring, spoon, tea caddy, toast rack, trophy cup, vase Oxford Street, London & The Royal Works, Sheffield
Mappin Brothers 1894 Creamer Regent Street, London; Cheapside, London; & Queens Works, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M P G 1928..1929 Cigarette case, match box holder
M P M 1977 Ingot pendant


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Max Steyerman 1880..1887
(registered Mar 1877)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Holborn Viaduct, London & Vyse Street, Birmingham
(registered Jul 1877)
M S 1881..1887 Sovereign case, watch case
Max Stollsteimer 1904 Imported napkin ring Foreign agent, Hatton Garden, London, EC

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Morris Spiro 1912..1914 Cigarette case, vesta Hockley Hill, Birmingham
The Duchess of Sutherland's Cripples Guild 1911..1914 Bowl MS: Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland.
Moses Salkind & Co (probably) 1914..1915 Kiddush cup
M S 1975..1981 Bowl, cup, spoon
Malvern School of Art (probably) 1959..1986 Bowl, jug, spoon
M S M Ltd 1926 Pendant tag


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Mary Tart & Co 1809
(registered May 1806)
Box Newhall Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Morton T Colver (probably) 1927..1930 Fob medal, spoon
Mark Stevens 1987..1988 Novelty box Silversmith, Warwick


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M W 1879..1880 Fob pendant, novelty vesta case
M W 1996 Ring stand
M-W 1998 Imported box
M W & Co 1908..1912 Card case, fob medal
M Wachenheimer & Co Ltd (probably) 1936..1940 Box, torch Great Marlborough Road, London

An identical mark registered by this company at London & Chester Assay Ofices

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Matthew Wilcox & Son 1908..1910 Vesta Spencer Street, Birmingham
Wyard Druitt & Co Ltd (Michael W Druitt) 2003..2004 Decanter label Waterbeach, Cambridge


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
M Z 1928 Imported cigarette case