Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (P)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Parker & Acott 1844 Butter knife
P & B 1929 Spoon
Padgett & Braham Ltd 1923 Cigarette box Manufacturing goldsmiths & silversmiths, Lexington Street, London W1
Porter & Coulthard Ltd 1911
(registered Jun 1911)
Bowl, spoon
Plante & Co 1892..1898
(registered Oct 1892)
Bowl, claret jug, dish, napkin ring, pepperette, spoon, tea caddy, tea service, trophy cup, vase Frederick Street Works, Birmingham

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Plante & Co Ltd 1898
(registered Aug 1898)
Perry & Co Ltd (registered Oct 1890)
Pembrook & Dickins 1896..1899
(registered Dec 1886)
Cruet, menu holder, mug, toast rack, vase W G Dickins trading as Pembrook & Dickins, Hall Street, Birmingham

Attributed by Kenneth Crisp Jones to Pembrook & Dingley

Pepper & Hope Ltd 1962
(registered Apr 1960)
Caddy spoon, candlestick, condiments, mug, tea strainer, tray New Canal Street, Birmingham
(registered Nov 1960)
(registered Sep 1967)
Pleasance & Harper Ltd 1927..1932 Fob medal, spoon Medallists & Sports Jewellers, Wine Street, Bristol
P & J Escofet 1928..1929
(registered Jan 1929)
Ash tray, cigarette box, cigarette case, matchbook holder
Phillips & Mayell 1906 Gold fob medal Gold chain makers & goldsmiths, Tenby Street, Birmingham

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Priestley & Moore Ltd 1962..1965 Egg cup, mug, napkin ring Cutlers & silversmiths, Rockingham Street, Sheffield
P & R Bushell 1976..1982
(registered Feb 1976)
Ingot pendant Manufacturing jeweller, Regent Place, Birmingham
(registered Feb 1976)
E V Pledge & Son 1894..1901
(registered Oct 1877)
Cigarette case, vesta
Pearce & Son 1895..1911 Bottle pourer, brooch, button, cup, tea service, tray Bond Street & Gallowtree Gate, Leeds & Lendal, York
Pendleton & Sons 1908 Brooch Manufacturing jewellers, Northampton Street, Birmingham
P & S 1967..1973 Condiments set
Swatkins Group Ltd 1974..2000 Condiments set, decanter label, menu holder, mug, napkin ring, thimble, vase Leamore Lane, Walsall, West Midlands
P & S 1993 Tastevin
Payne & Son Ltd (In current registration) Silversmiths, High Street, Tunbridge Wells

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P & S Ltd 1892..1893 Box, vesta
Patterson & Sons Ltd 1910..1914
(registered Mar 1911)
Card case, caster, cigar case, cigarette case, frame, inkwell, napkin ring, pepperette, stamp case, vesta
Postans & Tye (William Postans & George Tye) 1820..1822
(registered Sep 1819)
Pearce & Thompson 1896 Brooch, compass, crucifix pendant, hair comb, hat pin Vyse Street, Birmingham
Pearce & Thompson (probably) 1909..1910 Brooch, hatpin


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Antrobus 1886..1898 Thimble Upper Tower Street, Birmingham
P A B 1977 Napkin ring
Asprey & Co Ltd (1986..1995)
P A L 1977 Ingot pendant
P A Y 1931 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Platnauer Brothers (registered Mar 1877) Watch manufacturers & importers, St Paul's Square, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham
P B 1883 Bangle
P B 1903 Thimble
P B 1975 Pendant
Pinder Brothers (1977..1989)
P B & Co 1881 Watch case
P Bash & Co 1908 Brooch, napkin ring, salt shaker Hylton Street and Vyse Street, Birmingham
Platnauer Brothers 1871
(registered Dec 1877)
Watch case Watch manufacturers & importers, St Paul's Square, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham
P B C 1977..1978 Ingot pendant
Purcell Brothers 1931..1940
(registered Feb 1931)
Flatware Hockley Street, Birmingham
P Brs 1914 Napkin ring
Pinder Brothers 1966..1975 Candlestick, coaster, condiments, dish, salver, sauce boat, trophy cup Garden Street, Sheffield
Peach Brothers 1901..1912 Fob medal, vesta Northampton Street, Birmingham; later Icknield Street, Birmingham
P Bs 1927 Fob medal


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P C 1977..1988 Box, mug Seen attributed to Peter Casswell

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P C 1998 Box


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P D & Co 1926 Salt spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P E B 1967 Spoon
P E B 1993 Box
Permanent Enamel Co 1927 Enamelled dressing table brush & mirror set Arden Street, Stratford-upon-Avon & Branston Street, Birmingham

Listed in telephone directories 1927-1931


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P F E 1991 Box
Percy Frederick Jackson

P F Jackson Ltd (after c1944)

1903..1918, 1932..1934 Cigarette case, dressing set mirror, fob medal, napkin ring, spoon, vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham; subsequently Frederick Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Perry Greaves Ltd 1969..1977
(registered Jun 1964)
Spoon Birmingham & Solihull
P G 1982..2002 Box
P G H 1906 Mirror
Philip Kydd 1989..2002 Box, card case, cigar case, decanter label, matchbox holder, napkin clip, paperweight, ring tree Barrow Gurney, Bristol

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P G Ltd 1973..1981 Box, cigar cutter, decanter label, toothpick
P G Ltd 1979..1981 Commemorative dish, decanter label


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P H 1911 Tobacco box
P H & Co 1929 Napkin ring
Philip Hanson Abbot 1911 Cake server, salt
P H Bennet 1902..1905
(registered Nov 1902)
Inkwell, jar top, napkin ring
P H B 1987 Decanter label
P H B 1993 Box

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P H Crofts 1982..1994 Preserve jar lid, spoon, vase Leicester
Philip H Mannison & Co 1919..1921 Fob medal, spoon
P H Vogel & Co 1947..1971 Box, candlestick, cigarette case, compact, decanter label, goblet, grape scissors, miniature tea service, money clip, vase Warstone Parade, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P J Co 1977..1992 Ingot pendant, medal
P J C 1977..1985 Pendant modelled as a pig, perfume bottle holder
Peter John Doherty

PJD Silver Ltd (from 1995)

1975..1998 Box, letter opener, matchbox cover, miniature tea service, napkin ring Manufacturing silversmith, Branston Street, Birmingham; later Queensway, Halesowen, Worcestershire; then Belbroughton, Worcestershire

Died 2009

Percy James Finch 1921..1931
(registered Feb 1916)
Box, brush, cigarette case, mug, mustard, table lighter, trophy cup Tenby Street, Birmingham
P J Finch Ltd 1934
(registered Jun 1930)
P J H 1989..1990 Spoon
P J I 1978 Novelty box
Period Jewellery Manufacturing 1993..2009 Figural (owl & frog) salt & pepper shakers, mirror, place card holder, spoon
P J P 1962..2006 Book cover, clock, frame


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Peter Kempson Jnr. 1821
(registered Oct 1820)
Caddy spoon
Page, Keen & Page 1896..1901 Bookmark, box, coaster, compact, decanter label, dish, fob medal, presentation oar, spoon, trophy cup, vesta Jewellers, George Street, Plymouth, Devon
P K H 1977 Cuff links


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P Ltd 1931..1935 Bowl, salver, tea service, trophy cup
P Ltd 1982 Imported locket


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Paul Milleret & Co 1885..1886
(registered Apr 1885)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, President Street, Clerkenwell, London
P M 1967..1975 Dish, vase
P M 1975 Bracelet
P M 1977..1979 Ingot pendant
P M J 1890 Dish
P M Ltd 1982..1994 Buckle, letter opener


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Peter Nicholas 1989 Box

Note: mark is a flattened shield shape
Bradley British Overseas Ltd (Percy Nind-Ward) 1917..1932 Cigarette case, napkin ring, vesta Holborn Circus, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P O & S Ltd 1928 Trophy cup


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Payton, Pepper & Co 1887..1895 Brooch, cigarette case, fob medal, napkin ring, purse, spoon, tie clip, vesta Vyse Street, Birmingham

Also known as Pepper, Payton & Co; shared premises with C Payton & Co and T Acott & Co. In business until c1997.

An example of a mark similar to the third one here with D underlined seen with a 1985 hallmark.

Payton, Pepper & Sons Ltd 1898..1914
P P Co 1887 Book mark, chatelaine aide memoire, scent bottle

Poston Products Ltd 1951..1972 Box, candlestick, coffee pot, condiments set, mug Manufacturing silversmiths, Cambridge Street, Sheffield & Frederick Street, Birmingham
P P M Co 1937 Hot water jug, spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P R M 1988 Ship model
P R S & Co 1952 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Ps 1912 Spoon

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Peter Swingler 1981 Thimble Artist & enameller specialising in enamelled thimbles
P S 1981..1994 Beaker, bowl, candlestick, goblet
Penhaligon's 1994..1997 Dressing table set, scent bottle Perfumiers, Burlington Arcade, London
Practical Silverware 2002 Flask Conduit Street, London W1
Phelps Brothers (registered Aug 1888) Spencer Street, Birmingham
Parkin Silversmiths Ltd 1979 Candlestick, vase


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Vaughton 1877
(registered Dec 1848)
Ring Hampton Street, Brimingham; subsequently Vyse Street, Birmingham,


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P W 1908..1912 Cigarette case, fob medal An identical mark registered at Chester Assay Office, 1912 by Philip Woolfson, wholesale jeweller, Trongate, Glasgow

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P W B 1973 Crucifix pendant
P W T 1969 Pin tray