Silver Makers' Marks - Chester Assay Office (A)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Abrahall & Bint (Arthur John Abrahall & John William Bint) 1896
(registered Jun 1896)
Thimble Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered Nov 1898)
Able & Charnell (Thomas Able & Walter James Charnell) 1901..1903
(registered May 1902)
Brooch, buckle, vesta Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered Dec 1904)
Abrahams & Co 1903
(registered Apr 1903)
Hair comb Abraham Levi Abrahams trading as Abrahams & Co, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
Asprey & Co Ltd 1905..1909
(registered May 1905)
Ash tray, box, rush, cigar & cigarette cases, flask, match book holder, sauce boat, sugar bowl, table lighter, teapot, travel clock, vesta Jewellers, gold & silversmiths & retailers, London
(registered Feb 1910)
(registered Dec 1922)
Akerman & Co 1920
(registered Feb 1898)
Vesta High Street, Marylebone, London
A & F Thorneywork (Arthur Thorneywork & Fred Thorneywork) (registered Mar 1904) Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
Abbott & Jones 1836 Spoon Liverpool
A & I D (?) 1768 Ladle Mark not shown in Chester records
Alexander & Lawson 1915
(registered Apr 1909)
Cigarette case Gordon Street, Glasgow
Adie & Lovekin (registered Aug 1883) Baby's rattle, bookmark, buckle, buttonhook, flatware, glove stretcher Frederick Street, Birmingham
Adie & Lovekin Ltd 1909..1913
(registered Mar 1909)
(registered Mar 1909)
A & M Cohen 1903
(registered Aug 1903)
Imported box Abraham & Meyer Cohen trading as A & M Cohen, Fancy Goods Dealers, Lime Street, Liverpool


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Aron Brothers (Albert Aron) 1899
(registered Feb 1897)
Fancy goods manufacturers & dealers, Bridewell Place, London EC & Rue de Bondy, Paris


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Waltham Watch Co 1876..1879
(registered Sep 1876)
AB (Alfred Bedford) was the manager of the Waltham Watch Co, Holborn Circus, London
(registered c1890)
A C Bloxham Ltd (Albert Cowley Bloxham) (registered Nov 1921) Holborn Circus, London
A Bromet & Co (registered May 1883) Pencil, thimble, vesta Jewin Street, London
(registered c1890)
(registered Feb 1899)
Cohen & Co 1892
(registered c1890)
Cut-out letter "M" for mounting London Wall, London EC

Noted by Ridgway & Priestley as possibly having links to A Bromet & Co who had a director called Cohen

Andrew Barrett & Sons (registered c1891) Matchbox holder, paper knife, pincushion, skewer, whistle Piccadilly, London
(registered Mar 1897)
Ahronsberg Brothers 1903..1913
(registered Apr 1896)
Spoon, stamp case Albion Street, Birmingham; subsequently Century Buildings, Summerhill Road, Birmingham

The Ahronsberg brothers (Judah, Albert & Lionel) changed their name to Albury in 1916

Albury Brothers (registered Apr 1940)
Abrahams Brothers (registered May 1902) Vyse Street, Birmingham
Adie Brothers Ltd 1930.1935
(registered Apr 1922)
Bowl, condiments set, sauce boat, tazza Frederick Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Castelberg, Petitpierre & Co

Castelberg & Co (from 1879)

(registered Oct 1877)
Watch case Antoine Castelberg & Fritz Petitpierre, watch & clock makers, Holborn Viaduct, London; also had premises in Frederick Street, Birmingham & Chaux-de-Fonts, Switzerland
Arthur Cash (registered Jan 1882) Vyse Street, Birmingham
A C 1886 Watch case
Albert Curtis 1891..1900
(registered c1888)
Watch case Case maker, Cope Street, Coventry
A Carter 1904
(registered Nov 1897)
Wallet mounts Richard Carter trading as A Carter, Tobacconist, Oldham Road, Manchester
Arthur Creighton 1952..1959
(registered Sep 1952)
Napkin ring, spoon Teacher of jewellery & silverwork, College of Arts & Crafts, Morecambe, Lancashire
Cohen & Charles 1895..1897
(registered Sep 1895)
Box, card case, vesta Albert Cohen & Charles Solomon trading as Cohen & Charles, Thavies Inn, Holborn, London
Alfred Constantine (registered Oct 1911) James Mackintosh Sutherland & Allan Constantine trading as Alfred Constantine, manufacturing jewellers, Well Street, Hockley, Birmingham
The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co (registered Apr 1906) Fenchurch Street, Oxford Street & Market Place, London & Welbeck Works, Randall Street, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Downing Ltd (registered Oct 1901) Manufacturing jewellers, Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Arthur Duckworth 1945..1946
(registered Aug 1945)
Dish Silversmith, Radcliffe, Lancashire
Abraham David Loewenstark (registered Apr 1885) The Strand, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alfred Everington 1900..1901
(registered Oct 1900)
Dish, sauce boat, souvenir spoon Pelham Street, Nottingham
Albert Ernest Jenkins 1902..1915
(registered Dec 1902)
Stamp holder Vittoria Street, Birmingham
Albert Edward Jones 1913..1922
(registered Jan 1911)
Caddy spoon, ladle, toast rack Windmill Street; then Livery Street, Birmingham; then St Dunstan Works, Pemberton Street, Birmingham
Amy Eleanor Stewart 1923..1927
(registered Jul 1915)
Napkin ring, spoon "Artist", Northwich, Cheshire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Fenwick 1936
(registered Sep 1934)
Fob medal Medallist & die-smith, Vyse St, Birmingham
Alfred Forth 1952
(registered Jun 1948)
Spoon Liverpool Road, Manchester
A F S 1895..1899 watch case Mark not in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks - possibly a retailer's mark


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alfred Gurney 1882..1888
(registered Apr 1875)
Watch case Case maker, Smithfield Street, Coventry
Arthur Graf 1907..1910
(registered Jul 1907)
Imported items: box, caddy spoon, pincushion, sucrier "Manufacturer's agent & importer", Goswell Road, London
A George & Co (probably) 1911 Fob medal This mark not shown in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks, but the fob medal is marked "Aleck George & Co"
Alfred George Griffiths (registered Sep 1880) Hylton Street, Birmingham
Alfred George Mascall 1896
(registered Apr 1896)
Watch case Wholesale jeweller & watch manufacturer, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough
Samuel & Rogers (Arthur Guiness Rogers) 1858
(registered c1855)
Watch case Watch case makers, Wood Street, Liverpool
Arthur George Rendell 1907..1909
(registered Jun 1907)
Imported watch case Clerkenwell Road, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Alfred Horatio Darby (registered Apr 1895) Caroline Street, Birmingham
Alfred Henry Read 1888
(registered c1894)
Watch case Case maker, Hill Street, Coventry


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Jackson 1903
(registered Feb 1902)
Frame Albion Street, Birmingham
Alfred James Blake 1909
(registered Oct 1908)
Fob medal St John Street, London EC
A J Bailey (registered Jun 1956) Everest Works, Tenby Street North, Birmingham

Registered as A J Bailey & Son

Alfred James Cheshire 1894..1923
(registered c1890)
Badge, brooch, cuff links, fob medal Jeweller, Tenby Street North, Birmingham

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
A J Davenport & Co 1896
(registered Apr 1896)
Thimble Catherine Jennings Davenport trading as A J Davenport & Co, wholesale jewellers, Clerkenwell Road, London EC
Arthur James Lawrence (registered Mar 1909) Vyse Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of
Alfred Jerrold Nathan (registered Jul 1902) Tobacconist & fancy goods agent, Farringdon Road, London EC
Arthur Johnson Smith 1900..1912
(registered May 1895)
Brooch, buckle, button hook, hat pin Variety Works, Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered Oct 1904)
(registered Jul 1905)
(registered May 1908)
(registered May 1909)
Arthur James Walker 1892..1895
(registered Nov 1882)
Watch case Case maker, Earlsdon Street, Coventry
Albert John Watts 1902
(registered Jan 1903)
Spoon Upper Ashby Street, Goswell Road, London EC


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Lofthouse (registered Jun 1902) Wholesale jeweller, Kilverts Buildings, Manchester

Mark cancelled Jul 1927

Ever Ready Co (Alfred Lobel) 1911
(registered Oct 1911)
Torch Ever Ready Works, Hercules Place, London NW
Aaron Lufkin Dennison (registered Dec 1905) Handsworth, Birmingham

Dennison & Wigley (1905); Dennison Watch Case Co (after 1906)

(registered Dec 1905)
Adie & Lovekin Ltd (1910..1923)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Arthur Joseph Mason (registered Feb 1908) Hylton Street, Birmingham
Alfred Marston 1908..1922
(registered Nov 1908)
Creamer, mustard, spoon, tea caddy Icknield Street, Birmingham

Formerly a partner in Marston & Bayliss (partnership dissolved 1906)

Andrew Moodie (registered Mar 1912) Hylton Street, Birmingham
Abraham Meyer Blanckensee (registered Apr 1879) Sugar bowl, vesta Summer Hill Terrace, Birmingham
(registered Oct 1880)

(image courtesy of
Arthur Mainwaring Gunn (registered May 1961) Church Stretton, Shropshire

(image courtesy of
Peacock, Mansfield & Britton (Arthur Mansfield & James Britton) (registered Mar 1899) Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
A O & Co 1900 Cigarette case This mark not shown in the Chester Compendium
Anglo-Orient Trading Co Ltd (registered May 1947) Finchley Road, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Platnauer (registered c1884) Jeweller, Vyse Street, Birmingham
(registered May 1895)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Ritchie 1910..1911
(registered May 1910)
Iona silver: box, brooch, buckle, crucifix, spoon Also seen on 1907 & 1908 spoons marked with "CS*FS" for Saunders & Shepherd

Normally with Iona mark:

Alfred Roden & Son (registered Apr 1930) Hatton Garden, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Sydenham 1890
(registered Oct 1880)
Fob medal, thimble Frederick Street, Birmingham

Note: the 2nd mark is "unidentified" in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks but is identical to a Birmingham mark of Albert Sydenham

(see note)
(registered c1890)
(registered c1899)
(registered Aug 1908)
Albert Slade 1894..1895
(registered c1892)
Brooch Richmond Road, Dalston, London E
Adolph Scott

Adolph Scott Ltd (after c1933)

(registered Oct 1924) Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
(registered Apr 1932)
(registered May 1933)
Alstons' & Hallam 1900 Inkwell Mark not shown in Chester records


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Thomas Oliver (registered Aug 1904) Case maker, Wynyatt Street, Clerkenwell, London EC


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alfred Vernon 1890
(registered c1888)
Watch case Case maker, Sherbourne Street, Coventry


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Waterfall (1885..1908)
Alfred Wigley (registered Jun 1899) Watchcase maker, Terrace Road, Birmingham

(image courtesy of David Shallis)
Arthur Wright (registered Jun 1903) Gold & silversmith, Victoria Road, Stoke Newington, London N
A W (Unidentified) 1911..1925 Cigarette case, cup, jar lid, match book holder, napkin ring, spoon, tongs Mark recorded at Chester Assay Office, but no name associated with it
A Wilcox 1925..1938
(registered Sep 1925)
Cigarette case, menu holder, spoon Alfred Nathan Andrews & Harry Stanley Andrews trading as A Wilcox, Nursery Road, Hockley, Birmingham
Arthur Wall (registered Nov 1935) Manufacturing jeweller, Northampton Street, Birmingham
Alfred Wathew Butt 1902
(registered Apr 1902)
Spoon Eastgate Row, Chester; also at Wrexham, Warrington & Shrewsbury

A similar mark without stop registered Mar 1905

A W Crosbee & Co
(Arthur Walter Crosbee)
(registered Mar 1902)
Gold ring Vyse Street, Birmingham
A W Crosbee & Sons Ltd (registered May 1926)
Wickes & Trahern (Amelia Wickes & Frederick Trahern) (registered Dec 1877) Case makers, Chapel Fields, Coventry
Archibald William MacDonald 1947
(registered Apr 1948)
Spoon Designer craftsman, Westmorland Road, Southport, Lancashire
A W Richard (registered Apr 1915) Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, London
Waterfall & Gravenor (Albert Waterfall & Robert Gravenor) 1880..1883
(registered May 1881)
Watch case Case makers, Hertford Terrace, Coventry
Albert Waterfall 1885..1908
(registered c1886)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Yewdall 1902..1904
(registered May 1900)
Watch case Watch dealer, Lovell Street, Leeds
Alfred Yardley 1910
(registered c1889)
Watch case Case maker, Barrow Lane, Coventry