Silver Makers' Marks - Chester Assay Office (B)



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Bacon & Bill (Charles Walter Bacon & Frank Bill) 1910..1912
(registered Jan 1894)
Bangle, brooch Hylton Street, Birmingham
Brookes & Crookes (John Brookes & Thomas Crookes) (registered c1886) Atlantic Works, St Philip's Road, Sheffield
B & Co (registered c1887) Spoon "Unidentified" in Chester records due to missing register
Blow & Co (registered Apr 1900) Ferdinand Fekelmeyer & Francis William Lloyd trading as Blow & Co, Gracechurch Street, London
Henry Bushell & Co (registered Jan 1905) Tenby Street North, Birmingham
Butt & Co 1930..1937
(registered Mar 1906)
Spoon Jewellers & silversmiths, Eastgate Row, Chester & High Street, Wrexham
Beddoes & Co (registered May 1932) Suckling Ltd trading as Beddoes & Co, Albion Street, Birmingham
Bishton & Fletcher (registered Nov 1882) Northampton Street, Birmingham
Burrows & Mills (registered Mar 1882) Jewellers & watchmakers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
Barnett & Scott (registered Feb 1884) White Friar Gate, Hull, Yorkshire
B H Britton & Sons (registered Sep 1912) Watch case Hockley Hill, Birmingham

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(registered Jun 1909)

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(registered May 1931)
Bacchus & Whitehouse (Bernard Charles Bacchus & Eric Whitehouse) (registered Jun 1923) Vyse Street, Birmingham


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British Automatic Mesh Company (registered Apr 1913) Fritz Weiss Jr & George Dresden (of Pforzheim, Germany) trading as British Automatic Mesh Co, manufacturer of machine made mesh bags, Hatton Garden, London


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Benson Brothers (John & William H Benson) 1924
(registered 1917)
Watch case Watch case manufacturers, Wood Street, Liverpool.
Benson Brothers (probably) 1925..1928 Watch case This mark not shown in Chester Assay Office register, but Benson Brothers registered several other marks between 1894 & 1917.
Bannister Brothers 1942
(registered Sep 1941)
Cigarette case Manufacturing & wholesale jewellers, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
Booth Brothers 1891
(registered c1888)
Northampton Street, Birmingham
Brockington Brothers c1890
(registered Jul 1880)
Fob medal New John Street West, Birmingham
Barker Brothers Silver Ltd 1962
(registered Mar 1937)
Dish Constitution Hill, Birmingham


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Bert Gordon 1944
(registered Feb 1946)
Mug Warstone Lane, Birmingham

Telephone directories list M. Gordon at the Warstone Lane address from c1940

Britton, Gould & Co (registered Dec 1899) Walter Hastler Britton and Edward Havelock Gould trading as Britton Gould & Co, Hatton Garden, London
(registered Apr 1906)


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Henry Band & Son (1893)
Barnett Henry Abrahams (registered Nov 1895) Houndsditch, London
(registered Feb 1899)
(registered Feb 1909)
B H Joseph & Co (Barnet Henry Joseph) 1877..1879 Button, buttonhole holder, card case, fob medal, imported spoon, scent bottle, thimble bucket for chatelaine, vesta Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered Aug 1885)
(registered Mar 1885)
(registered Aug 1879)
(registered c1889)
(registered Dec 1898)
Berthold Hermann Muller (registered Oct 1912) Importer of German & Dutch silver, Wardour Street, London


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Bendall Brothers (Gordon, Henry & David Bendall) 1927..1935
(registered Apr 1920)
Fob medal, spoon Spencer Street, Birmingham
Bishton's Ltd (registered Mar 1953) Northampton Street, Birmingham


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B Muller & Son (Berthold Muller) 1898..1909
(registered Mar 1898)
Imported items: box, cow creamer, pepperette, spoon, wax seal Silversmith & importer of German silver, Wardour Street, London
Boaz Moses Landeck 1907..1911
(registered Mar 1907)
Imported items: box, ladle, spoon, tea strainer "Importer of foreign plate", Campden Square, London

Succeeded Samuel Boyce (Boaz) Landeck (see SBL mark); died 1916


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Boots Pure Drug Company 1903..1905
(registered Mar 1904)
Basket, button hook, card case, dressing table set, jar top, match box holder, stamp case, vesta Station Street, Nottingham

Boots was, and still is, a large chain of retail chemists.

(registered Mar 1904)


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Bravingtons Ltd (registered May 1914) Frank William Bravington trading as Bravingtons, Pentonville Road & Ludgate Hill, London
Benjamin Stuart Chinn 1890
(registered c1889)
Watch case Case maker, Hill Street, Coventry


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Benjamin Thomas Greening

B T Greening Ltd (from 1907)

(registered Nov 1903) Hatton Garden, London & Hylton Street, Birmingham


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Ben Wade 1900
(registered Nov 1883)
Cigarette holder, pipe mount Eliza Wade trading as Ben Wade, manufacturer & importer of tobacco products, Albion Street, Leeds; subsequently (1900) York Place Leeds
(registered Nov 1883)