Silver Makers' Marks - Chester Assay Office (F)



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Friedman & Gottliffe Ltd (registered Jan 1915) Manufacturing jewellers, Leeds & Birmingham

A similar mark but with serif letters registered Jun 1906

Friedman & Gottliffe Ltd (probably) 1912..1924 Spoon This incuse mark not shown in Chester records
Fattorini & Sons Ltd 1877..1888
(registered Oct 1877)
Watch case Bradford, London, Birmingham & Glasgow.

Retailers specialising in "medals, shields, trophies, cups & badges"

(registered Oct 1883)
(registered Apr 1923)


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Frederick Banks 1887
(registered Aug 1881)
Fob medal Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Frank Banks (registered Mar 1918) Regent Place, Birmingham
F Boyton & Co (registered Sep 1909) Sole partner: Frederick William Boyton, son of Charles Boyton II, Hatton Garden, London, EC


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Frederick Coulthurst 1911
(registered Oct 1894)
Napkin ring Silver engraver, Todd Street, Manchester & Edge Street, Manchester

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Frederick Charles Berkeley 1897..1906
(registered c1891)
Pencil Pencil case maker, Carver Street, Birmingham
Lowe & Sons (1913..1916)

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Frederick Charles Welch 1934 Pen rest Jeweller, The Arcade, Hood Street, Liverpool

A similar mark with stops registered by Welch Sep 1908:

Mark without stops taken over by Frederick Albert Welch (Hood Street, Liverpool) Dec 1950


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Fetter, Forbes & Co (registered Apr 1909) Walter Fetter & Walter Hickman Forbes trading as Fetter, Forbes & Co, manufacturing jewellers, Hylton Street, Birmingham
Frank Finley Clarkson 1903..1911
(registered May 1903)
Bowl, box, napkin ring, spoon Market Place, Northallerton, Yorkshire
Waltham Watch Company (Frederick Francis Seeland) 1875
(registered Jan 1876)
Watch case Waltham Buildings, Holborn Circus, London

Seeland was the Assistant Manager of the Waltham Watch Co. This mark registered before the AB mark of Alfred Bedford (q.v.).

International Watch Company (Frederick Francis Seeland) 1877
(registered probably Oct 1876)
Watch case Schaffhausen, Switzerland


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Lowe & Sons (1913..1916)


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Frank Hallett 1924
(registered May 1924)
Fob medal
F Harding & Son 1904
(registered Jul 1904)
Napkin ring Frederick & Arthur W Harding trading as F Harding & Son, silversmiths & electroplate manufacturers, Spencer Street, Birmingham
F H Adams & Co (registered Sep 1928) New John Street West, Birmingham
Frank H Mannox (registered Aug 1905) Warstone Lane, Birmingham


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Frederick Joseph Braham (registered Jan 1884) Richard Street, Birmingham
Frederick Joseph Collins 1945
(registered Apr 1945)
Cigarette case, napkin ring Great King Street, Hockley; from c1946 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
Francis Joseph Parkes 1931
(registered Apr 1945)
Brooch Tenby Street, Birmingham
F J Ross & Sons (Frederick James Ross) 1910..1929
(registered Aug 1905)
Crucifix, menu holder, spoon High Street, Winchester


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Hefik Watch Co (Fritz Kundert) 1935
(registered Sep 1924)
Gold wrist watch Watch merchants, Frederick Street, Birmingham

Registered as Fritz Kundert


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Francis Lowe & Sons (registered Apr 1934) Francis Sydney Lowe & Harold Ernest Lowe trading as Francis Lowe & Sons, jewellers, Effingham Street, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Frank Fincher London 1939
(registered Mar 1938)
Masonic pendant Masonic outfitter & furnisher, Queens Road, Brighton, Sussex
Fredericks Ltd (registered Dec 1908) Holborn Viaduct, London


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F Narborough (registered c1886) "Whip mounter", Doriton, Birmingham


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Petitpierre & Co 1873..1882
(registered Jun 1878)
Watch case Fritz Petitpierre trading as Petitpierre & Co, watch makers, Holborn Viaduct, London


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Fenton, Russell & Co Ltd 1910
(registered Mar 1906)
Cigarette case George IV Bridge, Edinburgh


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Frederick Sidney Banks 1891..1903
(registered c1886)
Brooch Jeweller, silver & gold brooch maker, Northampton Street, Birmingham
Frederick Stone (registered Oct 1904) Northampton Street, Birmingham


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Frederick Venour 1888..1895
(registered Jun 1882)
Brooch, napkin clip, perfume bottle Richard Street, Birmingham


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Frederick Wilkins (registered Feb 1866) Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry
Frank Willday 1890..1891
(registered Jan 1884)
Watch case Case maker, The Butts, Coventry
Florence Warden 1895..1898
(registered Mar 1895)
Candlestick, condiments, creamer, dish, sucrier Turville Road, Handsworth, Birmingham
Frederick Wich 1897
(registered Oct 1896)
Wallet mount Leather goods manufacturer, Great Titchfield Street, London

Listed in Chester Compendium as "Frederick Wick", but by Culme (and also in 1901 census) as Frederick Wich

F W & Co (unidentified) 1889
(registered c1888)
Watch case Mark illustrated in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks, but unidentified due to missing register
F Walters & Co (registered Feb 1899) Vyse Street, Birmingham

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Frederick William Bauer (registered Jul 1882) Albion Street, Birmingham
Frank William Cole

F W Cole

(registered Apr 1898, cancelled Oct 1910) Purse Gold & silver chain maker, Vyse Street, Birmingham

Second mark registered on death of Frank William Cole. Business continued by Ralph Edgar Cole trading as F W Cole.

(registered Oct 1910)
F W Turton Ltd (registered Mar 1898) Frederick Street Works, Birmingham
(registered Mar 1898)