Silver Makers' Marks - Chester Assay Office (H)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Horton & Allday 1883..1884
(registered Feb 1882)
Card case, purse, scent bottle Warstone Lane, Birmingham & Poland Street, London W
Hamilton & Co
(of Calcutta)
(registered Mar 1909)
Dish, inkstand, tazza, vesta Eastcheap, London & Calcutta, Delhi & Simla
(registered Jan 1921)
Hall & Fitzgerald (registered Oct 1901) "Merchants of tobacconists' fancy goods", Bristol
Hayes & Finch Ltd (registered Mar 1962) Church furnishers, Vernon Street, Liverpool
Hasset & Harper Ltd 1927 Vase Mark apparently not registered at Chester
Hollis & Newman 1892
(registered May 1883)
Pendant Tenby Street North, Birmingham
Hollis & Newman (probably) 1886..1890 Brooch This mark not shown in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks
Hart & Sons 1901
(registered Apr 1898)
Perfume bottle Fancy goods warehousemen, Goswell Road, London
H & T (registered c1885) Mark listed as "unidentified" as its details are in a missing register
Hilliard & Thomason 1892..1899
(registered Jan 1898)
Ashtray, box, card case, caster, cigar case, decanter label, flatware, hair comb, scent bottle, thimble Spencer Street, Birmingham
Howard & Walsh Ltd (registered Jun 1924) Watchmakers & jewellers, Yorkshire Street & Middleton Road, Oldham, Lancs


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Hugh Adamson 1803 or 1825, 1814 Watch case Watch case maker, gold & silversmith, Ray Street, Liverpool
Atkin Brothers (registered Jun 1935) Truro Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield
Henry Allday & Son (registered c1886) Chain manufacturers, Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Harold Archer Underwood (registered Nov 1911) Brearley Street, Hockley, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Bamford 1861 Watch case Case maker, Myddleton Street, Clerkenwell, London

This mark not shown in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks, but is similar to a mark registered at London Assay Office. Bamford's Chester-registered mark is incuse HB

Hayes Brothers (registered Apr 1895) Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
Herbert Bushell (registered Mar 1903) Fob medal Northampton Street, Birmingham
Hirst Brothers & Co Ltd 1924..1939
(registered Sep 1920)
Flatware, fob medal Roscoe Street, Oldham, Lancashire
(registered Jul 1905)
(registered Dec 1915)
Herbert Bushell & Co Ltd 1912
(registered Nov 1912)
Mustard, tea caddy Tenby Street North, Birmingham
Henry Band & Son 1893
(registered c1893)
Watch case Watch manufacturers, Russell Terrace, Chapel Fields, Coventry
Herbert Bushell & Son Ltd (registered Nov 1910) Northampton Street, Birmingham
J Batson & Son (Henry John Batson & Albert Edward Batson) (registered Jul 1903) Brewer Street, London
Haseler Brothers (registered c1887) Branston Street, Birmingham
Hardy Brothers 1911..1917
(registered Jul 1910)
Box, cigar case Charterhouse Street & West Smithfield, London. Also in Sydney & Brisbane, Australia.
(registered Dec 1923)
Hirst Brothers & Co Ltd (registered Dec 1915) Wholesale jewellers, Curzon Street, Oldham, Lancashire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Clifford Davis (registered Apr 1910) Harford Works, Harford Street, Birmingham; subsequently Warstone Lane, Birmingham

H Clifford Davis Ltd (after c1933)

(registered Nov 1913)
(registered Jul 1933)
Henry Charles Freeman (registered c1886) Hatton Garden, London
(registered c1888)
H C Freeman Ltd (registered Feb 1952)
Crisford & Norris Ltd (Harold Crisford & William Norris) 1903..1907, 1929..1939
(registered Mar 1904)
Bookmark, button hook, mirror, stamp case Vyse Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Harry Emmanuel (registered May 1903) Summer Hill, Birmingham; subsequently Vyse Street, Birmingham
Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Ltd (registered Dec 1892) Souvenir spoon Rockingham Street, Sheffield
(registered Mar 1896)
Barker Brothers (Herbert Edward Barker & Frank Ernest Barker)

Barker Brothers Ltd (from 1925)

(registered Jul 1906)
Basket, bowl, coffee pot, dish, flatware, napkin ring, salt, salver, sauce boat, tea service, tray, vase Constitution Hill, Birmingham & High Holborn, London
Harold Edwin Landon 1919
(registered Jun 1919)
Napkin ring Church Street, Lancaster


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Hugh Fishwick 1838..1857 Watch case Case maker, Tarleton Street, Liverpool
H F (Unidentified) 1910..1913
(registered c1910)
Box, caddy spoon, imported items: dish, miniature Mark recorded at Chester Assay Office, but no name associated with it
Harry Freeman 1911 Spoons Mark not shown in Chester records - name derived from London register (Culme)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Hugh Green 1867..1878
(registered Jun 1865)
Watch case Case maker, Percival Square, Liverpool
Henry Green (registered Jun 1880) Case maker, President Street East, King Square, London
Henry Green (probably) 1892 Watch case Case maker, President Street East, King Square, London
Henry Griffith 1886
(registered c1886)
Box, cuff links, fob medal, napkin ring, pencil holder, scent bottle, sovereign case, stamp case, thimble, vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham & Leamington Spa

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
Henry Griffith & Sons Ltd 1892

(image courtesy of Ken Prouse)
(registered c1887)
(registered Aug 1898)
(registered Mar 1899)
1922..1924, 1961
(registered Apr 1912)
Henry Greaves (registered Nov 1904) A similar mark with stop registered c1886

New Street, Birmingham

Henry George Bartlett (registered Jun 1929) Jeweller, Withy Grove, Manchester
Horace George Croneen 1910..1930
(registered Apr 1910)
Fob medal High Street, New Brompton, Gillingham, Kent

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Haseler & Holmes 1902
(registered Jan 1901)
Cigarette case John Haseler & William Frederick Holmes trading as Haseler & Holmes, manufacturing jewellers, Vittoria Street, Birmingham
Hubert Hall 1938..1939
(registered May 1920)
Flask Great King Street & Unett Street, Birmingham

Crisp-Jones lists this maker as Herbert Hall; Chester Compendium has Hubert Hall. Also Chester Compendium shows this mark the other way up, but I have seen the mark as shown, with the indent at the bottom.

Henry Herbert Friend (registered May 1919) Cigarette case Soho Hill, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of
Howard James 1889
(registered c1888)
Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
H J Cooper & Co Ltd 1895
(registered May 1911)
Napkin ring, tea strainer, thimble, vesta Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London
1915, 1935
(registered Oct 1912)
(registered Jan 1922)
(registered c1899)
(registered Jun 1901)
Henry John Norris (registered Feb 1903) Watch maker, Hertford Works, Coventry


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henri Lambin (registered Sep 1909) Ely Place, Holborn Circus, London EC
Harris Leon Brown (registered c1889) Market Place, Sheffield
William Hinds Ltd (registered Aug 1932) Hammersmith, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Mansell 1867..1882 Watch case Case maker, Mount Street, Coventry

Note: The sans-serif version of Mansell's mark is not shown in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks, but is shown in Culme as a London mark.

(registered Aug 1867)
Henry Matthews 1896..1909
(registered Nov 1894)
Box, brush, button, card case, cigarette case, frame, hat pin stand, jar lid, salt Vittoria Street, Birmingham
Henry Marshall 1898
(registered Jan 1896)
Belt mount, card case mount, wallet mount Purse & cigar case manufacturer, Highbury Leather Works, Corsica Street, Highbury, London
Henry Moreton 1900..1920
(registered Oct 1899)
Creamer, cup, napkin ring, salt, sucrier Pitsford Street, Birmingham
H Mander & Co 1933..1934
(registered Aug 1922)
Fob medal Spon Works, Coventry
H M Emanuel & Son 1901
(registered Jul 1899)
Cigarette case A Leon Emanuel trading as H M Emanuel & Son, silversmiths & jewellers, Ordinance Road, Portsea, Hampshire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Pope (registered Jun 1885) Pitsford Street, Birmingham
(registered c1890)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Charles Richarde 1895
(registered c1887)
Bookmark Wynyatt Street, Clerkenwell, London EC


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Stuart 1861
(registered c1850)
Watch case Case & watch maker, Park Lane, Liverpool

Name registered as Henry J Stewart, but probably the same person as below

(registered c1850)
Henry Stuart 1871..1881
(registered c1870)
Watch case Case & watch maker, Hope Street, Liverpool

Mark re-registered by John Stuart at the same address Apr 1873

H Samuel Ltd 1896..1903
(registered Apr 1882)
Watch case Originally registered as Harriet Samuel.

Watchmaker & jeweller, Market Street, Manchester

(registered c1894)
(registered Apr 1895)
Henry Slingsby & Son (registered Feb 1903) "Regalia manufacturers", Seymour Street, Nuneaton
Stanley George Hill 1945..1962
(registered Oct 1935)
Caddy spoon, napkin ring Silversmith, Liverpool City School of Art


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Tarleton 1855
(registered c1852)
Watch case Watch & watchcase manufacturer, Highfield Street, Liverpool
F J H Thomas (registered Feb 1898) Francis John Horace Thomas & Joseph Thomas trading as F J H Thomas, jewellers, St Paul's Square, Birmingham
Henry Tongue 1904..1908, 1932
(registered Dec 1898)
Pipe mount Pipe mounter, Hunters Vale, Birmingham
H Terry & Co (registered Jul 1911) A J Pepper trading as H Terry & Co, Newhall Hill, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
C J Vander (Henry & Arthur Vander) (registered Jun 1911) Betterton Street, Drury Lane, London

Chester Compendium has Alfred rather than Arthur Vander (Arthur Vander is from Culme)

Henry Newton Veitch 1906
(registered Jul 1906)
Pepperette, salt, spoon Barnsley Road, Birmingham
H V Pithey & Co 1906..1910
(registered Apr 1904)
Anointing spoon, candlestick, cigarette case, dish, vesta Lower John Street, London W; subsequently (1904) Great Pulteney Street, London W
(registered Nov 1910)
(registered Jul 1911)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Williamson 1882
(registered Nov 1879)
Bangle Faringdon Road, London
H W 1895 Watch case Mark not shown in the Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks
Henry Wells 1911..1913
(registered Sep 1903)
Bookmark, frame, vesta Jeweller & silversmith, High Street, Shrewsbury
Hugh Wallis 1911..1922
(registered Jul 1905)
Bowl Art metal worker, Altrincham, Cheshire

From 1946, following the death of Hugh Wallis, Brian Mills Wallis trading as Hugh Wallis

Arthur Hamill Westwood (registered Aug 1962) Business address given as Birmingham Assay Office, Newhall Street, Birmingham
Henry William Griffin 1875
(registered Jan 1876)
Watch case Case maker, King Square, London
H W King & Son (Henry William King) 1895
(registered Mar 1896)
Card case, frame, mustard, perfume bottle, salt, watch stand Silverdale Works, Charterhouse Street, London
(registered Mar 1896)
Henry Williamson Ltd 1906..1916
(registered Oct 1898)
Button hook, frame, salt, thimble Farringdon Road, London & Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Oct 1894)