Silver Makers' Marks - Edinburgh Assay Office (J)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Jamieson & Carry 1980..1997 Brooch, quaich Jewellers, Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland
Jameson & Purvey (William Scriven Jameson & Charles Andrew Purvey) 1957
(registered Apr 1957)
Butter knife, fork, skean dhu, spoon Silversmiths, Canongate, Edinburgh
(registered Apr 1959)
James & Walter Marshall 1817..1833 Condiments, cruet stand, cup, decanter label, ewer, flatware, tea service Mark seen with the marks of Robert Smeaton (1816-1820), Andrew Wilkie (1821), DM (1822,1825), RV (probably R Vernon) (1828), AE (probably Adam Elder) (1829), Elder & Co (1831,1834)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
possibly J Asherheim 1828 Spoon A similar mark with stops after J and A registered by James Aitchison, May 1874
J A 1829 Tongs
J Asherheim 1837..1843 Flatware, tea service
James Aitchison 1898..1902 Box, mug, spoon, vesta Prince's Street, Edinburgh & Bank Street, Edinburgh


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Berry 1858..1881 Spoon Aberdeen

May also include an Aberdeen mark; e.g.:

Mentioned in Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths records from 1857 to 1890

J B 1977
(registered c1976)
Napkin ring "Unidentified" by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths
John Berchmans Blake 1991
(registered Deb 1973)
Bowl Preston, Lancashire
John Bartleman & Son 1910
(registered c1904)
Bowl Thomas Bartleman & John Bartleman Junior trading as John Bartleman & Son, Hanover Street, Edinburgh
(registered c1904)
John Blackwood Caw 1836..1851 Ladle, spoon, teapot Seen with Leonard Urquhart's mark (1838)
J B Chatterley & Sons Ltd 1960..1979 Dish, egg cup, napkin ring, pepper mill, quaich, sauce boat, tray Newtown Road, Birmingham
Rockhaven Gem Company 1978 Ingot pendant John Basil Wilson trading as Rockhaven Gem Co; then as Gemini. Now trading as Knights Jewellers.
Manufacturing jeweller & lapidary, Carnoustie, Scotland & Dundee, Scotland
James Brent Ward 2000..2012 Beaker, brooch, butter knife, goblet, mustard, napkin ring, spoon Anstruther, Fife, Scotland


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J C 1842 Spoon
J C 1865 Masonic jewel
James Crichton 1883..1885 Brooch, quaich, tongs George Street, Edinburgh
James Coull Ltd 1964
(registered Oct 1961)
Brooch, spoon Mitchell Street, Glasgow
(registered 1964)
I C (1997)
James Crichton & Co (probably) 1887..1889 Candlestick, quaich, spoon
John Crichton & Co 1890 Quaich
J C & Co 1893 Teapot "Unknown" to Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths
J Cleland & Partners 1964
(registered Aug 1960)
Caddy spoon J Cleland, A Munro & H Hoffman, trading as J Cleland & Partners, manufacturing jewellers, Edinburgh
James C Kerr 1978
(registered Feb 1967)
Pendant Lerwick, Shetland
J C M 1850 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J D 1818 Spoon
J D 1836 Spoon Listed by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths as "unidentified"
J D 1844 Spoon
James Dixon & Sons Ltd (registered c1971) Cornish Place, Sheffield

Registration lapsed 1975


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J E 1837..1841 Spoon

(image courtesy of
Jessie Elder Scott (also known as Jessie Elliot Scott) 1950
(registered Dec 1949)
Spoon Art student (on registration), South Queensferry
John Edward Vernon 1843..1868 Spoon, tongs


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J F 1808..1814 Flatware
J F 1818 Spoon
John Fraser Silvercraft 1963..1994
(registered Jun 1960)
Brooch, caddy spoon, clan badge, decanter label, napkin ring Castle Street, Inverness

Pieces often also stamped with "INS"

John F B Donaldson 1896
(registered 1897)
John Finlayson Lang 1944..1945 Ashtray, box, spoon Medical practitioner, Bathgate, West Lothian
J F Ltd 1997 Quaich


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J G 1818..1821 Salver, spoon This mark seen with the marks of Alexander Henderson (1818), Andrew Wilkie (1821)
James George 1909
(registered Feb 1887 & 1905)
Button 1905 registration as James Adam George
J G C 1837 Spoon

(image courtesy of
J G Cunningham 1904
(registered Apr 1902)
Joseph Gloster Ltd 1965..1968
(registered May 1909)
Egg cup, spoon Lion Silver Works, Hockley Hill, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of
James Hewitt (possibly) 1768 Spoon Attributed as "unidentified" by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths, but note similarity to James Hewit's marks

(image courtesy of Keith Saville)
James Hewitt 1769..1783 Flatware, salver, sauce boat
1778..1795, 1824
J H 1809 Spoon
J Hay 1818..1829 Salt, salver, spoon, tea service This mark seen with the marks of J Howden & Co (1818) & Alexander Henderson (1824-1826)
J Hay or J Howden 1874
John Hart 1958..1970 Clan badge, "Iona" brooch, spoon

(image courtesy of
James Hardy & Co Ltd 1970
(registered 1939)
Spoon Jewellers & watchmakers, Castle Street, Edinburgh
James Howden & Co 1828 Decanter label, flatware, kettle & burner, teapot Howdens' marks seen with the marks of Andrew Wilkie (1828), A Edmondson (1829, 30), Elder & Co (1831, 32, 35), George Paton (undated)

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James Howden & Son 1849..1862 Decanter label, salver, spoon Mark not shown by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths (EIG) but James Howden formed a partnership with his son Andrew in 1848; the partnership had finished by 1864. [ref: research quoted on EIG web site]
John H Lunn 1969 Ash tray


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J J 1807 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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John Knowles & Sons c1936 Horn napkin ring mount Jewellers & watchmakers, Ballater & Aboyne, Aberdeenshire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J L 1826 Spoon
J L 1830..1843 Spoon This mark seen with the marks of Leonard Urquhart (1830) & Elder & Co (1833)
J L 1831 Spoon

(image courtesy of
Joseph Leton 1928..1934 Napkin ring, spoon Jeweller, Black Lion Yard, London E1
J Law 1829 Ladle Retailer's mark, seen with the mark of mark of William Marshall


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Tony Ellis Antiques)
J M 1809 Spoon
Jonathan Millidge 1820..1845 Butter knife, creamer, jug, ladle

(image courtesy of Waddingtons, Toronto)
James McKay V 1851
(registered 1841)
J M 1896 Napkin ring

(image courtesy of
J M 1910 Imported brush

(image courtesy of
John Miller & Co This mark is taken from a Glasgow hallmark but the version used in Edinburgh may well be the same; expected dates 1875-1885
Jane McCracken Brown 1977
(registered Dec 1962)
Spoon Birkenhead, Cheshire
J Mc 1794 Spoon

(image courtesy of
James McKay 1807..1881 Basket, decanter label, flatware, teapot Note: this entry probably includes several different silversmiths all called James McKay, designated by the Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths as James McKay II, James McKay IV & James McKay V. Only the latter (working dates 1841-1864) is shown as having a JMC mark; no marks are shown for the other two.
James McKay (probably) 1858..1859 Ladle, spoon
J McG 1881 Spoon
J McK 1828 Spoon
J M D 1818 Spoon
John Maitland Talbot 1895..1906 Bookmark, box, button, frame, napkin ring, quaich, spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J N 1807 Spoon
J N 1808..1809 Spoon
J N 1808..1815 Spoon
James Newlands 1817..1818 Flatware Newlands used the Edinburgh assay office prior to 1819. This mark seen with an Edinburgh hallmark prior to 1819 and with a Glasgow hallmark 1819 and later.
James Nasmyth 1833..1839 Box, card case Box maker
James Nasmyth & Co 1840..1851 Card case, medal, tongs
James Ness & Son 1965..1969 Cup, dish, goblet, napkin ring, pepper mill, salver Queensferry Street, Edinburgh
John Crichton 1879..1880 Salt, tea service

(image courtesy of
John Nicholas Emery (registered Mar 1947) Schoolmaster & silversmith, Glenalmond, Perth, Scotland
James Newlands & Philip Grierson 1809 Flatware


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Orr 1801..1805 Spoon Greenock
J O'Raily 1835 Spoon Dumfries

Mentioned in Edinburgh records 1835-1837

John Oliver Whitehead 1991
(registered May 1980)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Waddingtons, Toronto)
J P 1849 Fork Both marks seen on the same set of forks

(image courtesy of Waddingtons, Toronto)
John Pinches Ltd 1977
(registered May 1971)
Goblet Registered as John Pinches (Medallists) Ltd, London SW4
John Prince 1983
(registered Oct 1972)
Menu holder, straining ladle Trading as Creetown Gold & Silversmithing Workshops Ltd
(registered Jan 1986)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
J R & S 1872..1888 Luggie, quaich These may all be marks of James Rettie & Son of Aberdeen
J R & S 1880 Salt
J R & S 1882..1887 Spoon
J R & S 1893..1896 Buckle, vase
John Robert Drever 1981
(registered Jul 1980)
Stirrup cup Manufacturing jeweller, Edinburgh


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Smith (probably) 1818..1819 Flatware Seen with Marshall & Sons' mark (1818, 1819)
John Sutter 1829 Spoon Williamson Street, Liverpool
Jack Spencer (Silversmith) Ltd 1971..1977 Cuff links, pendant Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

(image courtesy of Mark Ashcroft)
Jackie Stewart 1998 Paperweight / letter opener Item marked "Stewart Grand Prix"
James Swann & Son 1930
(registered c1930)
Book mark Hylton Street, Birmingham
Janet Stevenson Chapman c1958
(registered Jun 1943)
Spoon Port Seton, Midlothian; then Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire
J[ame]s H 1824..1837 Decanter label, spoon Seen with Andrew Wilkie's mark (1824-26, 1837)
James Kirkwood 1834, 1852..1866 Brooch, flatware
J Steel & W Cumming 1819..1820 Tongs


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Joanna Lesley Thomson 1988
(registered Apr 1973)
Earring Peebles, Scotland

Web site

John Thompson & Sons 1920 Tongs Clerkenwell Road, London
J T Deeley Ltd (registered Jun 1977) Warstone Lane, Birmingham
John Tait Kirkwood 1901 Box, wallet mount


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Urquhart 1813..1822 Flatware


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Neil van Bogerijen 1971
(registered Nov 1971)
Ring Brodick, Isle of Arran

A similar cameo mark registered same date


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Welsh 1750..1767
(registered 1742)
John Wilkie 1845..1881 Flatware
James Wright 1857..1881 Flatware
John White 1968..1982
(registered Dec 1967)
Mug, napkin ring, tray Hartlepool, Co Durham and Leyburn, N Yorkshire
Jean Marie Wannop 1982
(registered Aug 1979)
Pendant Craft jeweller, Helensburgh, Scotland
J W Howden & Co 1813..1822 Decanter label, salver, spoon, teapot Seen with AH (Alexander Henderson) (1813-22), J Hay (1818) & WH (1819-1821)
J W Kirwan & Co (John William Kirwan) 1897..1912 Pepperette, quaich, spoon Vyse Street, Birmingham, Frederick Street, Birmingham & Hatton Garden, London

(image courtesy of
J W over W H 1812 Spoon "Unidentified" by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Zeigler (1811..1817)
John Zeigler (1818)