Silver Makers' Marks - Glasgow Assay Office (J)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James & Andrew Kelly 1845..1876 Flatware, medal
Johnston & Co 1888..1890 Spoon
J & P D 1854..1868 Spoon
J & W B 1871 Spoon "Unidentified" by the Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths
J & W Mitchell 1836..1880 Dish, flatware, medal
John A Fettes 1907 Tazza Manufacturing silversmith, Albert Street, Townhead, Glasgow
J Blond & Son 1883..1898 Spoon A similar mark with sans-serif letters is James Ballantyne & Son
James Ballantyne & Son 1910..1918 Fork, tea service Jewellers, Virginia Street, Glasgow
Joseph Brown & Son 1936
(registered 1934)
Ceremonial trowel A similar mark with sans-serif letters registered at the same time
J B N 1853..1865 Spoon Also seen (1872) in sans-serif form:
James Crichton 1819..1866 Spoon
J C 1832..1834 Spoon
J Cameron & Son 1905..1911 Tea service, trophy cup Jewellers, King Street, Kilmarnock
J D 1819 Spoon Possibly James Downie
J D 1849..1852 Flatware
J D 1850 Spoon
James Douglas 1894 Tongs
James Dixon & Sons Ltd (registered Sep 1963) Cornish Place, Sheffield
John D McAllister 1944..1947 Butter knife, napkin ring, spoon
J E 1836 Spoon
J E 1858 Ladle
J Easton 1893 Spoon
J F 1820..1824 Spoon
John Finlay 1836..1843 Spoon, tea service, tongs The Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths notes, but does not illustrate a JF mark for Finlay. This mark has been seen on a set of spoons with an 1843 hallmark, some of which are marked JF and some F&F (Finlay & Field).
John Alexander Fettes 1894..1929 Buckle, decanter, mug, napkin ring, presentation key, quaich, salver, spoon & tongs set, tea service
James A Ferrier 1900..1929 Badge, fob medal Exchange Place, Glasgow
James Hardy 1882 Spoon Aberdeen

Seen with an additional Aberdeen mark:

John Hall & Co 1912..1925 Teacup, trophy cup Jewellers, King Street, Manchester
John Hart 1952..1961 "Iona" silver: brooch, paper knife, spoon
Jos Haywood & Co 1857..1892 Flatware
J J 1897 Stick mount "Unidentified" by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths
J J S 1901 Plaque on trophy
James Lockhart c1717 Spoon

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J L 1829 Caddy spoon
John Lockhart 1893 Caddy spoon

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Joseph Leton active 1930s & 1940s Jeweller, Black Lion Yard, London E1
J L A 1861..1862 Spoon
James Lockhart Spencer 1826..1830 Flatware
John Mitchell 1825..1844 Flatware
J M 1826 Spoon Possibly John Murray

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John Menzies 1838..1839 Spoon Greenock
J M 1855..1859 Coffee pot, salt, spoon, tea service

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J M 1856..1870 Decanter label, medal
J M 1868 Spoon
James Marr (or Mark) 1895..1916 Decanter label, fob medal, medal Greenock
J M 1927..1929 Covered cup, tea service

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John Miller & Co 1872 Spoon, tongs

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John Miller & Co (probably) 1872..1875 Flatware

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John Muirhead & Son 1863..1878 Flatware, tea service
James McEwan c1783 Spoon Working dates: c1762-c1790
J M C 1850 Ladle

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J McK 1832..1843 Flatware "Unidentified" by Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths, but is possibly John McKell (mentioned in Glasgow records 1825 - 1844)
J McK 1833..1834 Ladle, spoon Possibly John McKell
John Murray or John Muir 1830..1833 Flatware Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths notes 1855 as first mention of John Muir, Jnr
J & W Mitchell (probably) 1832..1835 Decanter label, flatware Note: earliest sighting of the J&WM mark, confirmed as that of J & W Mitchell, is 1836
James Newlands 1819..1823 Flatware Argyle Street, Glasgow

Newlands used the Edinburgh assay office prior to 1819 and was in partnership with Philip Grierson 1810-1816

J O'Raily (registered c1832) Dumfries
James Ross 1849..1856, 1873 Flatware
John Russell 1859 Bowl Mentioned in Glasgow records between 1845 and his death in 1864
J R 1875..1876 Jug, mug, salver
James Reid & Co 1876..1893 Cup, dish, mug, napkin ring, spoon, tea service Napiershall Street, Glasgow

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James Reid & Co (probably) 1904..1917 Napkin ring, trophy
J R 1880..1885 Napkin ring, tea service 1880 tea service also stamped "Rait, Glasgow", but probably as a retailer's mark (for D C Rait & Sons - see DCR marks), and with a design registration mark dated 2 Jul 1878. Could possibly be John Rait, listed as a jeweller in the 1881 census in Dumbarton Road, Partick.
James Ramsay 1911 Cup High Street, Dundee; subsequently Reform Street, Dundee
J R & J N 1850 Spoon
J R & W Laing (James Rankine Laing & William Laing) 1914 Ashtray, brooch, fob medal Brunswick Street, Glasgow; subsequently (from 1900) Gordon Street, Glasgow
(registered c1938)

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J Russell & Co 1893 Pipe mount Glasgow

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J S 1833 Spoon, tongs A very similar mark registered by James Simpson I, first mentioned in Glasgow records 1835
James Simpson II 1874 Spoon First mentioned in Glasgow records 1852
John Sloane 1897 Spoon First mentioned in Glasgow records 1897

A similar mark registered c1890 by James Scott (stop is closer to J than S):
J. S

John Todd (probably) 1832..1858 Spoon
J T 1835 Tongs
James Weir 1899..1919 Cigarette case, cup, fork, gold ring, imported watch case, salver, shoehorn, spoon, tea service, tongs, trophy cup Jewellers & silversmiths, Buchanan Street, Glasgow

J Weir Ltd after c1920

James Weir Ltd (probably) 1926 Imported gold watch case
J W & S 1875 Spoon
J W Benson Ltd 1933 Imported watch case Ludgate Hill, London