Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (A)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Charles Adam 1700..1719
(registered Feb 1703)
A D 1774 Bowl This mark not found in Grimwade or Jackson
Allen Dominy 1791
(registered Feb 1790)
Decanter label, skewer
Archibald Douglas 1827..1829
(registered Jan 1826)
Box, ink well, jar lid
(registered Sep 1823)
Alfred Dunhill & Sons 1928..2000
(registered Jun 1910)
Box, buckle, cigarette case, cigarette lighter, decanter label, dish, letter opener, pepperette, tie clip Tobacco blenders & pipe manufacturers, Duke Street, St James, London
Abraham Dala 1955..1957 Spoon
A D 1977 Ingot pendant Probably the same maker
A D 2002 Novelty pepperette
Abraham David Loewenstark

A D Loewenstark & Son (from 1860)

A D Loewenstark & Sons (from 1865)

(registered Jan 1846)
Masonic medal, miniature frame Masonic jeweller, The Strand, London

May also be seen with the trade mark:


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Albert Edward Bonner 1907..1914
(registered Nov 1905)
Arts & Crafts style items: dish, footed bowl, mug, napkin ring, pepperette; box, spoon "Artist", Kensington, London W
A E E 1971 Spoon
Albert Edward Jones (registered Dec 1910) Windmill Street; then Livery Street, Birmingham; then St Dunstan Works, Pemberton Street, Birmingham
Moseley & Co (Alfred Edward Mosely) 1878
(registered Jun 1878)
Watch case Watch manufacturers, St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC
A E M 1977 Spoon
Alfred Ernest Neighbour 1932..1940
(registered 1931)
Box, bowl, coaster, matchbox holder
Albert Edward Warner 1905
(registered Oct 1897)
Fob medal St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC
A E W 1972..1975 Ladle
A E W & S 1979 Bowl


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Andrew Fogelberg 1767..1780, 1800
(registered prior to Mar 1773)
Caster, ink stand, plate, sauce boat, teapot, tureen In partnership with Stephen Gilbert 1780 to 1793
Alexander Field 1789..1814
(registered Jul 1780)
Caster, creamer, mustard, tea caddy, teapot, tray
Alfred Fuller 1885..1892
(registered Sep 1884)
Box, card case, cigarette case, vesta Poland Street, London W; (from 1890) Carnaby Street, London W

Fuller retired in 1898 and the business was taken over by George William White (see GWW&Co)

Mark without pellet registered Aug 1875:

Adolph Frankau & Co Ltd (registered Mar 1902) Match striker Silver mounters & turners, manufacturers & importers of pipes and tobacconists' sundries, Queen Victoria Street, London
A F C 1984 Frame
Andrew Fogelberg & Stephen Gilbert 1781..1791
(registered Jul 1780)
Chafing dish, coffee pot, creamer, cup, ewer, plate, salver, tankard
(registered Jul 1780)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alfred Gurney 1875..1886
(registered Apr 1873)
Watch case Case maker, Smithfield Street, Coventry
Alfred Godfrey 1898..1903
(registered May 1898)
Decanter label, napkin ring Godfrey's Plating Works, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London EC
Arthur Graf 1909..1912
(registered Mar 1907)
Imported spoon "Manufacturer's agent & importer", Goswell Road, London
A G 1963..1968 Spoon

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
Alicia Gordon 1998 Thimble
Asprey & Garrard 1999..2000 Candlestick, compass, dish, goblet, napkin ring, vase New Bond Street, London W1

Asprey and Garrard merged in 1998 and de-merged in 2002

Gerald Benney 1956..2000 Box, candlestick, coaster, condiments, cup, dish, goblet, jug, ladle, spoon Full name Adrian Gerald Sallis Benney, born 1930, died 2008

Whitfield Place, London W1; from 1963: Beenham, Reading, Berkshire

A G C 1972..1975 Bracelet

(image courtesy of
Anthony Gordon Elson 1966..1983 Bowl, box, candlestick, coaster, goblet, jug, knife, sauce boat, spoon, tastevin, tea caddy
A G over G H 1903 Jar lid This mark not shown in Culme, but the example seen is overstamped on another so may not be a registered mark
A G K 2000 Napkin ring
A G L 1972 Bowl
A G M 1977 Plate
Augustus George Piesse (probably) 1859..1867 Cup, goblet, mug, napkin ring, salt, salver, teapot Piesse's mark shown in Culme (registered Aug 1852) is with serif characters and stops:
Samuel & Rogers (Arthur Guiness Rogers) (registered Feb 1859) Watch case makers, Wood Street, Liverpool
Arthur George Rendell 1908..1919
(registered Jun 1907)
Imported watch case Clerkenwell Road, London EC
A G T 1983..1984 Tot measure
A G W 1921 Masonic medal


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Ann Hill 1736
(registered c1734-1735)
A H 1801..1811 Flatware, mug, mustard
Alexander Hewat 1829
(registered Nov 1810)
Albert Hausman (registered Jul 1902) Foreign agent, Prudential Buildings, Leeds, Yorkshire
A H 1929..1931 Imported Wahl Eversharp pencil
A H 1930 Cigarette case
A H 1963..1985 Caddy spoon, caster
Hennell, Frazer & Haws (1972..1979)
Hugh Arnett & Edward Pocock (1721..1727)
A H F 1919 Buckle
A H J 2003 Pendant
Alfred Hall & John Goode 1883..1887
(registered Apr 1882)
Cigar case, scent bottle, vesta
A H L 1975 Napkin ring
A Haviland-Nye 1968..2003 Decanter label, limited editions / souvenirs, sauce boat, sifter spoon, tea service Biddulph Road, London W9

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Alfred Henry Read (registered Jan 1883) Case maker, Hill Street, Coventry
A H S 2007 Napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alfred Ivory 1864..1877
(registered Jul 1861)
Covered bowl, egg cruet, jug, mug, salt, tea & coffee service
Anna Keen 1984 Caviar spoon
Arthur Ingram & Charles May 1882
(registered Nov 1882)
Silver-mounted box
I S & A N (1764..1770)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Johnston 1754..1763
(registered Jan 1748)
Caster, coffee pot, dish, lidded cup, salt, salver, snuffer tray
Alexander Jenkins 1866
(registered Mar 1865)
Pocket altimeter
Alexander Jones 1902
(registered Sep 1900)
Box, flask Also a mark with stop rather than pellet registered Dec 1883:
Alfred James 1909
(registered Aug 1905)
A J 1927..1936 Imported items: box, cigarette case, comb, compact
A J 1989 Imported box
Annabel Jones 1995..1997 Match striker
Alfred James Blake (registered Oct 1908) St John Street, London EC
A J B & S 1985..1988 Spoon
A J Chambers 1981 Book mark Keith H Chambers, silversmith, Melton Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
A J F 1954 Caddy spoon
A J G 1934 Perfume bottle top
Alfred James How 1897..1929
(registered May 1897)
Basket, bowl, caster, creamer, dish, napkin ring, spoon, trophy cup
A J L 1978 Decanter label

(image courtesy of
Alfred Jerrold Nathan (registered Sep 1887) Tobacconist & fancy goods agent, Farringdon Road, London EC
A J P 1926..1927 Jar lid, napkin ring
A J P 2004 Box
Alan John Riddler 2000..2002 Letter opener, tumbler
Alexander J Strachan 1808..1838
(registered Sep 1799 & Aug 1823)
Box, coronet
A J S 1904..1923 Box
Arthur James Walker 1883..1890
(registered Apr 1882)
Watch case Case maker, Earlsdon Street, Coventry
Albert John Watts (registered Apr 1905) Upper Ashby Street, Goswell Road, London EC
Albert John Watts (probably) 1933..1935 Centrepiece, dish, napkin ring Ref: Post Office London Directory, 1932: Watts Albt. Jn. repairing silversmith, 49 Spencer st EC1