Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (J)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Goodwin 1725..1728
(registered Sep 1721)
Bowl, caster, cup, porringer
John Gorham 1751..1759 Spoon This mark not recorded by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990; a similar mark without pellet registered Jan 1757
James Gould (1739)
Jeremiah Garfield 1820
(registered Aug 1813)
Spoon Also a mark with pellet registered Aug 1813:
John Griffiths 1826
(registered Feb 1825)
Watch case Case maker
James Green 1846
(registered Dec 1830)
Watch case Case maker

Further similar marks registered through to 1856

John Gammage

Lawson, Ward & Gammage Ltd

(registered Jul 1865) Clerkenwell Road, London EC

Became Lawson, Ward & Gammage c1903

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(registered Dec 1872)
R & S Garrard & Co (James Garrard) 1882..1896
(registered Oct 1881)
Chamberstick, decanter label, dish, egg cruet, jug, mug, plate, salver, samovar, sauce boat, toast rack, tray Panton Street, London
Gulienetti & Co (Joseph Gulienetti) (registered May 1897) Fore Street Avenue, London EC
J Gillmore 1938 Souvenir spoon High Street, Glastonbury, Wiltshire

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John Grenville 1964..1980 Bookmark, candlestick A founder member of the Suffolk Craft Society; b1918, d2004.
James Geraghty 1969 Box
J G 1975 Napkin ring
J Gorringe & Co 1902
(registered Mar 1902)
Scent bottle
J G & Co Ltd 1970..1977 Goblet, tastevin
John Grinsell & Sons 1892..1904
(registered Nov 1892)
Box, curling tongs set, inkwell and stand, pen tray, scent bottle, stamp moistener Victoria Works, St George's, Birmingham

N.B. A near-identical mark to the first one shown here registered Sep 1913 by John Goode & Sons of Birmingham

(registered Sep 1905)
Betjemann Brothers (John George Betjemann & Ernest Edward Betjemann) 1898..1909
(registered Jan 1896)
Decanter, inkwell, matchbox cover, scent bottle, table lighter, tray
John Cussell 1977..1999 Caddy spoon, commemorative goblet for Lincoln Cathedral Westgate, Grantham, Lincolnshire

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John Gloag Murdoch (registered Dec 1882) Case maker, Camden Square, Faringdon Road, London EC

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James George Newbold (registered Feb 1902) Pipe mount manufacturer, St John Street, Clerkenwell, London
John George Piddington 1901..1906
(registered Mar 1901)
Imported items: box, creamer, dish, model, pepperette, scissors


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Holland II 1743
(registered Jul 1739)
John Harvey I c1750
(registered Nov 1745)
Decanter label, skewer
(registered Aug 1750)
(registered c1746)
Jonathan Hayne 1823..1836
(registered Nov 1808)
Creamer, flatware, wine funnel Hayne was in partnership with Thomas Wallis between 1810 and 1821 (see TW over JH mark)
John Harris 1817..1821
(registered Mar 1817)
Watch case Case maker, Rawstone Street, Islington Road, London
(registered Sep 1823)
John Herbert 1830
(registered Apr 1828)
Masonic jewel A Norwich silversmith

A similar mark registered Aug 1828 by James Horton, goldworker

Joseph Hirst 1837
(registered Dec 1836)
Watch case Case maker
1849..1852, 1880..1882
(registered Jan 1846 & Dec 1878)
(registered May 1854)
John Howes 1844
(registered Jul 1844)
Judah Hart 1847
(registered Feb 1847)
John Harris 1852..1856
(registered Aug 1852)
Bowl, box, collapsible cup, flask, vanity set
John Hawley & Son (registered Feb 1887) Registered as John Hawley, case maker, Cow Lane, Coventry
Sibray, Hall & Co (Job Frank Hall)

Sibray, Hall & Co Ltd (from 1896)

(registered Jun 1893)
Bowl, dish, mug, salt, salver, spoon, tea service, toast rack, tray, vase Fitzwalter Works, St Mary's Road, Sheffield

Hall retired in 1900 and the company continued under Clement Charles Pilling (see CCP)

Henry Howell & Co Ltd (Jonathan Howell)


J Howell & Co Ltd

(registered Nov 1895) Stick mount Cane & stick manufacturers, Old Street, London EC
(registered Nov 1895)
Joseph Heming 1896
(registered Jul 1890)
John Hunt 1907..1926
(registered May 1906)
Mustard, salt, spoon & tongs set Jeweller & Silversmith, Fishergate, Preston, Lancashire
John Henry Hill 1917..1926 Book mark, butt markers, card case, napkin ring, vesta
J H 1976 Salt shaker
John Huddleston 2000..2006
(registered 1979)
Box, ingot Radley, Oxfordshire

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James Hardy & Co (Aberdeen) 1889 Spoon Both seen with mark of Wakely & Wheeler (JW over FCW)
Joseph Heming & Co 1901..1913
(registered Jun 1902)
Argyle, bowl, box, cup, dish, goblet, tazza, vase Conduit Street, London
J H & Co 1996..2000 Novelty condiments, salad servers, spoon
Joshua Horton & Son (registered Jul 1901) Hatton Garden, London

(image courtesy of Andy from Sydney)
John Harvey & Sons Ltd 1960..1963 Cigar box, sherry decanter label (produced by C J Vander Ltd for Harveys of Bristol)
J H over A H 1836..1837 Flatware Mark not in GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990 or CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987
Z Barraclough & Sons (James Henry & Herbert Barraclough) 1899..1939
(registered Nov 1894)
Bowl, caster, dish, flatware, inkstand, jug Leeds
Charles Johnston Hill (1881..1895)
Joseph Harris Elliott (registered Jul 1860) Case maker, The Butts, Coventry

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J H G 1935 Teapot
Hirons, Plante & Co (Joseph Hirons, Henry Hodson Plante & Rowland Bourne) 1869
(registered Sep 1864)
Spoon Plate workers, Frederick Street Works, Birmingham & Hatton Garden, London
J H J 1972..1977 Notepad, spoon
J H L 1970..1977 Buckle, cuff links
J H M 1973 Napkin ring
John Henry Odell 1966..1978 Bowl, candelabra, coaster, decanter label, dish, goblet, mug, plate, tastevin Manufacturing goldsmith & silversmith, High Street, Gravesend, Kent
Joseph Henry Padgett 1896
(registered Mar 1876)
John Henry Rawlings 1887..1916
(registered Jun 1887)
Bowl, box, brandy pan, creamer, cup, hot water jug, kettle & spirit burner, mustard, salt, tankard

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Harman & Co (J S Harman) 1923..1935 Bottle lid, bowl, box, caster, cup, entree dish, goblet, salt, spoon, teapot New Bond Street, London
St James House Company (1979..1982)
Joseph Hayes Taylor (registered Nov 1880) Spencer Street, Birmingham
John Hazlewood Worrall 1904
(registered Jul 1899)
Jar top, knife rest, scent bottle top, vase rim Goswell Road, London EC (1900); Aldersgate Street, London EC (from 1912)
J H Worrall, Son & Co Ltd 1906..1918
(registered Jun 1906)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Israel 1798..1801
(registered Apr 1786)
Salver, spoon
J I Co 1983 Dish
J J (1982..1984)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Jenkins 1730
(registered Apr 1731)
John Jacob (1744..1758)
Thomas Jackson I (1746..1747)
J J 1764..1765 Marrow scoop, spoon Mark not listed by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990. It may have been recorded in the lost 1739-1758 Smallworkers' Register or the 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.
J J 1764..1769 Spoon Possibly James Jones, registered May 1755
Thomas Tookey (1776..1788)
Thomas Tookey (1779..1782)
James Jackson I 1791
(registered Jul 1790)
Watch case Case maker, Bridgewater Street, Barbican, London
James Jackson II

subsequently (from c1869) James Jackson & Son

(registered Feb 1824)
Watch case Case maker, Richmond Street, Old Street, London; subsequently Norman Street, St Luke's, London
(registered Feb 1824)
(registered Aug 1832 & 1839)
(registered Jul 1851)
(registered Mar 1865)
John Johnson II 1835
(registered Nov 1835)
James Jackson 1870..1884
(registered Aug 1870)
Watch case Case maker, Helmet Row, St Luke's, London
James Charles Jay 1896
(registered Oct 1895)
Candlestick, sucrier, teapot Oxford Street, London

An earlier mark with shorter letters than on the 2nd mark registered Mar 1878

(registered Jan 1897)
J J 1964 Caster
Trevor Towner (1967..1989)
Trevor Towner (1991)
J J 1982..1984 Frame
J J 1983 Chess set

(image courtesy of Winsor House Antiques)
John Johnson & Alfred Springthorpe 1883..1884
(registered Dec 1882)
Chess set, teapot Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, London

Mark defaced Jan 1885 on dissolution of the partnership

John James Durrant 1878..1897
(registered Dec 1874)
Ring, spoon
J J F 1972..1973, 1995 Butter knife, letter opener, spoon
J J H 1918..1919 Imported watch case
J J J 1977 Box lid
Johnson, Walker & Tolhurst (James Johnson & John Charles Walker) 1871..1882
(registered Feb 1866)
Goblet, salt, salver, spoon, tea service

(image courtesy of
J J M 1927 Conductor's baton
J J R 1975 Dish
J J Stockall & Sons (James John Stockall) 1882..1885
(registered Oct 1882)
Tongs, watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell Road, London
(registered Oct 1882)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Kincaid 1743
(registered Oct 1743)
John Kilpatrick 1862..1872
(registered Apr 1862)
Spoon, teapot Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London
John William Kilpatrick (probably) 1884 Spoon Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London

This is probably an unregistered mark of John William Kilpatrick who took over John Kilpatrick & Co on John Kilpatrick's death in 1884 (see also his registered mark at JWK)

Julius Klinkhardt

J Klinkhardt Ltd (from 1910)

(registered Apr 1885)
Deer hoof inkwell, stick mount Stick & umbrella manufacturer, mounter in gold & silver, Chandos Street, London WC

Bankrupt in 1915

Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Ltd (registered Aug 1873) James Kebberling Bembridge, managing director

Nursery Street, Sheffield; subsequently Rockingham Street, Sheffield

Jeremiah King (1740..1748)
King & Son 1880..1888
(registered Sep 1878)
Salt John Huffam King & John Percy King trading as King & Son, Charterhouse Street, London

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(registered Oct 1894)
John Percy King & Henry William King trading as King & Son

A similar mark in a more slender shield shape registered Jun 1891

James & William Knight 1868
(registered Jan 1866)
Watch case Case makers