Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (J)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Robinson II (1741..1765)
John Rich (1789..1810)
Thomas Robins (1794..1818)
Thomas Ross (1824)
Thomas Ross (reg 1825)
Joseph Read 1822..1826
(registered Aug 1816)
Skewer, spoon Plateworker. Name registered as Josephus Read.

A similar mark entered by James Jordan Robertson, smallworker, Jul 1826.

John Round & Son Ltd (Joseph Ridge) 1891
(registered Oct 1888)
Dish, flatware, fruit knife, vesta, vase Tudor Works, Sheffield
(registered Apr 1901)
Julius (Judah) Rosenthal 1892..1894
(registered Sep 1892)
Brooch, cup
James Ramsay 1896
(registered Feb 1894)
Tray Dundee
Joseph Henry Raymond 1900..1903
(registered Jun 1900)
Buckle, flask, frame
James Ramsay 1900..1937
(registered Apr 1900)
Bowl, cup, jug, napkin ring, spoons & tongs, tea & coffee service High Street, Dundee; subsequently Reform Street, Dundee
Rotherham & Sons (John Rotherham) 1904
(registered Mar 1881)
Vesta Watch & watch case manufacturers, Spon Street, Coventry
Rosenzweig, Taitelbaum & Co (Jacob Rozenzweig) 1915..1924
(registered Nov 1912)
Basket, Judaic silver
James Robinson Inc 1966..2002 Bowl, caster, coffee service, flatware, teapot, wine bottle coaster Retailer, Park Avenue, New York

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J R 1985..1997 Bookmark, frame

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
J R & Co Ltd 1963..1965 Imported box
Jay, Richard Attenborough Co Ltd 1926
(registered Jun 1904)
Salver, sauce boat Oxford Street, London
1929..1933, 1963
(registered Jun 1904)
Howell & James Ltd (James Rossiter Behenna) (registered Apr 1886) Regent Street, London
J R F 1979 Cuff links
John Robert Harris 1842..1845
(registered Jun 1842)
Spoon, tongs
John Richard Newgas 1980..1984 Box
James R Ogden & Sons Ltd 1936..1955 Box, dish, pepperette Harrogate & London
Joseph Roy Parker 1982..1987
(registered 1980)
Box, dish, jug
Rosenthal, Jacob & Co (Julius (Judah) Rosenthal & Samuel Jacob) 1883..1891
(registered May 1881)
Box, brush, caster, chatelaine, frame, mirror, page turner, salt, tongs
(registered May 1881)
Joseph Richard Tennant 1898
(registered Jan 1899)
Imported fish servers UK representative of Dominick & Haff, manufacturing silversmiths of New York; UK office: Regent Street, London W


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J S 1692 Bowl
Joseph Sanders (1735..1737)
James Shruder 1739
(registered Jun 1739)
John Hugh Le Sage 1739
(registered Jun 1739)
John Swift (1740..1751)
John Swift (1758..1765)
John Swift (probably) (1766..1770)
J S (unidentified) 1771 Cup, mug Listed by Grimwade under Unregistered Marks [ref: Grimwade, mark no.3685]. It may have been recorded in the lost 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.
John Scofield (probably) 1771..1778 Cup, mug, salver, spoon Listed by Grimwade under Unregistered Marks [ref: Grimwade, mark no.3709]. It may have been recorded in the lost 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
Joseph Scammell 1788..1792
(registered Aug 1788)
Bowl, condiment bottle lid, mustard, salt, teapot & stand
Josiah Snatt 1800..1814
(registered Jan 1798)
Decanter label, spoon, toddy ladle Died c1817

A similar mark, but with pellet between, registerered Nov 1807 by John Shea, spoonmaker

John Stone 1850
(registered Jun 1844)
Spoon Exeter
Joseph Sharpe 1865..1871
(registered Dec 1859)
Watch case Case maker at various addresses in Coventry

A very similar mark to the second one here registered Aug 1862 through 1872 by Joseph Sewill, case maker.

(registered Jun 1869)

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J S 1878 Medal Similar marks registered by:
  • James Smart, smallworker (Jun 1857)
  • Joseph Edward Sutton, gold worker (Feb 1867)
  • James Spilling, gold worker (Oct 1867 & 1872)
  • Joseph Searle, gold worker (Mar 1868)
Joseph Schiebner 1891..1903
(registered Oct 1891)
Wallet mount
John George Smith 1897
(registered Sep 1897, defaced Nov 1897)
Imported items: box, creamer, menu holder, spoon, tea caddy, vesta "Foreign agent"
(registered Nov 1897)
(registered Oct 1898)
Sasieni & Co 1921 Pipe mount

(image courtesy of
Jane Sarginson 1986..2005 Brooch, spoon
J S & Co 1979 Ingot pendant
J S & Co 1989 Presentation key
J S & M J 1977, 2001..2004 Imported items: box, statuette
J S & S 1894..1896 Pocket barometer, watch case This mark is not shown in Culme
J Sherwood & Sons (registered Jul 1899) Regent Works, Regent Street, Birmingham
James Smith & Sons 1910..1925
(registered Jul 1904)
Stick mount Gold & silver stick mounters

Still in business, as James Smith & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd: web site

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
Joseph & Albert Savory 1834..1854
(registered Jan 1835)
Bowl, decanter label, flatware, mustard, salver, tea service
John Septimus Beresford 1875..1890
(registered Jun 1873)
Bookmark, box, brush, chamberstick, cup, matchbox holder, napkin ring, spoon, tea service, tray, trophy cup, vase
James Samuel Bell 1913
(registered Nov 1909)
Box, whistle Goldsmith & silversmith, Gerrard Street, London W

Previously in partnership with Louis Wilmott (see JB over LW)

J S B 1977 Napkin ring
Goldsmiths' Alliance Ltd 1884..1891
(registered Oct 1884)
Creamer, dish, flatware, mug, napkin ring, salver, tea kettle & burner, teapot Joseph & Horace Savory (A B Savory & Sons) trading as Goldsmiths' Alliance, Regent Street, London (showrooms); Warwick Street, London & Glasshouse Street, London
John Sutherland Hawes 1976 Limited edition goblet Goblet by Aurum Ltd
Jeremy Hoye 2003 Ring House of Hoye, Brighton, Sussex

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St James House Company (1979..1982)
J S L 1977 Ingot pendant
J(ame?)S P 1990 Spoon
J S S 1939 Tray
Susskind Bros (Joseph Susskind & Sigmund Susskind) (registered Aug 1887) An earlier mark, also incuse but without stops, registered Jun 1885
Joseph Samuel Wilday 1889
(registered May 1889)
Watch case Case maker, Butts, Coventry
(registered Sep 1892)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Tuite (1729..1738)
James Troup (probably) 1821
(registered Apr 1821 & Dec 1831)
Spoon James Troup registered as a goldworker so mark is mentioned but not illustrated by Grimwade; a similar mark registered Sep 1823 by Joseph Tovey, also as a goldworker. See also John Teare below.
James Thomas 1825
(registered Aug 1824)
Spoon A similar mark registered May 1836 by John Turrill
John Teare 1828..1838
(registered Mar 1828)
Box, decanter label, shaving mug Also JT in a lobed punch 1842
(registered Feb 1840)
John Tongue (probably) 1840 Vinaigrette This mark not shown by either Culme or Grimwade, but is identical to a mark registered by John Tongue of Birmingham at the Birmingham Assay Office in Jan 1844
Joseph Taylor 1852
(registered Dec 1851)
Watch case Case maker
James Thickbroom (1846..1850)
John Taylor 1866..1867
(registered May 1866)
Julien Tripplin 1880..1881
(registered Nov 1880)
Watch case Watch maker, Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn Circus, London EC
John Troup
(subsequently J Troup & Sons)
(registered Jan 1878)
Watch case Watch & clock makers & wholesale jewellers, Hatton Garden, London EC
John Tiley 1898..1905
(registered Jan 1889)
Buckle, clock
J T 1977 Bangle
J Taylor & Co 1929 Cup John Cyril Taylor & William Charles Taylor trading as John Taylor & Co, silversmiths & medal makers, Ely Place, Charterhouse Street, London EC1
John Thompson & Sons (registered Jul 1900) Clerkenwell Road, London
Hukin & Heath (John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton)

subsequently Hukin & Heath Ltd

(registered Jun 1886)
Basket, bowl, claret jug, creamer, cruet, decanter label, desk seal, mug, napkin ring, pepperette, salt, spoon, toast rack, vases Great Charles Street, Birmingham
J T P 1996 Paperweight
John Tucker & Robert Walter Edwards 1860
(registered Aug 1870)
Tea service
Tuck & Godfrey 1885
(registered May 1877)
Masonic badge John Tuck (junior) & Thomas Walter Godfrey, manufacturing goldsmiths & masonic jewellers, St James Street, Clerkenwell, London EC
James Thomas White 1875..1882
(registered May 1865)
Sovereign holder, watch case Case maker, Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London
Thomas of New Bond Street (1933..1937)