Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (L)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P L (1680..1681)
Lawn & Alder 1910
(registered Oct 1910)
Cigarette case Charles Henry Lawn & Arthur Roscoe Alder trading as Lawn & Alder, merchants, Brackley Street, London EC
L & A Orlick (registered Jul 1906) Louis & Alfred Orlick trading as L & A Orlick, tobacconists & fancy goods importers, Barbican, London EC

Note: the illustration shows the mark registered at Birmingham & Chester. The London mark has a pellet: L&A·O

L & C 1935 Buckle
Linden & Co 1993..1996 Creamer, sucrier London Silver Vaults, Chancery Lane, London

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Laurie & Lazarus 1901
(registered Feb 1902
Imported wine taster Laurie Rosenfeld & Henry Lazarus trading as Laurie & Lazarus, china & glass agents, St Andrew Street, London EC
Levi & Salaman (registered Mar 1911) Manufacturing silversmiths, Birmingham

Proprietors: Phineas Harris Levi & Joseph Wolfe Salaman

(registered Mar 1911)
L & S 1965..1973 Bell, caster, dish


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Ladyman 1691..1714
(registered Apr 1697 probably)
Jonathan Lambe c1705
(registered 1697 probably)
Paul de Lamerie 1718..1721
(registered Feb 1713)
Candlestick, spoon
Jane Lambe 1719..1724
(registered c1720)

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City Watch Case Co Ltd (Louis Arnould) 1920..1927
(registered 1919)
(Gold) watch case Crown Buildings, Cox's Court, London EC1
Crichton Brothers (Lionel Alfred Crichton) 1896..1954
(registered Feb 1895)
Bowl, caster, coffee service, flatware, jug, mug, mustard, pepperette, salt, salver, sauce boat, tea caddy, urn, wine taster Old Bond Street, London W; subsequently also in New York
Louis Augustus Leins 1895..1916
(registered Feb 1887)
Box, brush, flask, jar lid, mirror Dressing bag & case maker, Ave Maria lane, London EC; subsequently Holborn Viaduct, London EC

Leins died in 1919

L A Leins & Sons 1925..1939 Leather goods makers, Shoe Lane, London EC4
London Assay Office 1941..2010 Box, compact, condiments set, decanter label, punch bowl, sauce boat
West & Son (Langley Archer West) 1895..1900
(registered Jan 1894)
Coffee pot, egg cruet, flatware, inkwell, spoon College Green, Dublin


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Louis Black 1761..1764
(registered Jul 1756 & 1761)
Spoon, tankard

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Louis Blumfeld 1884
(registered Jul 1884)
Novelty vesta
L B Co 1946 Box, cigarette case
Marlow Brothers (1978..2005)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lawrence Cole 1680..1695 Spoon Specialist spoon maker
Louis Cuny 1731 Salt Mark included by Grimwade under "Unregistered Marks". Mark was probably in the missing smallworker's register.
Louisa Courtauld 1766..1767 Lidded cup, mug Widow of Augustine Courtauld who died 1765. Mark included by Grimwade under "Unregistered Marks". Mark was probably in the missing largeworker's register.
Lizzie Chapple 1898
(registered Oct 1898)
Imported box Silver importer, New Bond Street, London W
L Corper & Co (registered Feb 1898) Lionel Corper, trading as L Corper & Co, gold & silver mounters, 43 Old Street, London
L C 1978..1979 Bracelet, locket
London Chain Bag Co 1916..1920 Imported mesh purse Warwick Street, London W
London Chain Bag Co (probably) 1927..1929 Imported items: card case, cigarette case
London Chain Bag Co Ltd (probably) 1923..1928 Imported items: chain link bag, cigarette case, compact, lighter, matchbook holder
Louisa Cortauld & George Cowles 1770..1776 (registered before 1773) Coffee pot, tumbler Louisa Cortauld was the widow of Samuel Cortauld I (died 1765) and George Cowles had been his apprentice. This mark presumably entered in a now missing register.


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Louis Dupont 1742
(registered Sep 1736)
Coffee pot
Louis Ducommieu 1775..1776
(registered Oct 1775)
Fork, spoon
Louis Dee 1880..1884
(registered Apr 1880)
Chamberstick, flask, frame, scissors, table lighter, vesta, wallet
Louis Dessoutter 1897..1908
(registered Oct 1897)
Imported items: box, flask
L D 1980..2000 Animal figurine, tastevin
L D Ltd 1961 Tea service
L D V 1982 Napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Timothy Ley 1699
(registered Apr 1697)

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Samuel Lee 1702
(registered Aug 1701)
Petley Ley c1715
(registered Jun 1715)

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John Leach 1708
(registered Apr 1697 - probably)
Lawrence Emanuel (registered Jul 1887) Warstone Parade, Birmingham
Leon & Frederick Emanuel 1933 Creamer, napkin ring Leon Edward Emanuel & Frederick Charles Emanuel trading as M Emanuel, Jeweller, High Street, Southampton

Leon and Frederick Emanuel were sons of Michael Emanuel


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L F 1976 Spoon
L F D 1972 Napkin ring
Lewis Herne & Francis Butty (1758..1762)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lambert & Co (1884..1900)
L G 1977 Goblet

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L G Co 2002 Commemorative box (for Queen's Golden Jubilee)
Leslie Gordon Durbin 1951..2000 Bowl, box, decanter label, dish, goblet, rose bowl, spoon b1913, d2005
L G S 1972..1992 Bell, box, candelabra, candle snuffer, chamberstick, dish, goblet, napkin ring, sauce boat


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Lewis Hamon c1750 Decanter label Listed by Grimwade as unregistered. Also known as Louis Hamon.
L H 1787 Samovar "Untraced" by Grimwade
Louis Hatschek 1890
(registered May 1891)
Imported items: bowl, napkin ring
Leopold Heinzelmann (registered Feb 1900) Atlantic Road, London SW
Lewis Herne & Francis Butty 1758..1763
(registered Jul 1757)
Coffee pot, covered cup, plate, salver, tea caddy, urn
L H G 1970..1979 Cocktail stirrer, ingot pendant, spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lawrence Jones 1686..1694 Spoon Spoonmaker, free 1686
(registered Apr 1697)
Isaac Liger 1712
(registered Oct 1704)

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Lawrence Johnson 1754
(registered Apr 1751)
Taperstick Also a mark with pellet in cut-corner punch registered Aug 1752:
L-I 1988..1991 Imported box
Library of Imperial History 1975..1976 Commemorative plate, tray
L I Ltd 1945 Bracelet
L I P 1996 Statuette


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L J & Co 1988 Imported box
L J B 1918 Cigar cutter


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Tookey (1776..1788)
Thomas Tookey (1779..1782)
Lewis Lewis 1890..1899
(registered Dec 1887)
Imported items: bowl, box, button, jug, ladle, scent bottle, spoon, toy, vase
Louis Landsberg 1890..1900
(registered Sep 1890)
Imported items: box, crucifix, flatware, menu holder
L L 1974 Buckle Belt attached to buckle stamped "Lana of London"
Links of London 1991..2001 Cigar cutter, imported dish, scent bottle
Leopold Ltd 1908
(registered May 1908)
Box, salver Hatton Garden, Regent Street & Cheapside, London; & Paris


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Louis Mettayer 1722
(registered Aug 1720)
L M 1741..1742 Box This mark not shown by Grimwade. It may have been recorded in the missing 1739-1758 Smallworkers' Register.
L M 1917..1921 Mug, tazza
L M D 1917 Pepperette
L M W T 1970 Lighter case


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Lewis Nightingale 1895
(registered Oct 1894)
Pocket barometer case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Nathaniel Lock 1698..1712
(registered Jan 1699)
Mug, porringer, salver
Seth Lofthouse 1701..1716
(registered Apr 1697 probably)
Cup, mug, tankard, teapot
1717 This variant of Lofthouse's mark not shown in Grimwade, but he notes "similar marks" also registered
William Looker 1715..1719
(registered Jun 1713)
Caster, cup, salt, spice shaker
Louis Ourry 1742..1743
(registered Aug 1740)
Louis Osman 1968..1976
(registered 1957)
Beaker, salt, spoon Osman died in 1996

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Lissco Products Ltd 1979 Dressing table brush & mirror set Lancing, Sussex


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lewis Pantin I 1734..1736
(registered Mar 1734)
Cup & cover, salver
Lewis Pantin III 1799
(registered Dec 1798)
Teapot Registered a similar mark as a goldworker Mar 1788
L P 1962 Coaster
L P 1964..1977 Caster, decanter label, dish, pepperette, salt
L P A E 1983..1986 Dish, taper stick
L P L 1980 Imported book mark


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Loewe Rosenthal 1896..1901
(registered Jan 1896)
Box, buckle, button, chatelaine clip Full name: Julius Loewe Rosenthal (aka Judah Louis Rosenthal)

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Ludwig Redl 1984 Thimble

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Laurence R Watson & Co 2004 Frame Web site

Sheriff Hutton, York, North Yorkshire


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Lewis Samuel 1830..1841
(registered Sep 1830)
Flatware Lord Street, Liverpool

(image courtesy of Keith Saville)
(registered Jun 1835)
Leon Steiner (registered Nov 1881) Watch maker, Percival Street, Clerkenwell, London

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Louis Symelman 1910
(registered Apr 1901)
Fob medal
Louis Simpson & Co 1922..1940 Ash tray, fob medal, masonic badge, napkin ring "Masonic & Buffalo Jewellers", York Road, Kings Cross, London
Louis Simpson Ltd 1945..1975
Hernu, Peron & Stockwell Ltd (probably) 1935..1938 Imported items: box, cigarette case, compact, spoon, watch case Shipping Agents, Finsbury Street, London EC2

Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths shows this mark for Glasgow (undated) registered by "Hernee [?] Peron Stockwell Limited". Note similarity in style of this mark to that of George Stockwell, GS.

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Leslie Summers 2002..2003 Spoon

(image courtesy of John Child)
L S D 2002 Cuff links Seen with an incuse LSD mark not associated with the hallmark:
Langfords Silver Galleries 1962..1997 Bowl, box, trophy cup Charterhouse Street, London EC1
Samuel Laundy & Jeffery Griffith (1731)
L S L 1935..1969 Chalice, pyx box
Louis Simpson Ltd (1946..1975)
L S M Ltd 1927 Imported cigarette case


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
L T 1816 Ladle Mark not listed by Grimwade
L T 1950..1951 Masonic medal
Lucian Taylor 1997..2001 Spoon

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L T & G R 1952 Chalice
Robert Timbrell & Joseph Bell (1713..1715)
L T G Ltd (or L T C Ltd) 1921..1924 Jar lid, manicure set


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Lukin 1718..1725
(registered Jul 1699)
Candlestick, flagon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Louis Wengi 1880..1881
(registered Jan 1880)
Watch case Case maker, Queen Victoria Street, London EC
Louis Willmott 1906..1907
(registered Jun 1906)
Box, frame, needle case, vesta
Louis Weill 1908..1918
(registered Jan 1907)
Imported watch case Holborn Circus, London

Also an earlier mark registered Nov 1879:

Lesley Wood 1979 Creamer
Lawson, Ward & Gammage Ltd 1961 Bracelet Hatton Garden, London EC
Burt Ltd (Leonard William Burt) 1957..1964
(registered 1953)
Civic plate, napkin ring Art metalworker, Kenton Street, London WC1
Louis Weill & Henry Harburg 1876 Watch case Case makers
Lewis William Weber 1903
(registered Jun 1902)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Liberty & Co 1893..1902
(registered Feb 1894)
Buckle, imported items, spoon Notable for Art Nouveau pieces, particularly designs by Archibald Knox