Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (P)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P L (1680..1681)
John Penford (probably) 1725 Tankard An unregistered mark.

Penford also recorded as Penfold.

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Benjamin Pyne 1729 Kettle & burner An unregistered mark
P & A L 1976 Spoon
Plante & Bannister 1906..1907
(registered Oct 1906)
Bowl, tongs Goldsmiths, silversmiths & watchmakers, Regent Place, London
Padgett & Braham Ltd 1926..1954 Ashtray, box, cigarette case, dish, dressing table set, frame, jug, letter opener, matchbox holder, mug, napkin ring Manufacturing goldsmiths & silversmiths, Lexington Street, London W1
P & E 1920..1922 Box mount, button hook, comb, glove stretchers

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Padgham and Putland Ltd (Carl Padgham and Andrew Putland) 1986..1994 Bowl, candle holder & snuffer, stirrup cup Forge Hill, Pluckley, Kent

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Payne & Son 1959..1983 Beaker, coffee pot, dish, goblet, sauce boat, spoon, tea strainer Silversmiths & retailers, High Street, Oxford

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Payne & Son Ltd 1964..1991 Decanter label, dish, tea strainer Silversmiths, High Street, Tunbridge Wells

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Preece & Williscombe 1934..1970 Caddy spoon, caster top, condiments set, egg cup & spoon, goblet, jar lid, napkin ring, trophy cup
Percival & William Southworth 1907..1924
(registered Jun 1907)
Book cover, frame, wallet Gold & silver mounters


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Thomas Parr I 1704..1720
(registered Apr 1697)
Chocolate pot, cup, mug, tazza, tea caddy
Humphrey Payne 1705..1715
(registered Dec 1701)
Bowl, caster, porringer, salt, tankard, tazza

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(registered Dec 1701)
Simon Pantin 1716
(registered Jun 1701)
Peter Archambo I 1722..1738
(registered Nov 1722)
Coffee pot, plate, salt, salver, sauce warming pan
(registered Jun 1739)
P A 1977 Decanter label
P A C 1988 Napkin ring
Asprey & Co Ltd (1987..1997)
Peter Archambo II & Peter Meure 1754..1755
(registered Jan 1750)
Plate, sauce boat
P A Schroepfer & Co 1909
(registered Sep 1909)
Imported bowl Manufacturing jewellers, Hatton Garden, London EC
P A T 2009 Cocktail stirrer


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Peter Bennett 1732..1734
(registered Mar 1732)
(registered Jun 1739)
Philip Batchelor c1770
(registered Jan 1770)
Platnauer Brothers 1885 Watch case Watch manufacturers & importers, St Paul's Square, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham

Mark not shown in Culme, so presumably not registered.

Puddefoot, Bowers & Simonett Ltd 1938..1952 Box, calendar, cigarette case, flask Kennington Lane, London SE11 & Regent Street, London W1
Peter & Ann Bateman 1791..1799
(registered May 1791)
Basket, creamer, cruet, decanter label, flatware, mustard, salt, tea caddy, teapot
Peter, Ann & William Bateman 1799..1805
(registered Jan 1800)
Creamer, decanter label, flatware, mug, salver, teapot, wine funnel
Paul B Hetherington 1960, c2000
(registered c1956)
Chalice & paten (exhibited in the V&A Museum), spoon Silversmith & art historian
P B H 1961 Box
Peter B Harwood 1971..1980 Goblet, spoon Bishop's Cleve, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Peter & Jonathan Bateman 1790
(registered Dec 1790)
Box, caster, coffee pot, cup, skewer, spoon, teapot Mark used for 6 months only
P Brs 1870..1876 Watch case This mark not shown in Culme. It may be a retailer's mark as the watch cases also had the maker's mark of James Jackson (1870) and Philip Woodman & Sons (1872-1876).
Peter & William Bateman 1805..1814
(registered Nov 1805)
Cup, decanter label, flatware, mustard, salver, saucepan, teapot, teapot stand, tray, wine funnel


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Peter Le Chouabe 1726
(registered Jun 1726)
Paul Crespin 1741..1752
(registered Jul 1739)
Box, salver
Paul Callard 1759..1766
(registered Jan 1752)
Marrow scoop, spoon Made mostly spoons
Peter Carter 1787..1802
(registered Mar 1783 & 1791)
Bowl, mustard, teapot
P C 1989 Tastevin

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Peter C Cook 1977 Spoon
Peter Jenner 1981 Souvenir spoon
P C Ltd 1987..1998 Cow creamer, napkin holder
P C & J D (probably) 1982 Napkin ring
Peter Charles Maxwell Alwyn 1979..1989
(registration active from 1977 to 1997)
Candlestick, dice, letter opener
William Gwillim & Peter Castle 1744
(registered Sep 1744)
Sauce boat


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Phineas Daniell c1790
(registered Jun 1790)
Tongs Bristol
Pamela Dickinson (registered c1971) Jewellery Also a laser mark with the same border.

Driffield, Yorkshire

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Pauline Gainsbury 1986..1988 Vase Pauline Gainsbury's maiden name was Drury. She married Peter Gainsbury, Director of Design & Technology of the Goldsmiths' Company
P D B 1978 Letter rack
P D B 1990..1991 Spoon
P D C 1989..1991 Caster, napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Petley 1699..1700
(registered Jun 1699)
(registered Jul 1717)
Edmund Pearce 1710
(registered Feb 1705)
Cup & cover
William Pearson 1712
(registered Jan 1710)
Paul Ettlinger 1901..1920
(registered Mar 1900)
Imported purse
P E 1989 Presentation globe

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Peake & Co 1899
(registered Aug 1897)
Pearce & Sons 1905..1926
(registered Aug 1897)
Caster, flatware, goblet, salver, tea service Bond Street, Leeds; also York & Leicester
Peter E Ball 2000 Spoon
Pamela E Hazall 1992 Pendant necklace

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Percy Edwards Ltd 1908..1919
(registered Nov 1906)
Cigarette case, inkstand, matchbook & matchbox holders, vesta
(registered Nov 1909)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Freeman 1777
(registered Nov 1772)
Philip Frederick Alexander 1904..1913
(registered Jul 1900)
Bowl, dish, egg cup, inkwell, napkin ring Church Row, Hampstead, London NW


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Garden 1741
(registered Jun 1739)
Philip Goddard 1744
(registered Mar 1744)
Jug, punch ladle, salver, sauce boat
(registered Mar 1744)
Pierre Gillois 1757..1781
(registered Nov 1754)
Tea caddy, teapot
Peter Guille Ltd 1936..1951 Dish, flatware, mustard, pepper mill, salver, tankard, tea & coffee service, tea caddy, tea strainer
Paul Belvoir 1988..1990 Candlestick, letter opener
Park, Green & Co Ltd 1955..1981 Pepperette, pepper mill Pepper mill manufacturers, High Holborn, London WC1
P G Dodd & Son 1922..1957 Bowl, cigarette case, dish, hot water pot, lidded cup, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tastevin Cornhill, London
P G Ltd 1974 Box
P G Ltd 1974 Imported thimble
P G W 1977 Ingot pendant


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P H 1684 Box Illustrated by Jackson, but unidentified
Paul Hanet 1730..1732
(registered May 1721)
P H 1976 Trophy cup
Piers Hart 1982..1994 Box, coaster
Philip Hanson Abbot 1908..1921
(registered Sep 1908)
Basket, bowl, caster, cup holder, eggcup, goblet, pepperette, salt, spoon
Peter Henderson Deere 1895..1913
(registered Apr 1895)
Bowl, cup, decanter label, mustard Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London
Dobson & Sons (Percy Holmes Dobson & Charles Westcott Dobson) 1907..1924
(registered Jun 1905)
Box, jug, saucepan, spoon A similar mark in serif font registered Aug 1907
Percy Holland & George Gibson 1875
(registered Jul 1874)
Jar lid, spoon
(registered Oct 1879)
Phineas Harris Levi 1894
(registered Jul 1893)
Dish Later a partner in Levi & Salaman
P H Vogel & Co (probably) 1925..1934 Box, imported items (box, cigarette case, compact) Importers & exporters, Goswell Road, London EC1; subsequently Regent Street, London, W1
P H Vogel & Co 1960..1962 Book cover, coaster, tea service Warstone Parade, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Joseph Felix Podio 1807..1808
(registered Aug 1806)
Creamer, teapot


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P J B 1960..1971 Buckle
P C & J D (probably) (1982)
Peter John Doherty

PJD Silver Ltd (from 1995)

2002..2007 Box Belbroughton, Worcestershire

Died 2009

Paul Joachim Eisenmann 1913
(registered Nov 1913)
Imported novelty vesta Importer of gold & silver wares
P J E 1938 Dish
P J H 1989 Salt & spoon
P J I 1981 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P K 1984 Box
Page, Keen & Page 1900..1937
(registered Mar 1900)
Bowl, medal, napkin ring, spoon, trophy cup, vase Jewellers, George Street, Plymouth, Devon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P L 1680..1681 Spoon "Unknown" to Jackson
Paul de Lamerie 1730..1737
(registered Mar 1733)
Bowl, cup & cover, mug, plate, salver, snuffer tray
(registered Jun 1739)
Percy Light (registered Apr 1894) Fenchurch Street, London

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Phyllis Legge 1942, 1964 Dish, spoon

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Philip Lowery 1964..1966 Spoon Son-in-law and pupil of Dunstan Pruden
P L 2000 Letter opener
P L P 1892..1898 Spoon This mark not shown in Culme
P L S 1969 Box
Prestons Ltd 1969 Commemorative items: beaker, goblet, letter opener Deansgate, Bolton, Lancashire
P Ltd 1969..1970 Commemorative jug


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P M 1681 Tankard
Pierre Marchand 1964 Caddy spoon Hanover Street, London W1
P M 1986..1992 Box, spoon, tastevin
Pobjoy Mint Ltd 1976..1978 Limited edition collectors' items, tastevin Oldfields Road, Sutton, Surrey
P M & Co Ltd 1925 Cigar case

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Peter Morton Browne 2008..2009 Dish
P M I Ltd 1927..1932 Brush, clock
Peter Michael Lunn 1979
(registered 1974)
Goblet Shotgate, Essex


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Norman 1770..1782 Ewer, plate, teapot Unregistered mark
P N 1978 Napkin ring
Peter Nicholas 1987..1994 Bell, box, caddy spoon, dish


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
P P 1784 Box Very much like Pézé Pilleau, but Pilleau died in 1776. Possibly a fake mark?
Peter Podio 1793..1798
(registered Feb 1790)
Basket, coffee pot, lidded dish
Phillip Phillips 1826..1834
(registered Aug 1826)
P P & P 1983 Medal
P P & P 1983 Fob medal
Peter Archambo II & Peter Meure (1754..1755)
Parker Pipe Co 1935..1938 Dunhill lighter Parker Pipe Co was a subsidiary of Dunhill
Payton, Pepper & Sons Ltd (registered Jun 1908) Vyse Street, Birmingham

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Poston Products Ltd 1957 Candelabra Manufacturing silversmiths, Cambridge Street, Sheffield & Frederick Street, Birmingham
P P M 1978 Ingot pendant


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Robinson 1723
(registered Apr 1723)
Philip Roker II 1726..1735
(registered Aug 1720)
Spoon Spoon maker
(registered Jun 1739)
Philip Roker III (probably) 1768..1769 Spoon
Philip Rundell 1819..1823
(registered May 1819)
Bowl, dish, goblet, plate, salver, tea service, tray, warming dish


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Shaw c1730
(registered Sep 1730)
Paul Storr 1792..1793
(registered Jan 1793)
Butter dish, cruet, cup, decanter label, desk set, dish, flatware, goblet, kettle, plate, salt, salver, tea caddy, tea service, toast rack, toilet set, tureen, vase
(registered Apr 1793)
(registered Aug 1807)
(registered Oct 1813)
P S 1981..1992 Beaker, bowl, goblet
P S 1982 Buckle
Penhaligon's 1997..2000 Flask, perfume bottle Perfumiers, Burlington Arcade, London
Practical Silverware 1998..2007 Box, coaster, condiments, napkin ring, toy Conduit Street, London W1
P S R 1975 Buckle


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Peter Taylor 1742..1754
(registered Nov 1740)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Paul Vernon Fitchie 1997..2013
(registered 1978)
Clock, frame

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Paul V Morley 1982..1987 Condiments, ladle, thimble


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Philip Woodman & Sons 1864..1866, 1886..1899
(registered Jun 1857)
Watch case Smith Street, Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London
(registered Aug 1871)
(registered Mar 1872)
Percy Whitehouse 1901..1907
(registered Oct 1900)
Box, jar top

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Percy Webster 1924..1931
(registered Jun 1907)
Porringer, spoon Great Portland Street, London W1
William Gwillim & Peter Castle (1744)
P W G 1919..1937 Box, flask, jar top, shoe horn
P W S 1906 Book cover Mark not shown in Culme


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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Benjamin Pyne 1705
(registered Apr 1697)
Thomas Pye 1739
(registered Jun 1739)