Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (S)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Sanders & Aquilar 1901
(registered Sep 1900)
Jar lid
Simon & Adler 1901
(registered Jun 1901)
Imported box Foreign agents.

A virtually identical mark registered Jul 1899 by Sanders & Aquilar

Steinhart & Co (registered Sep 1900) Newhall Street, Birmingham
Skinner & Co 1903..1930
(registered Mar 1904)
Bowl, cigarette case, flatware, mug, salver, teapot, trophy cup Orchard Street, London; also Old Bond Street, London
Sydney & Co (registered Feb 1905) Powell Street, Birmingham; subsequently Summerhill Road, Birminmgham

A very similar mark ("O" slightly larger) registered Jul 1910 by Seefels & Co

Shepheard & Co 1916
(registered Aug 1907)
Box Regent Street, London W

(image courtesy of Mark Ashcroft)
S & Co 1919 Imported watch chain T-bar
Searle & Co 1920..1921
(registered Mar 1908)
Bowl, box, coffee pot, dish, money clip, mug, salt, salver, spoon, tea service, trophy cup Lombard Street, London; now at Royal Exchange, Cornhill, London EC3

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Searle & Co Ltd 1927..1952, 1972..2009
Spaulding & Co 1952..1967 Flatware 1952 & 1954 spoons marked "Spaulding & Co, England" - possibly made for export to USA
Skinner & Co (probably) 1993 Frame Skinner & Co (see above) remained in business until 1998 when they merged with Bentley & Co to form Bentley & Skinner
Selfridge & Co Ltd 1908..1927
(registered Jan 1909)
Goblet, imported box Oxford Street, London
S & Co Ltd 1921 Imported box
Streeter & Co Ltd 1899..1902
(registered Jul 1899)
Candelabra, figurine, frame, pepperette, purse, sauce boat, tray New Bond Street, London
Searle & Co Ltd (1929..1996)
S & D D 1978 Spoon
Stewart & Fanshaw 1912..1919
(registered May 1912)
Box, pepperette
S & J M 1919 Imported purse
Moses Salkind & Co (Moses Salkind & Reuben Koshr) 1901..1904
(registered Jan 1902)
Candlestick, kiddush cup
Slade & Kempton 1978 St Christopher medal Manufacturing goldsmiths & jewellers, Benjamin Street, London EC1
Strickett & Loder (Colin Earnest Strickett & Robin Reginald Loder) 1973..1978 Flatware Chancery Lane, London WC2
S & L C 1984 Letter opener
Stephenson & Sons (registered Sep 1912) St Ann's Square, Manchester
Styles Silver
Saunders, Shepherd & Co Ltd 1932..1946 Cigarette case, compact, crucifix pendant, lighter, miniature throne, spoon
"S+SLd" mark also on one of a set of 6 1937 coronation souvenir spoons with all assay office marks.
Manufacturing Jewellers, Fetter Lane, London EC4

A similar mark (S&SLD) with sans-serif characters also seen (1936)

(image courtesy of
Spink & Son 1961..1979 Beaker, bowl, caster, coffee service, commemorative dish, creamer, decanter label, napkin ring (imported from Ireland), tastevin, teapot

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Saddler 1703..1716
(registered Aug 1701)
Marrow scoop, spoon
John Sanders I 1717
(registered Jul 1717)
John Hugh Le Sage 1732
(registered Oct 1718)
Cup & cover
Stephen Adams I

Stephen Adams II

1770..1812 Caster, decanter label, flatware, goblet, mustard, salt, teapot Stephen Adams I, smallworker, registered Oct 1760 to Feb 1802, father of

Stephen Adams II, plateworker, registered May 1784 to May 1815

Samuel Atkins 1809
(registered Mar 1805)
Watch case Case maker, Bridgwater Square, London
(registered Jun 1807)
Samuel Alexander (registered Sep 1910) Watch manufacturer, Percy Street, Coventry
Selling Agency 1910..1919
(registered Sep 1907)
Imported watch case Watch importers
S A B 1983 Decanter label
S A B 1998..2001 Box
S A H 1931 Spoon
Solomon Andrade Lazarus 1890
(registered Jun 1890)
Imported Hanau silver bell


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Susannah Barker 1784..1792
(registered Jun 1778 & 1789)
Box, decanter label
(registered Aug 1789)
Samuel Brookes 1818
(registered May 1818)
Watch case Case maker

A similar mark with rectangular corners registered Sep 1796 to 1822. See below for incuse SB mark.

Samuel Brookes 1819..1830 Watch case Case maker
(registered Jun 1814 & Oct 1827)
Stephen Bryan Case maker
(registered Oct 1815 & Mar 1821)

(image courtesy of
Susannah Brasted 1888..1894
(registered Jun 1888)
Basket, jug, pen tray, saucepan & burner
Samuel Beaumont (registered May 1891) Case maker, Croft Road, Coventry

Mark is: 

Sydney Barnett 1900
(registered Jan 1901)
Sidney Brooks 1904
(registered May 1904)
Imported salt Importer of foreign plate
Synyer & Beddoes (Harry Synyer & Charles Joseph Beddoes) 1909
(registered Oct 1898)
Simpson Benzie 1909..1913
(registered Feb 1900)
Lamp, napkin ring, spoon Herbert Simpson Benzie, Norman Benzie & Karl Theodore Benzie trading as Simpson Benzie, High Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight
Bulgari Ltd 1968..2000 Ash tray, bowl, box, candlestick, chamberstick, dice, place card holder, stirrup cup Jewellers. SB = Sotirio Bulgari

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Singleton, Benda & Co Ltd 1900
(registered Jan 1900)
Imported items: caster, dish, jug, pincushion, ribbon puller, salt, wager cup "Foreign agents"

Note: a very similar SB&Co mark registered Oct 1907 by Samuel Buckley & Co

(registered Feb 1902)
S Blanckensee & Sons Ltd 1904..1907
(registered Apr 1892)
Bowl, frame, napkin ring, souvenir spoon
(registered Jun 1906)

Note: variations of this mark style also seen

Blunt, Wray & Co (Sidney Blunt & Frederick Dendy Wray) 1889..1894
(registered Oct 1888)
Box, chalice, dish, vase
Sydney Bellamy Harman
(subsequently Lambert & Harman)
(registered Oct 1899)
Creamer, ewer, lidded cup, pepperette, plate, spoon, tea caddy New Bond Street, London

Harman amalgamated with Lambert & Co in 1916

S B H 1986 Buckle
Sarah & John William Blake 1809..1823
(registered Jun 1809 & 1821)
Decanter label, ladle, spoon Mother (widow of John Blake) and son
Samuel Boyce (or Boaz) Landeck 1891..1897
(registered Jul 1879)
Imported items (pepperette, pin tray, spoon, tea caddy) Importer of foreign silver, Campden Square, London

Died 1907 (see BML, Boaz Moses Landeck, for later items)

S B Ltd 1977 Bookmark
Sydenham Brothers (registered Jul 1906) Tenby Street, Birmingham
Sandheim Brothers 1912..1922
(registered May 1908)
Cup holder, napkin ring, spoon, tea service
Wolfsky & Co (Serlo Bernard Wolfsky) (registered Dec 1897)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Stephen Coleman c1695
(free 1690)
William Scarlett 1698..1713
(registered Apr 1697)
Richard Scarlett 1721
(registered Sep 1719)
Spoon Son of William Scarlett
Sc 1720..1722 Spoon This mark not shown by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990, but note similarity to the 1697 mark of William Scarlett
Samuel Courtauld 1751..1764
(registered Oct 1746)
Inkstand, salver, skewer
(registered Nov 1751)

(image courtesy of
Simeon Coley 1763
(registered Apr 1763)
Mug, sauce boat, tankard, tongs
Samuel Cooke 1806
(registered Dec 1776)
Shoe buckle Buckle maker, Crown & Sceptre Court, St James Street, London
Sarah Clerke 1812
(registered Jan 1813)
Watch case Case maker, Banner Square, St Lukes, London
Sebastian Crespel II 1821..1827
(registered Aug 1820)
Decanter label, salt, tea service
Susanna Cook 1842..1855
(registered Feb 1840)
Inkwell, mustard, teapot stand Could also possibly be Sidney Cherrill (registered Apr 1848), but described by CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987 as a "gold worker"
Samuel Cooper 1862
(registered Aug 1862)
Stuart Clifford 1887..1904
(registered Sep 1885)
Book mark, box, frame, inkwell, letter opener, menu holder, mug, salt
Stuart Clifford & Co 1905..1910
(registered Dec 1904)
Francis Cooper (1937)
Stilwell Engravers (1977)

(image courtesy of
Strode College 1978..1983 Napkin ring, spoon Street, Somerset

(image courtesy of John Child)
S C E 2000 Ring
Harman & Co 1899, 1904 Plate New Bond St, London

An apparently unregistered mark but see SBH mark (Sydney Bellamy Harman)

Sebastian & James Crespell 1762..1772 Bowl, chafing dish, plate, salver, sauce boat, spoon, tankard, tray This mark shown by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990 with the note "Not in Register". It may have been recorded in the missing 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.