Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (T)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Tompson Davis 1762..1764
(registered Nov 1757)
Thomas Dene 1759..1769
(registered Jul 1767)
Thomas Dealtry 1771..1774
(registered Oct 1765)

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Thomas Daniell 1775
(registered May 1775)
Basket, caster, coaster, coffee pot, jug, mustard, salver, spoon, teapot
(registered Oct 1782)
T D 1782 Caster Mark not shown by Grimwade - possibly Thomas Daniell
T D 1788 Goblet Mark not shown by Grimwade
Thomas Dicks 1802..1817
(registered Jan 1798 & 1801, 1811)
Flatware Dicks was in partnership with James Dicks from 1821 to 1832 when he is presumed to have died.

A similar mark (TD without pellet) registered by Thomas Death (plateworker), Feb 1812

(registered May 1792 & 1798, 1818)
T D 1833..1838 Jar lid, scent bottle label, vinaigrette This mark not shown or listed by Grimwade
Thomas Diller 1841..1847
(registered Jan 1841)
Box, chamber stick, flask, jar lid, shaving brush
1849 Mark not shown by either Grimwade or Culme, but assumed to be Diller's due to similarity with previous mark
Thomas Davis 1896..1908
(registered Nov 1890)
Stick mount Stick maker, Avebury Street, Hoxton, London N
Thomas Dee & John Fargus 1830
(registered May 1830)
Thomas Daniell & John Wall 1781..1782
(registered Jun 1781)
Caster, cruet, fish slice
Thomas & James Dicks 1821
(registered Sep 1821)
Thomas de la Rue & Co 1878..1902
(registered Jul 1878)
Box, purse & wallet mounts Bunhill Row, London
(registered Oct 1879)
Thomas Devonshire & William Watkins 1756..1759
(registered Mar 1756)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
T E (mullet below) 1632 Spoon
Thomas England 1730
(registered Aug 1725)
Butter shell, mug, salt
(registered Jul 1739)
T E 1767..1768 Spoon Unregistered mark; listed by Jackson as "unknown" and by Grimwade as "not traced"
Thomas Ellis (probably) 1769..1778 Ladle, skewer, sucrier, toddy ladle An identical mark registered by Ellis Apr 1780 as a plateworker. Ellis is recorded as working in 1773 so is assumed to have a mark registered in the missing largeworkers' register.

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Thomas Evans 1774..1775
(registered Mar 1774)
Spoon A TE mark without pellet registered Apr 1779 by Thomas Eustace of Exeter
(registered 1779, 1782, 1784 & 1786)
Thomas Edwards 1818..1821
(registered Aug 1816)
Box, decanter label, mug, teether, vinaigrette Worked at various addresses in Islington, London, finally in Ratcliff Row, St Luke's. Not related to Thomas Edwards in next entry.
(registered 1820 & 1823)
(registered May 1840)

(pellet between letters)
Thomas Edwards 1850
(registered Apr 1849)
Medal Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, London
Thomas Eady & Co Ltd 1906..1913
(registered Apr 1905)
Clock frame, goblet, mug, string holder Manufacturing jewellers, Stanley Street, Liverpool
Thomas Edward Atkins (registered Jan 1908) St Paul's Square, Birmingham
Thomas Edward Edwards 1879
(registered Oct 1878)
T E over G S 1768..1771 Marrow scoop, spoon A similar mark (c1763) is "unidentified" by Jackson.

Grimwade shows a similar mark (no 3820, for 1763-4) listed as "not traced"

Possibilites are Thomas Eustace & George Smith or Thomas Evans & George Smith

Thomas Edward Harwood 1875..1876
(registered Nov 1874)
Chalice, communion plate, salt
Thomas Evans & Jacob Levi 1783
(registered Feb 1784)
Creamer, flatware
Gourdel, Vales & Co (Thomas Edward Nalty) 1892
(registered Jul 1892)
Imported bowl Great Marlborough Street, London
Thomas Edward Rawlings (possibly 1916..1931 Lidded dish, mustard, porringer, salt, tea service
Thomas Ellerton & Richard Sibley I 1803..1804
(registered Nov 1803)
Creamer, plate, sauce boat
Thomas Ellis Seagars 1846..1863
(registered May 1846)
Condiments, napkin ring
T E S 1984 Goblet
Thomas Edward Tinworth 1873..1875
(registered Sep 1872)
Card case mount, frame, vesta


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Farren 1724..1737
(registered Nov 1720)
Coffee pot, cup, mug, salver
(registered Jun 1739)
Thomas Foster 1767..1774
(registered 1769)
Basket, spoon

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Thomas Freeth 1807
(registered Mar 1787 & Jun 1797)
Creamer Registered as a "bucklemaker" - probably the same person as Thomas Freeth I who registered a mark as a smallworker in 1773 and who may be the father of Thomas Freeth II
Thomas Freeth II 1820..1823
(registered Nov 1820)
Fish server, spoon
Thomas Fairbairn 1825..1830
(registered Dec 1823 & 1836)
Box, knife rest, spoon, vinaigrette Also named as Thomas Fairgain

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Theo Fennell 1988..2000 Box, toast rack, trophy, vase Theo Fennell plc web site
1992, 1996..2007
T F & Co 1923..1931 Box


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Gilpin 1741..1749
(registered Jul 1739)
Mug, salver
Thomas Gibbard 1791..1807
(registered Feb 1792 & 1794, 1802)
Watch case Case maker

Gibbard also registered a similar mark with rectangular corners Nov 1811:

Thomas Graham 1794
(registered May 1792)
Teapot Walcot Street, Bath
Thomas Gooch 1796
(registered Jan 1794)
Watch case Case maker
Thomas Gaunt 1801..1803
(registered May 1800)
Watch case Case maker
T G 1808 Watch case This mark is almost certainly T.G with a journeyman's mark in close proximity
T G 1814 Watch case This mark is almost certainly T·G with a journeyman's mark in close proximity
Thomas Gairdner 1818
(registered Jan 1818)
Decanter label, salt Plateworker. Gairdner registered a similar mark without the pellet as a smallworker, Nov 1802:

The following also registered a similar mark:
  • Thomas Goddard, smallworker (Jun 1806)
  • Thomas Goslee, smallworker (Sep 1819)
  • Thomas Glover, plateworker (Jul 1821)
  • Thomas Gull, smallworker (Dec 1829)
  • Thomas Galloway, plateworker (Aug 1837)
Thomas Greves 1833..1846
(registered Mar 1829 & Sep 1835)
Watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
Thomas Grove (registered Sep 1859, defaced Dec 1859) Case maker, Wellington Street, Goswell Road, London
Thomas Glaser 1888..1894
(registered Jul 1886)
Imported items: basket, bowl, box, cup, cup holder, dish, salt, tea caddy Also a mark with stop registered Jul 1885:

A similar mark with bevelled corners registered by Thomas Guest, Aug 1891:

Thomas Goodfellow 1888..1905
(registered Mar 1893)
Mustard, napkin ring, pepperette
T G & S 1982 Bird figurine
Thomas & Alfred Galloway 1831
(registered Aug 1831)
Toast rack
George Baskerville & Thomas Morley (1776..1777)
Thomas & Joseph Guest 1806
(registered Nov 1805)
Brush, chamberstick, coffee pot & stand, dish, salver, tea service
Thomas & Joseph Guest & Joseph Craddock 1806..1811
(registered Aug 1806)
Thomas Graham & Jacob Willis 1789..1791
(registered Jun 1789)
Basket, box, ewer, flatware, salver, tea caddy, teapot Bath, Somerset


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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T H 1764 Decanter label, skewer Note: this mark does not appear in Grimwade

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Thomas Heming 1758 Bowl, decanter label, dish & cover, plate, salver, tray, tureen, urn Marks not shown by Grimwade or listed under "Unregistered", possibly in the lost 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register
T H 1770..1791 Decanter label, salver, teapot "Unidentified" by Grimwade, possibly Thomas Heming
Thomas Hailes 1779
(registered Jan 1779)
Watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
Thomas Harper I 1791..1815 Basket, box, chamberstick, flatware, tea service, vinaigrette Smallworker
(registered May 1790)
Thomas Hobbs Smallworker
(registered May 1796)
Thomas Holland II Plateworker
(registered Aug 1798)
Thomas Harper II 1806..1807
(registered Jul 1806)
Spoon Spoonmaker

A similar mark registered Aug 1807 by Thomas Halford, plateworker

Thomas Hayter 1805..1814
(registered May 1805)
Lidded cup, spoon Plateworker. Similar marks registered by Thomas Hoare (smallworker) Apr 1792 & Mar 1806
Jonathan Hayne (1823..1836)
Thomas Hughes Headland 1834
(registered May 1834)
Lancet case, salver, spoon
(registered Oct 1834)
T H 1837 Watch case Mark not shown or listed in either Grimwade or Culme
Thomas Holliday 1860..1865
(registered Apr 1856)
Watch case
Thomas Hayes (registered Sep 1891) Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Jun 1893)
Theodor Hartmann 1897..1904
(registered Dec 1897)
Imported items: basket, box, button, decanter Importer of silverware, Paternoster Row, London EC

Hartmann was the agent for the firm of K. Kurz of Kesselstadt, Germany.

T H 1972 Quaich
T H Bliss & Co (Thomas Herbert Bliss) 1927..1929 Fork, masonic medal "Masonic Outfitters & Jewellers", Kingsway, London WC2
T H B (or T H S ?) 1930 Cigarette case
Thomas Henry Francis & Frederick Francis 1854..1863
(registered Jan 1854)
Box, chalice, claret jug, coffee pot, creamer, salt Thomas & Frederick were brothers. Partnership lasted until 1866.
Thomas & George Hayter 1815..1820
(registered Mar 1816)
Creamer, decanter label, flatware
(registered Dec 1821)
Thomas Hughes Headland (1836..1853)
Thomas Hannam & John Carter (probably) 1765..1766 Salver Listed by Grimwade under Unregistered Marks. It may have been recorded in the lost 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.
Thomas Hannam & John Crouch II 1799..1805
(registered Apr 1799)
Chamberstick, salver
Thomas Burn Hopgood & Metcalf Hopgood 1833
(registered Sep 1833)
Fork, knife handle

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Thomas Hannam & Richard Mills 1763..1764 Salver, tongs A variant without pellets is listed by Grimwade under Unregistered Marks. It may have been recorded in the lost 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.
Thomas Henry Rothwell 1898..1906
(registered May 1899)
Napkin ring Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire, Wales
T H B (or T H S ?) (1930)
T H S 1944..1954 Pepperette, spoon
T H over S H 1810 Decanter label Unidentifed makers according to both Jackson & Grimwade