Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (W)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Cawdell (W enclosed in crescent) 1586..1617 Spoon
W 1930 Trophy cup
Wild & Carr 1902..1905
(registered Aug 1899)
Brush, show horn Stick mounters

1899 & 1900 registrations as Wild & Co; 1902 & 1906 registrations as Wild & Carr

W & Co 1922 Imported watch case
W & Co 1929 Jar top
Warriss & Co (probably) 1977 Tea service Cutlery & silverware manufacturers, Mary Street, Sheffield
Wolfsky & Co Ltd 1891..1902
(registered Apr 1891)
Basket, flask, jar lid, perfume bottle, smoker's set, spoon Dressing case makers, Upper Marylebone Street, London W1
(registered Nov 1913)
Wilsdorf & Davis (Hans Wilsdorf & Alfred James Davis) 1909..1917
(registered Jun 1907)
Clock, watch case Watch makers & importers, Hatton Garden, London
W & G 1924..1925 Lighter
Waring & Gillow 1928 Imported flatware
Wilson & Gill 1933..1953
(registered Feb 1914)
Caster, flatware, fob medal, goblet, mug Regent Street, London

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Walker & Hall 1903
(registered Nov 1893)
Box, ring tree Electro Works, Howard Street, Sheffield
(registered Nov 1903)
Willis & Hill 1918..1919
(registered Nov 1918)
Imported watch case Watch case importers, Mark Lane, London EC
West & Son 1899..1921
(registered Apr 1902)
Basket, cup, flatware, mustard, tea caddy, tea kettle & burner, tea service, toast rack Grafton Street, Dublin
Wright & Son 1913..1915
(registered Sep 1906)
Fob medal
Wilson & Sharp 1909..1933
(registered Mar 1910)
Box, christening set, coffee pot, salt, spoon, table lighter Princes Street, Edinburgh
W & S 1945 Bracelet
W & T 1990 Ring
Wakely & Wheeler 1910..1990
(registered Apr 1909)
Bowl, caster, grape scissors, jug, mug, napkin ring, salt, salver, sauce boat, spoon, tea & coffee service, tongs Successors to H J Lias & Son; business acquired by Padgett & Braham Ltd in 1958.

Manufacturing silversmiths, Hatton Garden, London EC; subsequently Red Lion Square, Holborn, London; then (from 1937) Ganton Street, London W1

W & W 1921 Napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Joseph Ward 1699..1713
(registered Apr 1697)
Chocolate pot, tankard, tea caddy, tea pot
1714 Unregistered mark
Benjamin Watts 1699..1707
(registered Nov 1698)
Samuel Wastell 1703
(registered Oct 1701)
W A 1703 Porringer Not shown in Grimwade or Jackson

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Richard Watts 1710
(registered Feb 1710)
Tea caddy
William Atkinson 1726..1727
(registered May 1725)
Bowl, creamer
W A 1753 Tea caddy "Unidentified" by Grimwade (unregistered mark)
W A 1759 Creamer
W A 1769 Spoon
William Abdy I 1778 Candlestick, chamberstick, fish slice Died 1790. Father of William Abdy II
(registered Sep 1784)
William Abdy II 1792..1806
(registered Sep 1790)
Basket, box, cruet, salt, sauce tureen
William Allen III 1799..1803
(registered Aug 1798)
Basket, fish slice, goblet, salt, teapot stand, toast, rack, wine funnel & stand
William Adshead 1849
(registered Jul 1849)
Decanter label
William Aitken (registered Mar 1907) Summer Row, Birmingham
William Adams Ltd 1934 Pepperette Barr Street, Birmingham
W A A 1959..1969 Buckle, napkin ring
William Amaziah Ellwick

W A Ellwick Ltd (from c1910)

(registered Sep 1882)
Jar lid, purse An earlier mark with stops registered Mar 1880:
Huguenin, Hall & Co (Walter Augustus Hall) 1884
(registered Jan 1881)
Watch case Watch manufacturers & importers, Greek Street, Soho, London W

WAH mark also seen with an unregistered incuse HH&Co mark

William & Aaron Lestourgeon (1768..1770)
William A Phipps 1975..1981 Box, goblet, spoon
W A Perry & Co Ltd 1953 Replica fork & spoon Corporation Street, Birmingham

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W A R 1958 Dish
W A S 1935 Bowl

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W A S Benson & Co Ltd 1901
(registered Dec 1901)
Preserve jar lid
W A T 1946 Napkin ring
W A W 2000 Creamer


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
W B 1690 Spoon
William Bagnall (probably) 1744
(registered Jun 1744)
Salver Note: Grimwade illustrates Bagnall's mark with a central pellet rather than a star, but the punch shape is as shown here
Walter Brind 1759..1765
(registered Oct 1757)
Basket, bowl, brandy warmer, caddy spoon, coffee pot, creamer, cup, mug, salt, sauce boat Holloware maker
(registered Aug 1751)
William Burch c1790
(registered Mar 1788)
Wilkes Booth 1797
(registered Oct 1787)
Grape scissors Snuffer [wick trimmer] maker
William Bennett 1801..1810
(registered Jun 1796)
Flatware, jug, plate, tray, tureen
(registered Jul 1808)
William Burwash 1803..1804
(registered Aug 1802)
Bowl, candle snuffer, goblet, jug, salt, salver, tea service, watch case 1802 registration as a case maker. In partnership with Richard Sibley 1805-1812 as plateworkers.
(registered Apr 1813)
W B 1814..1819 Watch case A similar mark registered Nov 1783 & Jul 1786 by William Brooks, case maker, Church Row, Old Street, London
William Bateman I 1814..1825
(registered Feb 1815)
Cruet, flatware, salver, teapot
William Barret II 1818
(registered Oct 1812 & 1821)
Decanter label
(registered Sep 1828)
William Bruce 1820..1828 Decanter label, teapot stand, tray Plateworker
(registered Jun 1811)
William Bainbridge Smallworker
(registered Dec 1827)
Walker Bluett Smallworker
(registered Sep 1832)
William Boulton 1821
(registered Aug 1809)
Watch case Case maker, Grays Inn Lane, London
William Brown 1823..1825 Box, plate, salver, sucrier, tray
(registered Jan 1823 & May 1843)
William Bateman II 1826..1839
(registered Feb 1827)
Cruet stand, flatware, mug, tea service
William Brady 1851
(registered Oct 1849)
Watch case Case maker, Rahere Street, Goswell Road, London
William Belcher 1854..1857
(registered Mar 1848)
Watch case Case maker, Wynyatt Street, Clerkenwell, London
William Barker 1858
(registered Nov 1855)
Bert & Co 1906..1935 Chocolate pot, goblet, sucrier Jewellers & silversmiths, Vigo Street, London W
William Thomas Bullock 1910
(registered Sep 1890)
Watch case Case maker, Cherry Street, Coventry
W B 1972..1979 Mug, spoon
William Bruford & Son 1911
(registered Nov 1910)
Bowl, brush, decanter label, dish, ink well, mustard, salt, salver, sauce boat, toast rack, trophy cup Eastbourne & Exeter
(registered Sep 1913)
William Bruford & Son Ltd 1933..1939
W Batty & Sons 1921..1934 Trophy cup Market Street, Manchester
William Bruford & Son (probably) 1945..1972 Caster, dish, dressing table set, napkin ring, pin tray, sauce boat Eastbourne & Exeter
W B & Sn Ltd 1932..1933 Bowl, sauce boat, toast rack
William Bush & Charles Hazle 1812..1814
(registered Apr 1812)
Watch case Case makers, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell, London
William Bateman & Daniel Ball 1839..1842
(registered Dec 1839)
Creamer, flatware, salver, teapot Partnership dissolved 1843
Wilkes & John Booth 1810..1813
(registered Jun 1810)
Saucepan, wick trimmer

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William Bond & James Phipps I 1754
(registered May 1754)
William Bottle & Jeremiah Wilsher 1798..1799
(registered Oct 1796)
Dish, mug, taper box, teapot Bath, Somerset
Walter & John Barnard 1877..1895
(registered Apr 1877)
Bowl, coffee pot, flatware, cup, jug, mug, napkin ring, salt, salver, trophy cup

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Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd 1896..1903
(registered Jun 1896)
Basket, bowl, kettle & burner, napkin ring, salver, tea service, trophy cup
(registered Aug 1903)
Williams (Birmingham) Ltd (registered Apr 1905) Hockley Street, Birmingham
William Bruford & Son Ltd (1933..1939)
William Burwash & Richard Sibley 1806..1812
(registered Oct 1805)
Coffee pot, cruet, dish, goblet, mustard, salver, tea service, tray, tureen
W Bs & Sns 1934..1935 Box, decanter label
William Brown & William Nathaniel Somersall 1841..1842
(registered Apr 1839)
Mug, salver