Silver Makers' Marks - Newcastle Assay Office

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Kelty 1808 Fork, spoon Active 1802 until his retirement in 1812

Dean Street, Newcastle

Ann Robertson 1804..1811 Basket, coffee pot, creamer, mug, mustard, spoon Widow of John Robertson I. Ann Robertson ran the business from John's death in 1801 until she retired in 1811.

Dean Street, Newcastle


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Francis Batty II 1707 Spoon



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Cameron 1828..1831 Flatware Worked from about 1818 to c1840, but only used Newcastle Assay Office from 1828 to 1831. "Dundee" mark is not always present.

Overgate, Dundee

Christopher Dinsdale I c1800 Spoon An identical mark was also used by Christopher Dinsdale II (registered 1831) & Cuthbert Dinsdale (registered 1837) - both were sons of Christopher Dinsdale I
Clement Gowland I 1846..1856
(registered 1845)
Flatware High Street, Bishop Wearmouth, County Durham
Reid & Sons (Christian John Reid) 1869..1882 Flatware Grey Street, Newcastle
Christian Ker Reid 1806..1810 Flatware, teapot Dean Street, Newcastle
Reid & Son (Christian Ker Reid & David Reid) 1820..1825 Flatware Dean Street, Newcastle
Reid & Sons (Christian Ker Reid, David Reid & Christian Bruce Reid) 1834..1845



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David Crawford 1774..1781 Mustard, sauce boat, spoon, tongs Trading as a goldsmith, jeweller and watch-maker from 1768 until 1784

The Side, Newcastle

David Darling c1810
(registered 1798)
Tongs Dean Street, Newcastle
David Darling & James Bell 1816..1822 Flatware Partnership lasted from 1816 until Darling's death in 1822

Dean Street, Newcastle

Dorothy Langlands 1805..1813 Brush, chalice, cup, ladle, mug, spoon, teapot Active 1804-1814 following death of her husband, John Langlands II
Reid & Sons (David Reid) 1850..1867 Flatware Grey Street, Newcastle


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Francis Somerville II 1817..1819 Flatware Active 1815 to 1831

Collingwood Street, Newcastle


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Gowland Brothers (George Hay Gowland & Clement Gowland) 1852..1865 Flatware High Street, Bishop Wearmouth, County Durham
George Samuel Lewis 1824..1833 Flatware Active on sole account 1824 to 1845

Mosley Street, Newcastle

George Samuel Lewis & John Wright c1821 Decanter label, flatware Partnership active 1812 to 1824

Dean Street, Newcastle; subsequently Mosley Street, Newcastle

George Murray 1810..1811 Decanter label, salt, spoon Active 1805 to 1816

The Side, Newcastle




Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Brown 1822..1825 Flatware Active 1822 to 1826

English Street, Carlisle

Isaac Cookson 1737 Cup, flask, mug, porringer, salver, sauce boat, spoon, tankard Active from 1728 until his death in 1754

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James Crawford 1769..1783 Sauce boat, spoon Active from 1761 until his death in 1795

The Side, Newcastle

I C c1790 Spoon Seen with maker's mark, lion passant and duty mark only. May be James Crawford, but none of his documented marks have a pellet between the initials
John Cook 1832..1835 Spoon Active 1832 to 1850

Nun's Field, Newcastle; subsequently Rackett Court, Newcastle

John Deas 1825 Spoon Active 1825 to 1826

(image courtesy of Matt King)
John Hutchinson c1767 Spoon Sent items for assay from 1767 until his death in 1770

Sadler Street, Durham

John Jobson c1775 Mustard Active on own account 1773 to 1776

Groat Market, Newcastle

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John Jobson & James Hetherington 1772 Mug Partnership active 1771 to 1773

Groat Market, Newcastle

James Kirkup c1725 Ladle, marrow scoop, mug, spoon Active c1713 until his death in 1753

The Side, Newcastle

John Kirkup 1754..1756 Salver Active on own account 1753 until 1774

The Side, Newcastle

John Langlands I 1757 Caster, coffee pot, cup, mug, spoon, tankard, teapot, tray Active on his own account 1757 to 1778 (then in partnership with John Robertson I)
John Langlands II 1796..1803 Brush, cup, flatware, mug Active from 1793 until his death in 1804
John Langlands I & John Goodrick 1754..1756 Coffee pot, mug, tankard Partnership active 1754 until Goodrick's death in 1757

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John Langlands I & John Robertson I 1778..1779 Coffee pot, mug, mustard, tankard, sauce boat, spoon Partnership active 1778 to 1795
John Mitchison 1785..1788 Cup, spoon Active on his own account 1784 until his death in 1792

The Side, Newcastle

James Kirkup (c1725)
John Robertson I 1795 Coffee pot, flatware, mug, tongs, tray Active 1795 until his death in 1801 (partnership with David Darling 1795-1796)

Dean Street, Newcastle

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(registered 1796)
John Robertson I & David Darling 1796
(registered 1795)
Flatware, mug Partnership lasted 15 months 1795 to 1796

Dean Street, Newcastle

John Robertson II & John Walton 1811..1820 Creamer, flatware, tea service Partnership lasted from 1811 (retirement of Ann Robertson) until dissolved in 1820 when Robertson went bankrupt

Dean Street, Newcastle

John Walton 1821..1861 Flatware, teapot Active 1821 until his retirement in 1866

Painter Heugh, Newcastle

An identical mark used by John Wright from c1831 to c1845

John Wright 1824..1825 Flatware Active 1824 (dissolution of partnership with George Samuel Lewis) to 1845

Dean Street, Newcastle; subsequently Royal Arcade, Newcastle and Grey Street, Newcastle




Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Bell 1824..1832 Flatware, teapot Active on own account from 1822 (dissolution of partnership with David Darling) until his death in c1838.

Dean Street, Newcastle

John Jobson (c1771)
John Langlands I (1757)
John Langlands I & John Goodrick (1754..1756)
Joseph M Latimer 1827..1838 Flatware Market Place, Carlisle
John Robertson I (1797)
John Sutter Used Newcastle Assay Office 1832-1833



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Langlands I & John Robertson I c1790 Tongs Partnership active 1788 to 1795
John Langwith A York silversmith; used Newcastle Assay Office from closure of York Assay Office in 1716 until 1721


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Mitchell & Russell (probably) 1812..1813 Salver, tea service M&R mark on tea service overstamped on what appears to be TW (Thomas Watson)


Mercy Ashworth c1795 Spoon Used Newcastle Assay Office 1785-1801

Market Place, Durham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Pinkney & Scott (Robert Pinkney & Robert Scott II) c1785 Spoon Partnership active 1778 to 1790

The Side, Newcastle

Peter Lambert 1832..1837 Spoon Active 1816 to 1851

Hide Hill, Berwick Upon Tweed



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Richard Duncan 1833..1845 Flatware Used Newcastle Assay Office from 1833 to 1848

Market Place, Carlisle; subsequently English Street, Carlisle

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Robert Makepeace I 1753 Mug Active c1720 until his death in 1755

The Side, Newcastle

Robert Pinkney c1795 Sauce boat, spoon Active on his own account 1790 (dissolution of partnership with Robert Scott) until 1797

The Side, Newcastle

Robert Pinkney & Robert Scott II 1778..1787 Flatware, tankard Partnership active 1778 to 1790

The Side, Newcastle

Robert Scott II c1790
(registered 1790)
Tongs This mark in use from 1790 to Scott's death in 1793

Dean Street, Newcastle

Robert Wilson 1794
(registered 1794)
Spoon In business for 6 months only 1794-1795 before moving to Scotland


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Sarah Crawford c1796 Spoon Widow of James Crawford - continued his business from 1795 to c1799
Simeon Joel 1875 Spoon Westgate Street, Newcastle

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Samuel Thompson c1760 Spoon, tongs Elvet Bridge, Durham

Working 1751-1785



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Thomas Huntington 1821 Spoon Used Newcastle Assay Office 1820 to 1822

English Street, Carlisle

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Thomas Makepeace I 1732 Tankard Active c1730 until his death in 1739

The Sandhill, Newcastle

Thomas Robinson I 1831..1836 Spoon Active 1826 to 1846.

Also a mark without pellet, but note that a virtually identical mark (also without pellet) was used 1839 to 1843 by Thomas and Michael Ross of Carlisle

Oakwellgate Chare, Gateshead

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Thomas Sewell I 1850..1875 Flatware Active 1846 until his death in 1883. From 1872 he was in partnership with his son and the firm was known as T Sewell & Son.

The Side, Newcastle; subsequently Dean Street, Newcastle

Thomas Watson 1793..1800 Flatware Also a mark with pellet:

Active 1793 until his death in 1845.

The Side, Newcastle

Thomas Wheatley 1824..1855 Box, decanter label, flatware, goblet, mustard, salt Newcastle records show items received for assay 1826 to 1860

Castle Street, Carlisle; subsequently English Street, Carlisle



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Beilby 1743 Spoon In partnership with Jonathan Bainbridge 1738 - 1741 (WB over IB). Active on own account 1741 until 1757. Moved to Gateshead when made bankrupt in 1757.

Framwellgate, Newcastle

William Dalton c1740
(registered 1738)
Tankard Active 1724 until his death in 1768

The Side, Newcastle

William Lister I 1822..1840
(registered 1821)
Flatware, mug Active on own account 1821 until 1840 when his firm became Lister and Sons

Mosley Street, Newcastle

Lister & Sons (William Lister I, Clement Lister & William Lister II) 1841..1865 Flatware Active 1840 until closure of Assay Office in 1884

Mosley Street, Newcastle

William Partis 1740..1742 Salver Active 1733 until his death in 1759

Tyne Bridge, Newcastle; subsequently The Side, Newcastle

William Stalker & John Mitchison 1774..1782 Coffee pot, flatware, mug, salt, salver, sauce boat, skewer Partnership active 1774 to 1784