Silver Makers' Marks - Sheffield Assay Office (J)



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Jones & Crompton (registered Jul 1907) Spencer Street, Birmingham; subsequently Harford Street, Birmingham

Proprietors: Edward Samuel Jones & Hubert Crompton

Jones's business was joined by Crompton in 1899

J & J Maxfield Ltd 1901..1907
(registered Feb 1902)
Flatware, miniature tea service, toast rack Arundel Street, Sheffield

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J & S 1869 Fruit knife This mark not shown in the Sheffield Register
Jenkins & Timm 1892
(registered May 1892)
Basket, caster, candlestick, fork tines, goblet, mustard, punch bowl, salt, salver, spoon, tea service, toast rack, vase Pensilvia Works, Solly Street, Sheffield; subsequently Eyre Street, Sheffield
(registered Oct 1892)
(registered Dec 1900)


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James Adams 1899
(registered Dec 1894)
Fruit knife Barr Street, Birmingham
J A G 1946 Spoon
Holland, Son & Slater (John Aldwinckle & James Slater) (registered Jul 1882) Jewin Crescent, London, EC
Jehoiada Alsop Rhodes 1871..1876
(registered Jul 1870)
Bowl, claret jug, flatware
Jehoiada Alsop Rhodes & Barber 1877..1879
(registered Sep 1878)
J A Restall & Co 1902
(registered May 1902)
Spoon Birmingham
James A Scholes 1899..1918
(registered Mar 1898)
Ferrule, fish eaters, penknife Ferrule maker, Cambridge Street, Sheffield & Prickley Road, Sheffield


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Jonathan Bell 1865..1870
(registered Oct 1854)
Fruit knife
Thomas Bradbury And Sons (Joseph Bradbury) 1889..1890
(registered May 1889)
Caster, dish
John Batt
(registered Sep 1880)

John Batt & Co Ltd
(registered Feb 1900)

1898..1920 Flatware, napkin ring
John Biggin (subsequently John Biggin Ltd) 1902..1994
(registered May 1902)
Corkscrew, flatware, knife handle, napkin ring
J B 1946 Pastry fork

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John Batt & Co Ltd (probably) 1928..1929 Salver, tea pot
James Ballantyne & Son 1907 Tea service
(registered Mar 1900)
Virginia Street, Glasgow
Carrington & Co (John Bodman Carrington) (registered Jun 1882) Regent Street, London W
J B Chatterley & Sons Ltd 1969..1982 Flatware, knife handle, napkin ring Newtown Road, Birmingham
Thomas Bradbury & Sons (Joseph & Edward Bradbury) 1866
(registered Sep 1863)
Tea service
J B F 1995..2006 Dish, ladle, spoon
John Bull Ltd 1992 Salver New Bond Street, London W1
J Bros 1964..1976 Box, decanter label, salver
Thomas Bradbury & Sons (Joseph & Thomas Bradbury) 1867..1875
(registered Aug 1867)
Basket, candelabra, covered dish, cruet stand, mug


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James Carr (of Aberdeen) 1939..1946 Spoon, tazza, toast rack Seen both with and without stop between J & C
J C 1979 Cufflinks
James & Nathaniel Creswick 1855..1856
(registered Mar 1853)
Coffee pot, salt Paternoster Row, Sheffield & Craven Street, Strand, London
John Collard Vickery 1909
(registered Oct 1902)
Basket Regent Street, London


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J D 1977 Ingot pendant
James Dixon & Sons Ltd 1872..2004
(registered Aug 1867)
Basket, bowl, box, cigarette case, claret jug, coaster, dish, flask, flatware, fruit knife, goblet, inkstand, kettle & stand, knife rest, mug, napkin ring, salver, tea & coffee service, vase, vesta Cornish Place, Sheffield

Mark also seen in sans-serif font

For this company's earlier marks see "D&S"

James Deakin & Sons 1892..1896
(registered Aug 1894)
Bowl, coffee pot, condiments, cup holder, dish, flatware, mug, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, shoehorn, tea service, toast rack, trophy cup, vesta Sidney Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield
James Deakin & Sons (John & William F Deakin) 1883..1932
(registered Jan 1878 & Mar 1896)
James Deakin & Sons (probably) 1938..1939 Fork, tongs


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Edmond Johnson (1899)
Joseph Elliot & Sons 1930..1959
(registered Sep 1898)
Flatware Hollis Croft, Sheffield
Walker & Hall (John Edward Bingham) 1873..1891
(registered Sep 1873 & Nov 1877)
Box, coffee pot, flatware, fruit knife, mug, napkin ring, tea service Electro Works, Howard Street, Sheffield

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
Walker & Hall (John Edward Bingham & Charles Henry Bingham) 1875..1876
(registered May 1876)
James Edward Barry 1929..1958 Bowl, flatware, napkin ring, salver


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James Fenton

James Fenton & Co

1856..1861 Fruit knife & fork Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
(registered Nov 1854)
J F & Co 1819..1830 Candlestick, cruet, teapot
Fattorini Brothers (John & Edward Fattorini) 1900
(registered Oct1892)
Spoon Kirkgate, Bradford
Fenton Brothers (John Frederick Fenton & Frank Fenton) 1868
(registered Aug 1868)
Bowl, coffee pot, dish, jug, mug, plate, teapot, trophy cup South Moor Works, Earl Street, Sheffield
(registered Jun 1875)
Sibray, Hall & Co (Job Frank Hall)

Sibray, Hall & Co Ltd (from 1896)

(registered Aug 1892)
Condiments set, ewer Fitzwalter Works, St Mary’s Road, Sheffield

Hall retired in 1900 and the company continued under Clement Charles Pilling (see CCP)

(registered Nov 1893)
J F Ltd 1995 Quaich


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John Gallimore 1893
(registered Jul 1885)
Dish Italian Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield
Gulienetti & Co (Joseph Gulienetti) 1899
(registered May 1897)
Tray Fore Street Avenue, London EC
Joseph Gray Styles 1903 Tongs Branston Street, Birmingham, subsequently Albion Street, Birmingham

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Edmund Bell 1899..1912
(registered Mar 1900)
Fruit knife Reliance Works, Well Meadow Street, Sheffield


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John Hunter 1870 Jar lid
Sibray, Hall & Co (1897..1898)
John Holmes 1898..1908
(registered Nov 1898)
Flatware, fruit knife
Joseph Haywood & Co 1900
(registered Dec 1894)
Spoon Glamorgan Works, Pond Street, Sheffield
Z Barraclough & Sons (James Henry & Herbert Barraclough) 1890..1923
(registered Dec 1888)
Bowl, dish, flask, flatware, salt, tea service, toast rack, vase Leeds

cf similar London mark - same period

John Henry Potter 1893..1896
(registered Nov 1885)
Fruit knife, napkin ring, spoon, tazza, tea service, trophy cup Rockingham Works, Rockingham Street, Sheffield
(registered May 1890 & Apr 1898)


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James Charles Jay 1902..1903
(registered Oct 1900)
Tea service Oxford Street, London


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John Kilpatrick (registered Feb 1873) Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London

Mark registered as John Kilpatrick & Co

James Kirkby & Co (James Kirkby, Joseph Waterhouse & John Hodgson) 1810
(registered Oct 1808)
Candlestick, creamer, cruet, mug, salver Carver Street, Sheffield
James Kirkby, Gregory & Co 1823..1828
(registered Aug 1822)
Hawksworth, Eyre & Co (James Kebberling Bembridge, Thomas Hall & George Woodhouse) 1870
(registered Nov 1869)
Bowl, candlestick, pepperette Nursery Street, Sheffield; subsequently Rockingham Street, Sheffield

For earlier and later marks of this company see entries under HE and CH over JE

Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Ltd (James Kebberling Bembridge) 1885..1891
(registered Mar 1873)
Jacob Kramer College 1970 Jug Now Leeds College of Art, Vernon Street, Leeds, Yorkshire

This sponsor's mark was registered for use by 4 individual tutors or students (unnamed) at the college.

Registration lapsed 1975


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J L 1817 Knife blade This mark is not shown in the Sheffield Assay Office Register

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J L 1880 Fruit knife This mark is not shown in the Sheffield Assay Office Register
John Lodge Ltd (probably) 1966..1972 Knife handle, tea service Trafalgar Street, Sheffield
James Lewis & Sons 1896
(registered Jan 1896)
Candlestick, flatware, mustard, salt London Road, Sheffield
(registered Jan 1897)


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Joseph Mappin & Son 1836..1841
(registered Jan 1833)
Fork, fruit knife, knife
Mappin & Son (probably) 1849 Knife Norfolk Street, Sheffield

Sheffield Assay Office Register shows Mappin & Son's mark (registered Mar 1848) with a central pellet rather than a stop as here.

J M 1848 Fruit knife
Christopher Johnson & Co 1896
(registered Nov 1890)
Spoon Western Works, Portobello, Sheffield
James Moir 1897..1900
(registered Jul 1897)
J M 1926..1928 Fork
J M 1992 Vase
John Millward Banks (registered Mar 1903) Northampton Street, Birmingham
J M K 1976..2000 Spoon


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John Nowill 1827..1874
(registered Jun 1825)
Flatware, fruit knife, salver Scotland Street, Sheffield
J Nowill & Sons 1883..1900
(registered Mar 1881)
(registered May 1901)
J N L 1973..1992 Box, coffee pot, dish, flatware, goblet, grape shears, mustard, salver
Mappin & Webb (John Newton Mappin) 1881..1891
(registered Jan 1882)
Bowl, coffee pot, creamer, flatware, goblet, mug, napkin ring, salt, sauce boat Royal Cutlery Works, Norfolk Street, Sheffield
Mappin & Webb (John Newton Mappin & George Webb) 1877..1881
(registered Jul 1876)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J O 2003 Flatware


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Pinder & Co
(subsequently James Pinder & Co)
(registered Jan 1874)
John Pinches Ltd 1977 Limited edition collector's spoon


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John Rodgers & Co (John Rodgers, James Cam, Samuel Froggatt & Joseph Bower) 1811..1833
(registered Dec 1805)
Fork, knife blade Plate Workers, Pond Street, Sheffield
John Roberts 1850
(registered Mar 1844)
Knife Low Street, South Street Park, Sheffield
Joseph Rodgers & Sons

(subsequently J Rodgers & Sons Ltd)

(registered Oct 1843)
Bowl, carving set mount, decanter label, epergne, flatware, fruit knife, jar top, mug, salt, salver, tea service Norfolk Street, Sheffield
(registered Oct 1843)
(registered Oct 1858)
John Round & Son Ltd (Joseph Ridge) 1876..1880
(registered 1874)
Candlestick, claret jug, coffee pot, flatware, fruit knife, napkin ring, tazza, tea caddy, tea service, tray, vesta Tudor Works, Tudor Street, Sheffield
(registered Jul 1874)
Joseph Ridge & Co 1884
(registered Mar 1881)
Spoon Lion Works, Eyre Lane, Sheffield
James Ramsay 1903..1939
(registered Mar 1900)
Ladle, salver, tazza, teapot High Street, Dundee; subsequently Reform Street, Dundee
J R & W Laing 1929 Hot water jug Brunswick Street, Glasgow; subsequently (from 1900) Gordon Street, Glasgow
Jay, Richard Attenborough Co Ltd 1908..1945
(registered Jun 1904)
Candlestick, salver, spoon, tea service, toast rack Oxford Street, London
Howell & James Ltd (James Rossiter Behenna) 1885..1888
(registered May 1886)
Butter shell, caster, dish, fish server, spoon Regent Street, London
James R Biggins 2007..2011 Model fox, stirrup cup Web site
John Round & Son (John & Edwin Round) 1869..1870
(registered Sep 1867)
Fish slice, teapot
J R Gaunt & Son 1974 Limited edition plate

(image courtesy of
Joyce Rosemary Himsworth 1936..1965 Condiments set, napkin ring, spoon b1905, d1990
J R H 1961..1972 Dunhill smoker's tool, penknife
James R Ogden & Sons Ltd 1935 Cup Harrogate & London
John R Watts 1897..1924
(registered Mar 1896)
Fruit knife, smoker's tool, spoon


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John Sanderson 1898..1917
(registered Oct 1895)
Flatware, knife
(registered Nov 1880)
Stevenson & Law 1896..1932
(registered Aug 1896)
Ashtray, fruit knife, mug, napkin ring, salver, spoon
Jack Spencer (Silversmith) Ltd 1973..1976 Cufflinks, dish, goblet Ecclesall Road, Sheffield
John Sanderson & Son Ltd 1918..1923 Flatware, napkin ring Westfield Terrace, Sheffield (1922); later Trafalgar Street, Sheffield (1952); Milton Street, Sheffield (1972)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Thompson 1877
(registered Apr 1868)
John Turton & Co 1906..1957
(registered Nov 1905)
Caster, flatware, salver Carver Street, Sheffield (1922-1960); later Kendal Works, Scotland Street, Sheffield (1962)
J Thompson & Sons 1896..1938
(registered Feb 1896)
Flatware Clerkenwell Road, London
Hukin & Heath (John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton)

subsequently Hukin & Heath Ltd

(registered Sep 1896) Great Charles Street, Birmingham
J T S Ltd 1971 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Usher & Son 1901..1903
(registered Mar 1899)
Spoon, tongs (Lincoln imp souvenirs) Jewellers & silversmiths, High Street, Lincoln


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Vincent 1939 Souvenir spoon Silversmith & goldsmith, St Mary's Street, Weymouth, Dorset


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Joseph Westby 1916..1926 Fruit knife Cutlery manufacturer, West Street, Sheffield

(image courtesy of
John Walker 1925 Dish
James William Benson 1884
(registered 1884)
Spoon, tea & coffee service Ludgate Hill, London
J W Benson Ltd 1933 Bensons have very similar marks for Birmingham & London
John Waterhouse, Edward Hatfield & Co 1836..1847
(registered May 1836)
Bottle lid, candlestick, cup Porto Bello Place, Sheffield
John William Kilpatrick (registered Feb 1886) Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London
J W K 1893..1894 Fruit knife Possibly J W Kirwan & Co, Hatton Garden, London
J W Spurrier & Co (John Walter Spurrier) 1905..1917
(registered Apr 1906)
Fruit knife, spoon Wool Exchange, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Yates Brothers 1910..1922
(registered Jun 1900)
Knife handle Eldon Street, Sheffield
John Yeomans Cowlishaw 1862..1903 Cigar cutter, cutlery, flatware, fruit knife Market Street, Sheffield; then in succession: Baker's Hill; Arundel Street; Napier Street.

Cowlishaw committed suicide in 1895 and the business was continued by his son.

1908..1924, 1950
(registered May 1854)