Silver Makers' Marks - Sheffield Assay Office (R)



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Roberts & Briggs (Samuel Roberts & William Briggs) 1861..1862
(registered Sep 1859)
Butter knife, mustard Furnival Works, Sheffield

Partnership dissolved Feb 1863

Roberts & Belk (Samuel Roberts & Charles Belk) 1864..1867
(registered Feb 1864, used until 1879)
Bowl, candelabrum, coffee pot, decanter, decanter label, dish, flatware, mug, mustard, napkin ring, salt, salver, strainer, tea service, toast rack, tray Furnival Works, Sheffield

For this company's marks from 1879 to 1892 see "CB over EP"

Roberts & Belk

Roberts & Belk Ltd (from 1901)

(registered Mar 1892)
Robinson & Co Ltd 1912..1935
(registered May 1905)
Ladle, sauce boat, spoon, toast rack The Square, Shrewsbury
R & Co 1931..1939 Spoon
Roberts & Dore Ltd 1913..1990 Decanter label, dish, frame, knife handle, napkin ring, pepper mill, salver, spoon, tea service, trophy cup Hatton Garden, London
R & E 1926..1935 Fruit knife, spoon
Roberts & Hall 1850..1853
(registered Apr 1847)
Claret jug, coffee pot, inkstand, salver, tea service Park, Sheffield
Roberts & Slater (Samuel Roberts & Joseph Slater) 1845..1847
(registered Sep 1845)
Box, ewer, fork, fruit knife, ladle, tea service Furnival Street, Sheffield
Reid & Sons 1908..1937 Coffee pot, knife, napkin ring, salver, spoon, tea service, toast rack Blackett Street & Granger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Reid & Sons Ltd 1939
R & W Sorley (1926..1934)


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ARC Gold & Silver Ltd (c2005)
Royal Air Force Museum (probably) 1980 RAF commemorative plate

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R A L 1995..1996 Figurine, novelty condiments set


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Harrods Stores Ltd 1912..1916 Flask, mug, spoon & tongs set, tea infuser, teapot, toast rack Knightsbridge, London SW

RB was Sir Richard Burbridge, who was chairman of Harrods (cf RWB mark)

Also seen with the "Aladdin's lamp" mark used by Roberts & Belk.

R Bond & Co 1934..1936 Napkin ring, spoon Kings Head Buildings, Darlington
R B B 1991 Frame
R B Wigfull & Son Ltd 1969..1970 Commemorative spoon Jewellers, goldsmiths & silversmiths, North Hill Terrace, Plymouth, Devon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Carr's of Sheffield Ltd 1977..2021 Box, candlestick, card case, clock, coaster, condiments, decanter label, flask, frame, ingot pendant, knife, quaich, tray Holbrook Avenue, Sheffield

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R C 2000 Figural salt
R C over J S 1976 Ingot pendant


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R Drummond & Son 1904..1905
(registered Apr 1904)
Flatware Murray Place, Stirling


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R E 1955..1966 Flatware
R E H 1924 Pepperette


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Ron Fairweather 1988..1998 Bookmark, perfume bottle, spoon Wirksworth, Derbyshire
R F Mosley & Co (Robert Fead Mosley) 1894
(registered May 1890)
Coffee pot, condiments, cup holder, dish, flatware, napkin ring, salver, tazza, tea service, toast rack, trophy cup Portland Works, Randall Street, Sheffield
(registered Jun 1883 & Nov 1894)
(registered Jul 1907)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Robert Gainsford 1811..1812
(registered 1808)
Salver, spoon Plate Worker, Eyre Street, Sheffield
Robert Gainsford (probably) 1818..1829 Box, coaster, decanter label, flatware, salver, teapot, tray Not shown in the Sheffield RegisterWatson, B.W. - The Sheffield Assay Office Register,  Wm Townsend & Sons, Sheffield, 1911

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R G 2002 Bookmark
R G & S 1929..1936 Penknife, spoon
R G L 1975..1978 Cup, mustard


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William Hutton & Sons (Robert Hutton) 1869..1874
(registered Dec 1866)
Decanter label, fish server, knife blade, marrow scoop, salt High Street, Sheffield
(registered Jun 1875)
R H 1939 Butter knife
Rebecca H Joselyn 2010..2017 Beaker, bookmark, cocktail stick, decanter label, flask, jug, napkin ring, spoon, vase Sheffield

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Richard Lawton Ltd (Richard Hugh Lawton) 1977..1990 Box
R H M 1952 Coronation souvenir spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Royal Irish Silver Co 1970..1979 Bowl, condiments set, decanter label, dish, goblet, jug, letter opener, mug, salt (marked "Cartier"), salver, spoon, tea strainer Also seen with Dublin hallmarks on imported silver with a SAO (Sheffield Assay Office) sponsor's mark


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Richard Jewesson 1800
(registered Jul 1800)
Spoon Plate Worker, Milk Street, Sheffield
R J 1977 Ingot pendant
R J 1984 Spoon
Richard Jarvis 2012 Commemorative ruler Pall Mall, London SW1
Jay, Richard Attenborough Co Ltd (1909..1930)
R J C 1977 Ingot pendant


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Robert Kippax & Co 1794
(registered Jun 1774)
Fruit fork Cutler, High Street, Sheffield


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Robert Lindsay 1927..1929 Iona-style silver: butter knife, fork, spoon; napkin ring, souvenir spoon Oban, Scotland
Russells Ltd 1908
(registered Oct 1907)
Vase Watch makers, Church Street, Liverpool

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
R L Heaton 1981
(registered 1974)
Thimble Buxton, Derbyshire


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Richard Morton & Co 1778..1790
(registered Feb 1781)
Caddy spoon, cruet stand, decanter label, ink stand, salt, tea service, tongs, tray Plate workers, Brinsworth Orchard, Sheffield
(registered Feb 1781)
(registered Sep 1773)
R McD & Co 1933 Sauce boat, spoon
Martin, Hall & Co (Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall) 1863..1878
(registered Jun 1863)
Bowl, candlestick, caster, condiments set, cruet, flatware, fruit knife, goblet, grape scissors, mug, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tazza, tea & coffee service, tea caddy, toast rack, tray. Shrewsbury Works, Sheffield
(registered Feb 1880)


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Ramsden & Carr (Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr) (registered Jan 1899) Stamford Bridge Studios, Fulham Road, London, SW
R N Hollings & Co 1944 Fork, spoon Branston Street, Birmingham


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Robert Pringle & Sons 1901..1918
(registered Oct 1892)
Flatware, fruit knife Clerkenwell Road, London EC1
R P 1964..1986 Dish, flatware, knife handle, knife rest, salver Possibly R E Porter, jeweller, Post Office Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire as a 1985 spoon has been seen in a box with Porter's name on it
R P 1979 Ingot pendant
R P C & Co 1943..1967 Ash tray, napkin ring, salver, spoon & pusher, tea strainer, toast rack


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Richard Richardson 1892..1940
(registered Oct 1884)
Claret jug, creamer, entree dish, fruit knife, ladle, napkin ring, spoon, sugar bowl, tongs, vanity jar top Cornwall Works, Scotland Street, Sheffield

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(image courtesy of David Mercer)
R R 1899 Watch chain T-bar

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R R 1973 Candle holder, pepper mill
Russell C Rimes 1985..2002
(registered 1976)
Box, thimble, thimble cup


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
R S 1796 Candlestick

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Roberts & Slater (probably) 1857 Knife ferrule This mark not shown in the Sheffield RegisterWatson, B.W. - The Sheffield Assay Office Register,  Wm Townsend & Sons, Sheffield, 1911 but it was seen on the ferrule of a knife whose blade had Roberts & Slater's R&S mark.
Robert Stewart 1881 Spoon Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

This mark not registered in Sheffield but may have been overstamped on that of a Sheffield silversmith

Robert Scott (registered Oct 1897) Flatware Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Robert Stewart 1933
(registered Apr 1898)
Caster, napkin ring, sauce boat, spoon & tongs set, tazza, tea service, toast rack Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow; subsequently Buchanan Street, Glasgow

R Stewart Ltd from c1926

(Note: mark is R.S&Co)
R Stevenson & Co 1893
(registered Jan 1894)
Butter knife Charles Street, Sheffield
R S A 1950 Ash tray
R & W Sorley (registered May 1897) Caddy spoon, reamer, fish eaters William Sorley & William Steele trading as R & W Sorley, St Vincent Street & Renfield Street, Glasgow; also at Buchanan Street, Glasgow


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Robert Trickett & Co 1792
(registered Jan 1786)
Knife Plate workers, Hull Foot, Sheffield

An earlier mark without the stop between R & T registered Sep 1773 by Robert Trickett


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Ralph Weston 1972..1991 Bangle, ingot pendant, spoon Ralph Weston trading as Kells Gold & Silversmiths, Grape Lane, Whitby, Yorkshire
Robert Welch 2006 Spoon Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

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Harrods Ltd 1925..1938, 1973..1976 Bowl, coffee pot, flatware, tea service, toast rack Knightsbridge, London SW

RWB was Richard Woodman Burbridge, who was chairman of Harrods (cf RB mark)

Jay's (Robert William Jay) (registered Oct 1905) King's Road, Brighton, Sussex