Help for Search

Initials: Enter the text which you can see in the mark, separating each block of characters with a space. Only the first 4 character strings will be used in the search. Note that if separated characters show the town (e.g. [A] [B] [D] for Aberdeen) they should entered as the single word ABD. You can also use SQL wildcard formatting, the most useful of which is the use of % (percentage) to represent one or more unknown characters; for example A% picks out all character strings starting with A.

Images: Search for up to 3 images using the drop-down lists. If what you think you see is not on the list try the nearest thing; e.g. marks with the Perth "spread-eagle" mark will be returned by just "eagle".

Town: Select the required town from the drop-down list.

Combinations: All searches are combined using "AND" operators; i.e. every selected condition must be satisfied.